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Fflib fflua--c++ Embedding lua& extension LUA tool [turn]

Summary:In server development using C + +, scripting techniques are often used, and Lua is one of the best embedded scripts. The lightweight, compact and simple concept of Lua makes him more and more popular. I have also used Python to do embedded

[Unity3d] Unity3d game development of Lua and the game's indissoluble Bond (middle)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------Like my blog Please remember my name: Qin Yuanpei , my blog

Use luabind to embed Lua into a C ++ Project

Opening part-Environment hypothesis By: HengStar (Xin Heng) Address: (Although I am not good at writing or having a high level, it is not easy to write an article and share some small

Lua script steps in C ++ (1) (Getting Started)

From: Tid = 1931 & extra = Page % 3d1 Now, more and more C ++ servers and clients are integrated with Script support, especially in the online gaming field. The script language has penetrated into all

Modules (module) and package (package) in Lua are detailed _lua

Objective Starting with the Lua5.1 version, new support is added to modules and packages, but modules and packages are defined and used using require and module. Require is used to use modules, and module is used to create modules. Simply put, a

Cocos2d-x best practices for invoking custom C + + classes and functions under LUA--go to

Original address: Http:// best practices for invoking custom C + + classes and functions under LUAAbout Cocos2d-x under the LUA call C + + documentation looked a lot, but no one really to

LUA Environment Exploration

What is the environment? Besides Metatables, objects of types thread, function, and UserData has another table associated with them, called their Environment. Like Metatables, environments is

Writing iOS programs in Lua

Original:   This article discusses 3 ways to create iOS applications with Lua. This includes using LUA to create a complete application (Corona) to use LUA as a scripting element in the app (via wax or DIY). Before

Lua language in the game development world

In reality, game development often faces two conflicting pressures: Testing and verifying new ideas, and fast development and delivery.Integrating the scripting language into a game project can improve the development efficiency of the team and

Lua Tutorial (ii): Data sample transfer between C + + and Lua _lua

This is the second of my Lua series tutorials, which focuses on data transfer between C + + and Lua. If you don't yet know how to call Lua scripts in C + +, refer to this article. This article mainly introduces the delivery of basic data types, such

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