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The principle and implementation of similarity image search--color distribution method

#1, principleEach picture can generate a histogram of color distributions (histogram). If the histogram of the two pictures is close enough, you can think of them as similar.Any one color is made up of red, green, and Blue (RGB), so there are 4 histogram (the histogram of the primary color + the last synthesized straight-side graph).If you can take 256 values for

Principles of chromaticity

object shape and color in the human eye this short time stay, is called the visual persistence phenomenon. Because of this kind of visual persistence phenomenon, people can enjoy the continuous picture of film and TV. The phenomenon of vision persistence is a manifestation of visual illusion.The ability to discern the eyesThe ability of the eye to discern the details of an object is related to the structure of the retina (mainly the

Gaussian mixture model (GMM)

model parameter, and F is the model we use, following our independent assumption of the same distribution. A model F with a parameter of θ produces the above sampling to be expressed asBack to the "model has been determined, parameters unknown," the statement, at this time, we know that, the unknown is θ, so the likelihood is defined as:  In the actual application is commonly used in both sides to take the logarithm, the formula is as follows:This is

Color Feature Extraction

calculating the number of pixels that the color falls into each cell. Color quantization involves many methods, such as vector quantization, clustering, or neural network. The most common method is to divide each component (dimension) of the Color Space Evenly. In contrast, the clustering algorithm takes into account the dis

Color Feature Extraction

advantage is not affected by the change of image rotation and peace, the further use of normalization can not be affected by the image scale changes, the base disadvantage is not to express the color space distribution information.Feature extraction and matching method used in color feature(1) Color histogramColor his

Tutorial: Figure out how to mix layers

multiply-Multiply mode. This pattern adds a shadow to the image. If you mix it with black or white, you will get black or white.   16. Brightness (Vivid Light) Adjust the contrast to deepen or fade the color, depending on the color distribution of the blend layer image. If the blend layer color (light so

Do not ignore the panel for professional cabling (group chart)

, and colors, graphics, and text symbols can be used to indicate the type of the connected terminal device, so as to distinguish between different types during use, so as to avoid confusion. 2. Wiring panel construction of Distribution Frame The wiring rules of the cabling system can be 568A or 568B. Currently, the most common is 568B. Some distribution racks have two-c

Master the management and intelligence of the cabling system

cables so that the Jumper continuously changes. The management of the Jumper may occur in the main distribution frame and floor distribution frame between devices, numerous cables are difficult to avoid confusion, which has always been a matter of great concern to users and manufacturers. 2. Select the management mode of the cabling system In response to the above problems, Schneider's Meilan nfra + Smart

Web color collocation Tutorial: Three practical ways to get the web color design done

information.Point of view: different colors of the same color module, even if the bearer of different information content can also show a harmonious.2.2 Tonal colorThis is the color of the same or similar hue changes in the composition of the type, and the dominant color matching in the same technique. The difference is that the tonal

The mathematical basis of machine learning (1)--common functions and distributions __ functions

制log1.5 (x) curve y1 = [Math.log (a,1.5) for a in X] plt.plot (x,y1,linewidth=2,color= ' R ', label= ' log1.5 (x) ') y2 = [Math.log (a,2) for a in X] plt.plot (x,y2,linewidth=2,color= ' g ', label= ' log2 (x) ') y3 = [ Math.log (a,3) for a in X] plt.plot (x,y3,linewidth=2,color= ' b ', label= ' Log3 (x) ') plt.plot ([1,1],[y1[0],y1[ -1

Adaptive color attributes for tracking translation

world's colors. The color studies presented by Berlin and Kay[3] include these basic color terms in English: Black,blue,brown,grey,green,orange,pink,purple,red,white, Yellow. In the field of computer vision, color naming is the distribution of colloquial labels on RGB observations, and we use this mapping [23] (obtain

Philosophy of Color Design

some of the basic techniques of using color, such as attention to the contrast of warm and cold, color distribution balance, color unity and harmony. But interestingly, almost no book has ever mentioned the relationship between idea and color design, perhaps the author thin

Photoshop neutral gray portrait final post-tutorial

mixed color. The color mode can be regarded as the comprehensive effect of the saturation mode and the color phase mode. It is generally used to add a monochrome effect to the image.You may think that the explanation of the neutral gray image repair method is clearly stated. Why does the neutral gray mean much?Because neutral gray is a working principle of deepe

Fitting of distribution and testing _ distribution

"Fitting of distribution" The distribution function of the sample (also known as the "Experiential distribution function") is stacked with the distribution function of a theory (such as the normal distribution) to be compared.For example: Score = Xlsread (' Examp02_14.xls ',

Bayesian, probability distribution and machine learning

a yellow fruit in this pile of fruit, I will ask how likely it is to be a pear. Expressed in mathematical language, that is, known P (Apple) = N/(n + M), P (PEAR) = M/(n + M ), P (yellow | Apple) = 20%, P (yellow | pear) = 80%, evaluate P (Pear | yellow ). To get this answer, we need 1. specify the number of yellow fruits for all the fruits. 2. Find the number of yellow pears. For 1) We can get P (yellow) * (N + M), P (yellow) = P (Apple) * P (yellow | Apple) + P (PEAR) * P (yellow | pear

Latent Dirichlet Allocation

likelihoodSuppose there is a black box filled with colorful balls. We take a random ball out of this box and write the color down, then put it back in the box and repeat the action 100 times. Finally statistics we take out the number of red, if it is 80, then we are more confident that the proportion of red ball in the black box is about 80%, this is the concept of maximum likelihood.plus the Unigram Model of Bayesian.The Bayesian school thinks that

Fitting and testing of distributions

"fit for distribution"The distribution function (also known as the "Empirical distribution function") of the sample is stacked with a distribution function of a theory, such as a normal distribution, for comparison. For example:score=Xlsread(' Examp02_14.xls ',' Sheet1 ',' g

Camera image processing principle and example analysis-important image concept

understand from the formula is that the UV signal is actually the blue difference signal and the red difference signal, and then, in fact, to a certain extent indirectly represents the intensity of blue and red, understanding this point for our understanding of various color transformation process will be a great help.1.3 White Balance1.3.1 Color TemperatureThe definition of

Image feature extraction (color, texture, shape)

can establish three color histogram and other methods. Here we introduce the concept of color histogram and color moment. (1) color histogram: The color histogram is used to reflect the composition and distribution of the image

Calculation of distribution frame scale in Integrated Wiring Project (1)

field (calculated based on a pair of trunk lines for each voice point ); The Standard Color Mark and the code mark of the corresponding information point on the distribution frame; the patch cord mark of various colors, both ends of the Jumper should be made a permanent label; All labels are printed on a computer or typewriter, color labels comply with ANSI/TIA/

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