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FAQs index of Delphi skill set

Delphi tips and FAQs Delphi skill set Index VCL: #0002 how can I draw the rotated text on canvas?How to Write rotated text on the canvas #0005 to change a font style (bold nodes) in standard ttreeview componentChange the font style of the ttreeview

Apple Computer Mac icloud capacity is not enough solution

Many of the small partners who use Apple computers must have experienced hints that icloud is out of capacity, but there is no way to delete them directly. Official website description requires users to log on to the mobile phone mailbox or log on

Silverlight Instance Tutorial

Before the beginning of this article, first of all to thank everyone who left feedback comments, in my opinion, blog is not just a simple sharing, but also a learning and discovery process. After reading an article can have comments and questions, (C #) Open Source Resource Large collection _ Practical tips

I. AOP frameworkEnCase is a C # written and developed for. NET platform provides an AOP framework. EnCase uniquely provides the means to deploy aspects (aspects) to Run-time code, while other AOP frameworks rely on configuration files. This approach

Research on the concept of Hyper-script virus-vulnerability

The idea of a Hyper script virus Farewell to the past love of the limelight, love the era of bragging, learn some real skills is the hard truth. Study hard and make progress every day. Here's the idea for a hyper-scripting virus. Scripting viruses

[Reprinted] C # Open-Source Projects (many overseas projects)

C # Open-Source Projects (many overseas projects)I. Ajax frameworkAjax. net Professional (ajaxpro) is one of the first Ajax frameworks to implement Ajax technology in the Microsoft. NET environment. It creates a proxy class on top of the client

C # Open-Source Projects

C # Open-Source Projects (many in foreign countries) I. Ajax framework Ajax. net Professional (ajaxpro) is one of the first Ajax frameworks to implement Ajax technology in the Microsoft. NET environment. It creates a proxy class on top of the client

C # Open-source resources

Project Management Sharpforge supports collaborative development and management of multiple software projects, providing your team with functions similar to SourceForge and codeplex. Sharpforge is A. NET 2.0 open source project developed by C. User

Three different development models for extending Office software features –office add-in model, VBA and VSTO

When Office users need to customize new features for a document, they can resort to VBA or two ways of VSTO. Office 2013 Rich Client, Microsoft provides a new model for developers on the Office platform---Office add-in model, which allows you to

Strong 40 Windows XP and Vista skills

Whether you have upgraded to the latest version of Vista or remain in the XP camp, the tips we list can help you speed up computer processing and improve computer security performance, it can even improve the computer's fashion and readability.

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