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MAC address cloning and cracking sharing restrictions allow multiple computers to access the Internet

Author:Laocai At present, ISPs in many places use the MAC function, that is, to record the MAC address of a machine in your LAN to restrict the sharing of multiple computers. What is a MAC address? How can I cope with MAC Internet access

Sky bird fly, MAC address check

Document guidance]How can I query the MAC address of the Nic? For this reason, this article specifically summarizes several query methods to help you easily "Eliminate all" the MAC addresses of various types of NICs "! It is common that IP addresses

Description of MAC address format

To make the frames sent by a network adapter receive and process the frames correctly, IEEE stipulates that each network adapter has a unique ethernet address-MAC address (which is called MAC address by IEEE ). Because the addressing details are

MAC Address Spoofing on Linux

MAC Address Spoofing on LinuxGuideThe NIC manufacturer marks a 48-bit GUID on each NIC (NIC) when it leaves the factory. This GUID is the MAC address of the NIC, used to determine the identity of a network card. The 24-bit high MAC address is called

Access to Ethernet MAC address change application instance

The Ethernet MAC address uniquely identifies each Ethernet device in the world. Each manufacturer of network equipment must write the MAC address into its device (e.g. Ethernet network card, router, switch, etc.) beforehand. Various media have many

The relationship between Mac and IP

What is a MAC address? Today on the Internet to find information, organized a bit, to share with you: As for MAC address, because we do not contact with it directly, so we are not necessarily very familiar with. Many computers are now connected by

How to install Win8 Mac mobile Hard disk

We all know that Mac using boot camp to install Windows requires partitioning the Mac from the disk and wasting a lot of disk space. For Mac users who use SSD, disk space is invaluable. Today, the PC6 Apple NET will bring you the Mac use of win to

802.11 MAC Basics

1. Challenges faced by MacRF Link Quality802.11 adopt a positive confirmation mechanism. All transmitted frames must be responded to, as long as any one link fails, the frame is considered a loss. -------Atomic operationproblems with hidden

Win7 32-bit system can not modify the wireless MAC address reason and effective solution

  Reason analysis of Wireless Mac in Win7 system cannot be modified: Because WIN7 System wireless network card Mac, in do not do any operation is only second is 2,6,a,e can modify, the other is completely cannot modify.   Workaround: 1, to

Vswitch Security Protection Technology

In the actual network environment, with the continuous improvement of computer performance, attacks against switches, routers, or other computers in the network become more and more serious, and the impact becomes more and more severe. As the main

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