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Ruby implements two mail sending methods, and ruby implements mail sending.

Ruby implements two mail sending methods, and ruby implements mail sending. In fact, as long as you are willful, you can use telnet to send emails. However, this cat is not so capricious. We should use the KISS Principle to send emails. This blog

Mac comes with mail client can only accept unable to send mail problem resolution

Usually office use Mac client more, their own 163 and Gmail are in the Mac down to send and receive mail, also accustomed to the layout of Mac Mail, in the new company configuration office mailbox, suddenly appeared in the office mailbox can only

How to send a super large attachment to Mac Mail

How do I send a large attachment to a MAC message? in the use of Mac computers, many people have the experience of sending extra large attachments. For small partners using Apple's Mac, it would be extremely painful to send large volumes of mail on

Discuzx3.0 correctly sets the Mail sending method

Many of my friends encountered the problem that they could not send emails when setting the email address to authenticate their identity. of course, I also encountered this problem. I searched a lot of materials and set a lot of replies, I have made

Use Windows Server 2003来 to build a Simple mail server

This to say with WindowsServer2003 build mail server, in fact, nothing to prepare, Microsoft has helped us to do all the preparation, as long as the mouse, you can complete all the necessary operation. What, listen to the heartbeat? Then follow

XAMPP and thinkphp build a local station and send mail

I. Installation and use of XAMPP1. First look at what is XAMPP, want to build a small partner must know, XAMPP (Apache+mysql+php+perl) is a powerful building XAMPP software station integration package.It can be installed in Windows, Linux, Solaris,

Discuzx3.0 sets the qq smtp mail sending method

The Discuz mailbox involves the background: 1. global -- registration and access control -- send the registration link and send the welcome Email via Email; 2. the user -- send the notification; 3. retrieve the user password for email verification. 4

Sinsing A brief analysis of several concepts in mail service

E-Mail first appeared in 1960, while web-based e-mail first appeared in 1971, while China's first e-Mail appeared in 1987. E-mail is also widely used as an early web-based communication, although many of the features of e-mail are replaced by

yomail+ Worktile Office Collaboration--subversion of traditional mail usage

Do you still need e-mail if you have an Instant messaging tool? This is a topic that many it Pros have been arguing about in recent years. But in the end, no matter whether or Slack, there is no "elimination" of e-mail, There are many reasons:

Use to compile a regular mail sending program (2)

The last time I designed a basic interface, I also decided to use the INI file as the parameter storage method and call the Windows API function to perform the INI file read and write operations, but there was an important problem, this applet

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