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Information security Technology Experiment Two network scan experiment +arp attack

First, the purpose and requirements of the experiment1, understand the scanning technology working principle;2, deepen the understanding of the bottom of the network;3, master the basic usage of common scanning tools;4, the basic method of learning

FPGA development All-in---FPGA development and Xilinx series

Original link:FPGA development of the eight: from the development of programmable devices to see the future trend of FPGAFPGA development All the nine: FPGA main suppliers and products (1)FPGA development All the nine: FPGA main suppliers and

NMAP User Guide (1)

NMAP is an open-source free network discovery and security auditing tool. The software name NMAP is short for network mapper. NMAP was initially created by Fyodor in 1997. Later, with the participation of many volunteers in the open-source community,

NMAP tutorial-NMAP command example (NMAP usage) server penetration Tool

NMAP is a useful tool for network scanning and host detection. NMAP is not limited to collecting information and enumeration, but can also be used as a vulnerability detector or security scanner. It is applicable to Windows, Linux, Mac, and other

The first experience of Nmap

recently contacted with Nmap. Discovering Namp is a powerful tool. It is said that the NSA is using this tool to imagine how powerful his function is. If you see the movie "The Matrix" you will also find Nmap figure, the following stills:On the left,

Graph Tutorial on building a vpn server using openvpn in CentOS

Today, I saw someone in the group talking about openvpn. I just had a holiday at home, so I just studied it. I used the openvpn client when I was a little white two years ago when I was in the old unit and connected to the headquarters OA. I felt

Linux nmap Command __linux

Nmap, Network Mapper, was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) of the Free Software Foundation. Its basic functions are: to detect whether a group of hosts online, scan the host port, sniffer provided network services, determine the

VoIP bookmarks from Klaus Darilion

Document directory RTP Stacks (mainly open source C/C ++ stacks) SIP Stacks RTP Applications SIP Phones (SIP User Agents) SIP Test Utility SIP Applications (Proxy, Location Server) Sip Express Router (ser) Ser Media Server (sems) STUN

Source Code address of the VoIP open-source project

VoIP bookmarks from Klaus darilion Below you will find descriptions and links to sip and RTP stacks, applications, test utilities, SIP proxies, SIP pbxs and stun server and clients. most of them are open source :-), but not all of them If you have

The physical layer of Ethernet

In this section to learn about the physical layer of Ethernet, the IEEE802.3 standard gives the physical layer structure of the Ethernet, as indicated in the red box shown.We can see that physics can be broadly divided into: gmii media independent

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