lua split string by space

Want to know lua split string by space? we have a huge selection of lua split string by space information on

Table processing and precautions for Lua

Lua is a very lightweight and nice scripting language. As the most frequently used table in Lua, Lua still has many advantages and disadvantages; The following is a blog about Lua table by Daniel Yunfeng, which can be used to gain a glimpse of the

The LUA function is recorded

These standard LUA functions are available in most LUA parsing. It is indisputable that we can look at the LUA Web site, but some of the fewer functions have been blizzard. All LUA functions are listed below. The LUA note in WoW API does not provide

Common function library summaries in LUA

LUA Library functionsThese functions are part of the LUA programming language, click here to learn more.ASSERT (value)-Checks whether a value is non-nil, if not (if the debug command is opened in Wow.exe), displays a dialog box and outputs error

Capture in Lua

Capture Capture is a mechanism in which part of the pattern string can be used to match part of the target string. Enclose the pattern you want to capture in parentheses and specify a capture.When string. Find uses capture, the function returns the

Reading a CSV file using LUA

New projects ready to use LUA development, static data is generally stored in the CSV, so the reference online a lot of information to write a CSV file to read the small code, because just touch lua, so just realize the function, and then

Use Ubuntu 16.04 to build an all-around Server

Use Ubuntu 16.04 to build an all-around Server This article explains how to install Apache, PHP, MySQL, PureFTPD, BIND, Postfix, Dovecot, and ISPConfig 16.04 on Ubuntu 3.1 to build a website, email, email list, DNS, and FTP server. ISPConfig 3 is a

Unity3d Interview--Real interview, Unity3d interview

Originally wanted to write a series, half is to attack the current interview water, the need to rape, with eldest brother's words, to go novice is to do screws and rags with. The other half is to give a more valuable reference to the friends who are

Qt Chinese garbled Solution

Qt Chinese garbled characters   For beginners of Linux, go to advanced QT programming. However, the first demoProgramI met Chinese garbled characters and sweated! Environment:   1. RedHat As5   2. qt4.4.0   3. lang = "zh_cn.gb18030"

(go) shell variables and extensions

1. Shell variablesThe shell variable assignment statement is "Name=[value", there can be no space on either side of the equal sign, you could append the contents "Name+=value" to the shell variable, cancel the shell variable's setting using "unset

Teach you to convert vim into an IDE programming environment (GRAPHIC) Wu Yin _ Related skills

By: Wu The article is copyrighted by Wu Yin and his lovely wife, Little bun. may be transmitted and reproduced at will without any commercial

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