mac address format converter

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Embedded System Basics

1, the definition of embedded system (1) Definition: application-centric, computer-based, software and hardware can be cut to adapt to the application system to function, reliability, cost, volume, power consumption requirements of the dedicated

Day 6 of exchange-HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, and SPAN

Hardware redundancy · The monitoring engine is an important component of modular SW. Once a monitoring engine encounters a problem, it cannot forward communication streams. There are two monitoring engines for redundancy in some high-end SW4500/550

Differences between hubs, routers, switches, and gateways

Here we will first look at the network division: The network division types are generally the following common: Internet: the Internet of independent computers. The Internet is not a single computer network. It is a collection of interconnected

Virtual Machine migration technology, part 1

Preface System migration refers to moving the operating system and applications on the source host to the target host and running properly on the target host. In the era when there is no virtual machine, the migration between physical machines

Windows-based IPv6 experiment

[PURPOSE]Master the installation and uninstallation of IPv6 protocol stack in Windows XP; learn about the support of IPv6 protocol in Windows XP.[Technical principle]-IPv6 addressThe IPv4 address is in a format similar to a. B .c.d, which is a

Understanding the hardware: differences between routers, switches, hubs

Turn from: The difference between routers, switches, hubsAnother, Layman's watch lively--recommended "switch and router difference"Terminology interpretationRouter: (Router) is a device that connects each LAN and WAN in the Internet. The routing

Application of ATM technology in computer Communication Networks

The computer communication network involves two fields of communication network computers. The communication network provides necessary means for data transmission and exchange between computers. Computer technology permeate the communication

Design and Implementation of Network Interface Based on ARM-LPC2368

Http:// Uid-81471-action-viewspace-itemid-12648 Abstract: This paper takes the microprocessor lpc2368 as the core and dp83848c as the Ethernet physical layer interface chip, and introduces in detail the implementation of the

15 free audio applications

These are all very good. Let's take a look at liupin. Album Art fixer Album Art fixer helps you find album art for albums that have either no album art or generic album art. it also fixes things like "no album artist" and file locations of items

C # Open-source resources

Project Management Sharpforge supports collaborative development and management of multiple software projects, providing your team with functions similar to SourceForge and codeplex. Sharpforge is A. NET 2.0 open source project developed by C. User

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