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Network Fault stratified troubleshooting-New Network Analysis ideas

To reduce design complexity and enhance versatility and compatibility, computer networks are designed as hierarchies. This hierarchical system enables a variety of different hardware systems and software systems to easily connect to the network.

Use Layer 2 route tracing for troubleshooting

I believe many people are familiar with tracing network faults with traceroute ip addresses. This is based on the IP address (Layer 3) route tracking, and is suspected to be used to eliminate most network faults. The layer-2 route tracing is very

Level in-depth learning Mac IP ARP with common processing means

1. Mac definitionA Mac is called a hardware address, which is a unique identifier for a device in the network, which amounts to a bit. For example, my wireless mac:8c-a9-82-96-f7-66The presentation form in the system is a combination of 6 groups of

Experience in troubleshooting DHCP server faults

We all know that each computer needs an address to access the Internet normally. This address is what we often call an IP address. How can we effectively manage these IP addresses as network administrators? You can set the corresponding IP address,

Troubleshooting and Analysis of Common Faults of core layer Switches

With the development of China's exchange industry, it also promotes the upgrade and improvement of the core layer switch technology. Here we mainly analyze some fault analysis and troubleshooting of the core layer switch. The LAN of multiple

Network troubleshooting, detours, two cases, fast solution to network management problems (1)

Faults are inevitable during network management and O & M. If an administrator attempts to build a zero-fault network, it will be futile. There are too many randomness and contingency factors in network faults, not to mention human factors.

Network troubleshooting and viewing in linux, and network troubleshooting in linux

Network troubleshooting and viewing in linux, and network troubleshooting in linux Basic troubleshooting errors Troubleshooting must be simple and complex. Some people repeatedly configure the above files, but they cannot access the network. They

Troubleshooting during linux File Server Installation

When installing the linux File Server, skip the troubleshooting tutorial-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. For details, refer to the following section. Please try your best to use the tree mode. Troubleshooting

Intel-based Mac: resets the system management controller (SMC)

Summary On Intel-based Mac, the system management controller (SMC) manages many low-layer functions. These functions include: Respond to power button pressing Responding to the opening and closing of the screen cover of a portable Mac Monitor

Connect to a Windows shared printer from a MAC address (2)

Based on the different operating systems and existing test results, we will discuss in detail the differences between different connection methods and system combinations based on the combinations of different systems: From 10.6 lions to Windows XP/

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