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Detailed installation instructions for Projects AG msrprelay (open source MSRP Relay) CentOS

Focus on the integration of the three Network access Network/core network technology, audio and video signaling and media transmission related agreement experts predecessor settled in, laughing and hongru, exchanges without tyro, common learning IMS/IPPBX related technology Welcome to join Ims/ippbx/voip/sip QQ Exchange Group: 255404741 (Jab direct Gathen) AG Projects Msrprelay is a powerful Python script implemented MSRP relay open source Se

GNU M4-gnu Project-free Software Foundation (FSF)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GNU M4 Introduction:The GNU M4 is an implementation of a traditional UNIX macro processor. It is primarily compatible with SVR4, although it has some extensions (for example, a macro that handles more than 9 positional parameters). The GNU M4 also has built-in functions to conta

FreeRTOS CortexM3 M4 Interrupt Priority Setting summary __ Single-chip microcomputer

PrefaceThis article explains how to set the interrupt priority for the STM32 cortex M3 and M4 series MCU in the FreeRTOS embedded operating system. Summary"1" STM32L1 series, STM32F1 series, STM32F4 series, set NVIC need to use Nvic_prioritygroup_4. The "2" preemption priority is larger than "MAX" and smaller than "LOWEST". such as Configlibrary_max_syscall_interrupt_priority=5 configlibrary_lowest_interrupt_priority=15 The specific value of the Nvic

From cortex-m3 to cortex-M4 (4) -- Cortex-M3, 4 Comparison

1. Memory Protection Unit MPU Similar to Cortex-M3, MPU is an optional component used for memory protection in Cortex-M4. The processor supports the standard ARMv7 memory protection system structure model. You can run privileged/access rules or independent processes on the MPU. This MPU provides comprehensive support: · Protected Area · Overlapping protection areas to improve the priority of the Region (7 = highest priority, 0 = lowest priority) · Acc

Use phpize to create a php extension Cannotfindconfig. m4

Use phpize to create the Cannotfindconfig extension for php. m4. original address: lxsym. blog.51cto. com1364623293862 let me talk about how to make a php extension. First of all, we need to have a set up php environment. I installed php in usrlocalphp and, of course, configured php through a php configuration. ini path, but use phpize to create the php extension Cannot find config. m4. Address: http://lxsy

STM32F4XX--Cortex M4

stm32f4xx Official page: http://www.st.com/internet/mcu/subclass/1521.jspIntroduction fpu-floating Point BenefitsDsp-benefitsPricePortfolioTutorial Application Notes, Manuals, etcSoftware ToolsEvaluation BoardStm32446e-eval-evaluation board with Stm32f446ze, it includes a st-link/v2 embedded Debug tool, a 3.2 "X-ray TFT LC D with resistive touchscreen, USB HS FS, USART, IrDA, CAN, Digital microphones, Audio Codec, ADC and Dac,sdram (4M x 16-bit) and Quadspi Flash Memories (32MB), I²c EEPROM,

IBM X3100 M4 CentOS 6.5 (RHEL 6.5) installation instructions

IBM X3100 M4 CentOS 6.5 (RHEL 6.5) installation instructions The company built an internal server on the office network and bought three IBM X3100 M4 servers. Although the official saying that Red Hat Enterprise Linux is supported, the actual installation still has some special features (it indicates that IBM server is supported in Linux, still not smooth ). The installation steps are as follows: [Raid 1 se

MCU new trend-cortex M0/M3/M4 Industry Application Theme Seminar

"MCU new trend-cortex M0/M3/M4 Industry Application Theme Seminar" and "embedded and Internet of Things" theme forum in the second phase of the inlay Association CORTEX-M series processors are developed for the embedded control market that requires low power and high performance, and the CORTEX-M3 is currently the flagship of this series of processors, with performance up to 1.25dmips/mhz The CORTEX-M0 is the lowest-power arm processor core. Compared

IBM x3650 M4 Server installs Windows Server R2 Enterprise

Project Background :The company needs to install a Windows system on the IBM x3650 M4 server as a test machine for the expansion of business projects. installation time:2014-10-17installation location: Chongqing xx RoomPreparatory work:First of all, there are several ways to install the system: U disk installation, CD-ROM installation, IBM boot disk installation, etc., here I use the IBM Boot disk installation . the IBM server's operating system insta

Use phpize to create a php extension (Cannotfindconfig. m4)

Then execute make, and you will see an error. you have redefined the function. the previous one, you have changed this file and deleted the original function. in the generated file, you will have the same function. add your code Php source code:/root/soft/php-5.3.4Php installation:/usr/local/php [Root @ ns root] # phpizeCannot find config. m4.Make sure that you run '/usr/local/php/bin/phpize' in the top level source directory of the module [Root @ ns

How to enable 1.3 mpu6050 (Large End) and M4 FPU

How to enable 1.3 mpu6050 (Large End) and M4 FPU Original article. You are welcome to repost it. For reposted content, please indicate the source. The most recent time is the I2C of stm32. I know that the I2C of stm32 is not easy to use, because I have used analog I2C, and I have also written the AVR I2C, that is, the twi hardware driver, so I want to try writing stm32 hardware I2C... In order to avoid the trouble caused by the Library, the standard

IBM X3550 M4 Installation windows2008 cannot identify the hard drive (already in detail)

IBM X3550 M4 installation windows2008 hard Drive not recognizedFirst, the problem descriptionThe Company entered a new one IBMX3550 M4, want to install windows2008. The installation process encountered cannot find the hard disk, the original English is "no drives were found. Click Loaddriver to provide a mass storage driver for installation. ". But there are no problems with installing CentOS6.5 and Windows

What about the M4 phone? Run and run, you know.

The M4 is equipped with a 4.7-inch 720p display, 2GB RAM with 32GB ROM, and a processor with 1.7GHz 64-bit 8 core MT6752 processors. The overall configuration is not the best, especially the screen, in today's 1080p mobile phone market is looking a bit weak. Cpu-z Detection of mobile phone information The AnTuTu 5.0 has two changes in performance testing, one of which is the addition of a "CPU (single-threaded)" Project in the Rabbit 5.0, which

CORTEX-M4 Core Registers

CORTEX-M4 Core RegistersGoal: Visualizing what happens to the CORTEX-M4 core registers after resetHere's what happens after the processor is reset: General-purpose registers has unknown values in them Stack pointer register are loaded with th e value of the Initial SP value register located at 0x0000 (Vector Table) Link Regis ter'll has 0xFFFFFFFF program counter was l

FreeRTOS transplanted to Cortex-m3-m4

Translated from FreeRTOS official website document, original website: http://www.freertos.org/RTOS-Cortex-M3-M4.htmlReprint: Original source: Http://bbs.ednchina.com/BLOG_ARTICLE_3009240.HTMThousands of FreeRTOS applications run on the arm cortex-m core. Surprisingly, the RTOs is used in combination with the Cortex-m kernel, making the request for technical support so much less. Most of the problem points are caused by incorrect priority settings. Thi

Cortex-M3/M4 dead location judgment

It took a long time to use M4 (NXP), but it was annoying to find that the program crashed and could not judge the location of the crash, previously, I saw an article about how to view the stack content by checking the SP LR and other registers. Also look at the address in memory to find the function address, then look at the assembly code. It is very troublesome. The ARM7 kernel is better to judge. (The M3 kernel is not verified. The same knowledge sh

In Linux, PHP has been compiled to add the so extension method. The key is phpize and config. m4.

In Linux, PHP has been compiled to add the so extension method. The key is phpize and config. m4. in LINUX, PHP has been compiled and how to add the so extension. Sh:/usr/local/php5/bin/phpize Principle: use phpize to find the corresponding extension folder in the compressed package and execute phpize in it. the specific steps are as follows: PHP Installation Path:/usr/local/php5 PHP source code path:/home/default7/lamp/php-5.5.13 Extension hyp

SendMail error: Cannot open '/usr/share/sendmail-cf/m4

1. Introduction When you modify the SendMail configuration file/ETC/MAIL/SENDMAIL.MC, the error is generated when you generate the SENDMAIL.CF file using the following command:M4 SENDMAIL.MC > SENDMAIL.CFThe error content is:Sendmail.mc:10:m4:cannot open '/usr/share/sendmail-cf/m4/cf.m4 ': No such file or directory2. Solution Method This error occurs because the software is not installed SENDMAIL-CF, yum

In Linux, PHP has been compiled to add the so extension method. The key is phpize and config. m4.

In LINUX, PHP has been compiled and how to add the so extension. A sh: usrlocalphp5binphpize principle used: Use phpize In the compressed package to find the corresponding extension folder, execute phpize in it, the specific steps: PHP installation path: usrlocalphp5PHP source code path: homedefault7lampphp-5.5.13 Extension In LINUX, PHP has been compiled and how to add the so extension. A sh:/usr/local/php5/bin/phpize principle is used: Use phpize to find the corresponding extension folder in t

Install esxi5.5 on IBM x3750 M4

1. Restart the service. As prompted,Press F1 to enter the configuration. Configuration interface: F1: configuration, Master configuration, and important configuration. F2: diagnosis, no management required. F12: Set the boot device, that is, the local hard disk is started, USB device driver. 2. If you press F2, the following interface is displayed, and the system is stuck. 3. Set CPU virtualization and Process 4. Local hard disk raid group. The following shows that the raid group is

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