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Lua scripting: Getting started with the Lua language

Lua is a simple and powerful language, and its own strong extensibility makes this language play an important role in the game design and other fields. Bloggers have used the language in Unity3d, and have studied and discussed the content of LUA and unity, C + +, and more. Recently, because of the details of the Lua script in the book Advanced Programming for Gam

Lua Tutorial (i): Lua scripting language Introduction _lua

Lua is an extensible programming language that is designed to support common procedural programming and to have relevant data description facilities. Lua also provides good support for object-oriented programming, functional programming, and data-driven programming. It can be used as a powerful, lightweight scripting language for any program that is needed.

Using LUA scripting in Java, Javaj calls LUA script functions

Recently doing something strange that requires the Java application to be able to accept user-submitted scripts and execute, the network part I chose NANOHTTPD to provide basic HTTP server support, and in Java can host many scripting languages for a long time, such as Rhino, Jython and JRuby, but they are too large, and it is difficult to implement a sandbox protection server environment. In the end I looked at Lu

Introduction to LUA scripting language preliminary design of Lua Program (1)

LUA scripting languageGetting startedLuaThe preliminary content of the program design is described in this article. In this article, I would like to introduce howLuaProgram Design. I suppose everyone has learned at least one programming.LanguageSuch as Basic or C, especially C. BecauseLuaIs used as a script in the Host Program. LuaThe syntax is relatively simple and easier to learn, but the function is not

Lua scripting and C + + interaction (i)

story I heard before, When the creator of Java was lecturing, he began by taking a simple small example that could not be simple, expanding continuously, and finally becoming a complex and perfect program. Today I would like to experiment with it, hehe.Of course, I do not dare to say that the scripting language at all, can only say a little grasp some, used a few years, the biased place please correct me.Now, let's start with

[Automation-Scripting]002.cocos2dx-lua LUA code Windows encryption batch

() f.close () F = Open (Path, ' WB ') f.write (content) f.close () print ' Convert%s finish '% (path) def useage (): If Len (sys.argv) = = 1:print ' Useage:utf8 file or dir ... ' return truedef Exist_error (f): If not os.path.exists (f):p rint ' ERROR:%s was not exist '% (f) return Truedef main (): If Useage () : Returnfor F in Sys.argv[1:]:if Exist_error (f): Breakif Os.path.isdir (f): For Root, dirs, files in Os.walk (f): For I in Files : Convert (root, i) Else:convert (", f) if __name__ = =

How to use c api in Lua scripting language

C library, but can be packaged into a C # module for use in a Unity3d mono environment with some simple encapsulation.PS. The issues mentioned in this article do not just appear in Lua beginners, but some of the most populous libraries that binding the Lua API to languages outside of C are more or less the ones that are discussed here when they are implemented.F

Using LUA Scripting in Unity: Language layer and game logic glue layer Processing

other very troublesome, the game logical organization adds a lot of obstacles; One of the principles of mixed-language programming is to minimize the language-context switching of code execution, because the cost of this is often much higher than what the code literally looks like. My goal: Since using LUA, try to put the upper-level logic of UI event response into LUA code. For these reasons, I t

[IOS] comparison of Lua scripting with corona SDK, wax and kobold2d

LinkToOriginal: Http:// This kobold2d FAQ article explains the difference between Corona SDK and iPhone wax library, and evaluates the existing and future options for Lua scripting in kobold2d.About corona SDK T

Free Lua Scripting interpreter Library for Delphi XE7 Firemonkey on Android and IOS Library vs. Static library Verysimple.lua uses th

Getting started with the LUA game scripting language

this case one is an integer and one is a string.In the second part of the program, a string is subscript, and an element is added to the table. This table is very much like the map inside the STL. Table subscripts can be any of the basic types that LUA supports, except for nil values.Lua's handling of table-occupied memory is automatic, as in the following codeA = {}a["x"] = 10b = A--' B ' refers to the same table as ' a 'Print (b["x"])--10b["x"] = 2

Lua scripting language Overview _lua

What is LUA? Lua is an embedded scripting language. Lua languages can be programmed independently, but this is not the main way to use them. LUA, although dynamic and flexible syntax provides powerful functionality, does not have a perfect library (but there are a number o

A concise introductory tutorial on the Lua scripting language _lua

This is a systematic learning of the scripting language of Lua these days, and the Lua script is a lightweight script that is also known as the most performance-efficient script, used in many areas where performance is required, such as: Game scripts, Nginx,wireshark scripts, when you put down his source code and compile, You will find that the interpreter is les

Lua scripting language Starter notes _lua

What is LUA Lua is a compact scripting language. is a research group in the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Pontifical Catholic University Rio de Janeiro), by Roberto Ierusalimschy, Waldemar Celes and Luiz Ique de Figueiredo was formed and developed in 1993. It is designed to embed applications, providing flexible extensions and customization capa

Python,lua which plug-in scripting language is suitable for drawing software?

Luajit is better (not one of the scripting language implementations), a plugin for drawing software, which may be an important consideration In fact, the advantage of Adobe Photoshop as a scripting python for Lua is that the library is rich. Its language expression can play 80 points, the basic qualified, to the ecosystem to drag the situation is not serious,

Support for Redis (vi) LUA scripting

Why Redis requires support for LUA scriptingWhen the application requires Redis to complete some features that are not supported by Redis commands, either extend the Redis client or even write C extension redis server. This greatly makes the implementation of the application difficult. Based on this, Redis's built-in LUA interpreter enables REDIS client to initiate a LU

How to Use Lua scripting language in Java

(Invalidmethodcall.Nosuchmethod.) I don't know why. research will be performed later. It has been found that a method is missing in the Monster class: publicvoidsetRace(Stringrace){ this.race=race; } No wonder you cannot find it, To import other lua files B. lua in lua File a. lua, use require "B" If you

Introduction to Cocos2d-x scripting language Lua

Introduction to Cocos2d-x scripting language Lua This blog record Lua learning, learning from the eoe Forum, Lua language development Cocos2d-x game getting started video tutorial, the following URL: Http:// Because Lua is compact, si

Use Lua scripting language in Java

Lua is a small scripting language. PontificalA research group at Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro was developed in 1993 by Robert to ierusalimschy, Waldemar Celes, and Luiz Henrique De Figueiredo. For a brief introduction, see: · To use Lua scripts in Java, you must have a Lua

LUA Scripting language Basics

much like a C-language functional pointer? Like the C language, Lua's functions can accept a variable number of parameters, which are also defined by "...", such as:function sum (A, B,...)If you want to get ... Represents the parameter that can be obtained by accessing the ARG local variable (table type) in the function.such as SUM (1,2,3,4)Then, in the function, a = 1, b = 2, arg = {3, 4}More valuable is that it can return multiple results at the same time, such as:function S ()Return 1,2,3,4E

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