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MAC address and IP address difference and contact (computer network article)

recently take an exam, always encounter the problem of MAC address, so in the online to do a knowledge collation, remember these knowledge or sophomore time learned, has basically returned to Huang teacher, but thank him patiently and responsibly to

Description of MAC address format

To make the frames sent by a network adapter receive and process the frames correctly, IEEE stipulates that each network adapter has a unique ethernet address-MAC address (which is called MAC address by IEEE ). Because the addressing details are

MAC address cloning and cracking sharing restrictions allow multiple computers to access the Internet

Author:Laocai At present, ISPs in many places use the MAC function, that is, to record the MAC address of a machine in your LAN to restrict the sharing of multiple computers. What is a MAC address? How can I cope with MAC Internet access

Overview of MAC address Principle and Application

Everyone knows that in real life, each of us has our own ID number-ID card number. You can go to the police station to change your name, however, your ID card number cannot be changed as your name changes. In the online world, we often hear the

Flight Tower (Fortinet) firewall configuration-bind MAC address (interface-based)

 IP/MAC Binding RequirementsThe MAC address and IP address binding, can prevent IP address spoofing network attack, IP spoofing attack attempts to use a trusted computer's IP address from different computers to connect and through the firewall, IP

Three ways to get your MAC address

Three ways to get your MAC address Http:// Environment: compiled on: Visual Studio. NET & Windows XP Pro. Tested on Win2k Server & WINXP pro I recently wrote two articles referenced below on how to get your IP address in C ++ and C

Mac add and subtract, MAC address plus 1,mac address minus 1

Before I wrote a MAC address plus minus 1 conversion of the article, there are some less comprehensive, here I re-a blog to explain.The real address of the Mac should be: ADCF4D5FD3CF, this, not AD:CF:4D:5F:D3:CF, this is the artificial colon, in

Network Programming Learning Note the relationship between-MAC address and IP address

Simply put: The IP address is the service provider to you, the MAC address is the physical address of your network card. IP address for IP address, I believe everyone is very familiar with, that is, the use of TCPThe 32-bit address assigned to the

The relationship between MAC address and IP address

Simply put: The IP address is the service provider to you, the MAC address is the physical address of your network card.First, IP addressFor IP addresses, I believe everyone is familiar with the 32-bit address assigned to the host using the TCP/IP

Obtain the MAC (physical address) of the NIC with the specified IP address in the LAN in Linux)

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