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Analysis of Micro-transaction psychology of mobile vs PC games

Analysis of Micro-transaction psychology of mobile vs PC games Micro-transaction has become a major strategy for developers looking for extra game profits. The two most popular platforms are obviously the mobile and PC markets. However, although their starting points are the same, their micro-transaction operations are very different. It is especially necess

Running Android games on your PC

Since running Google's Android phone, many friends have fantasized about running the Android operating system on a regular PC or Windows system, though many of the software are known to run the Android system. However, the period of fluency and practical degree is really not flattering. Recently, a much-watched software--bluestacks app player, claiming to be able to run the Android program smoothly on any device, does this bluestacks App player get o

NewsWatch: Movie tulinux will not be involved in PC games

Article title: Newswatch: UbuntuLinux won't be involved in PC games. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. According to foreign media reports, Gerry Carr, the product manager of Canonical, recently briefed reporters on the current situation and future plans of

Talking to Tom Cat computer version PC games new experience

, click the mouse, Tom Cat will go to the front using its claws on the screen to draw traces. Talking Tom Cat computer version of screen markings 4, the mouse moved to the eye, it will become a small knife, click the left mouse button, that is, with a small knife into its eyes, this little guy is not willing to, it will be directly hit the cake on the screen. Talking Tom Cat computer edition smash Cake 5, the mouse move Tom's head, it will become a bomb, click the mou

Modify the MAC address and MAC address composition of a PC

a MAC address. The first six digits are in hexadecimal notation, and 08:00:20 represents the number of the network hardware manufacturer. It is allocated by IEEE, and the last three digits are in hexadecimal notation 0a: 8c: 6D represents the serial number of a network product (such as a NIC) manufactured by the manufacturer. Each network manufacturer must ensure that each Ethernet device it creates has the same first three bytes and different last t

Apple Mac games how to buy a free Apple Mac game in the free online tutorials

How to buy Apple Mac games for free? Many of the games on the Mac need to be purchased, which is not acceptable to poor dick Silk, below the small Lego for everyone to bring Apple Mac game free buy a tutorial, want to learn from friends! How to buy Apple

How to use Mac to control PC with MAC skills

As we all know, a PC can take advantage of Windows remote control to manipulate another PC, so here's a way to control your PC with an Apple Mac. First go to the Microsoft website to download the software called Remote, the latest version 2.0. Http:// ... Rdc200_en_beta2.dmg After installati

Normal PC installation Mac

, you continue after, here also has a registration option, which was not previously, this is 10.8 unique technical support registered, can skip not input.Finally see: Thank you! Already prompted: Start using your Mac, it's estimated you're impatient to get into the desktop.What: The video card is not driven, there is no network, no sound, USB3 also can not use, what is this system Ah! The perfect drive is another start for the system is instal

Mac and PC which is good?

mac and PC which is good? Now, more and more users are using Macs. And a lot of users who have used Macs are much better than PC Mac. So which is the best Mac and PC? These two types of devices are often compared to the OS X syste

Mac allows the USB flash drive, mobile hard drive to be recognized/read/written on the Apple Computer and Windows PC, and supports 4 GB large file: exfat

Reprinted from: Now more and more friends are switching from the PC camp to the Mac camp. Because they are two completely different operating systems, the compatibility is not very good, so many people have encountered some problems, today, I will discuss with my friends the problem of USB flash drives and mobile hard drive formats after converting

Used Ubuntu, tired of windows,pc has been happy to run Mac OS X

best to look at the one-hour video on Mac, and then look at OSX's introduction at Apple's launch in recent years and get some idea of the Mac system. Then firm with the confidence of the Mac. If youTired of windows, cut to OSX. Your Windows is pirated anyway, try using hack's OSX. Tutorial Here is not much to say, I recommend directly on the Iatkos downloa

Why is a high split screen Mac clearer than win PC?

address the problem of small, high-resolution screen display elements to some extent. Note, however, that the keyword is "zoom", that is, the icon itself may still be the original resolution, zooming it up to 200%, and seeing the jagged phenomenon. The effect of Calculator application at different zoom levels How does Mac OS x solve the problem of high resolution screens? Similar to iOS devices, Apple uses a pixel-merging optimization,

Also large self-learning 51cto---Cisco switch terminal PC MAC address tracking

and get connected to the switch IP address6. Enter the access layer switchRun the box "Telnet";Show mac address-table dynamic address 3w45.65e3.8866 get port numberShow mac address-table Dynamic interface Gi2/0/17 detail get only one piece of information that proves that the MAC address is on this switch, if not repeat steps 4, 57, first introduced

JQuery's method of loading the corresponding style based on whether the user's computer is mac or pc

JQuery's method of loading the corresponding style based on whether the user's computer is mac or pc This article describes how jQuery loads the corresponding style based on whether the user's computer is mac or pc. Share it with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: ?

I'm a PC-> I'm a Mac: Fit

I haven't written any logs for a long time. I will share some good Mac software over the next period of time, hoping to help my PC-> Mac friends. Let's introduce the Chinese Input Method for Mac today. I believe that for the vast majority of users, this is the first Mac sof

MAC and PC which is more suitable for design

Is the Mac better than a PC for making pictures really? Think the Apple machine is better than a PC for a diagram Why the Apple machine than the PC is more suitable for the view of the diagram, there must be a reason. As far as we know, mainly comes from the hardware and the system. Apple Computer quality is guarant

Ubuntu/MAC Smart Card Operation overview 1-access PC/SC Card Reader

Http:// Because PC/SC is a Windows system, it serves applications at the system API level. So for a long time, card readers and tools related to smart cards have been concentrated on Windows, while on Unix systems, card readers have been reluctant to accept. Fortunately, with the open-source organization m.u. s. c.l. with the active efforts of E (movment for the use of smart in Linux environment), pcsclit

Mac shares files with Win7 (desktop PC)

Life everywhere and all the pit, he passed, so write down.Mac shared files, Win7 access:1. System Preferences-Share-check the line. It is generally said.2. System Preferences-users and groups-unlock-guest users-allow guest users to connect to shared folders.This can be in the Win7 network to see the Mac computer, but not their own user name, but a number, fortunately only one of my, I opened the input of their own user name password on the line.Win7 s

Unity Foundation Development----Unity gets information such as the MAC address of the Pc,ios system

In software development, MAC addresses can be used as a unique indication of the device, and we can also get it through unity, which can be tested by Pc,ios but not available to Android.The code is as follows:usingUnityengine;usingSystem.Collections;usingSystem.Net.NetworkInformation; Public classnetworkinfo:monobehaviour{voidStart () {Debug.Log (getmacaddress ()); } Public Static stringgetmacaddress ()

Mac evaluates how the PC sets Safari as the default search engine?

Safari is the preferred tool for us to browse the Web using a Mac, and it's best to set it as the default search engine if you want to open it with whatever you search for! So how does Mac set Safari as the default search engine? Set the default search engine, no matter which software jumps out of the link will use it to open, together to see how to do it!Mac set

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