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How to install Mac OS X 10.9 on VMware 10

How to install Mac OS X 10.9 on VMware 10 Recently, I need to create an App on the iPad. So I want to install an OS X 10.9 on a virtual machine and try it out. After dozens of attempts to install Mac OS X 10.9 on VMware

The correct way to install the Mac OS X 10.9 system on WMware 10

Recently you need to make an app on your ipad and want to install an OS X 10.9 trial on your virtual machine. After dozens of attempts at a lot of pits, I finally found the correct way to install the Mac OS X 10.9 system on WMware 10. This method does not require a USB flash drive, and since all operations are on the h

Mac OS X Commands +10 Common command-line tools

disable it.mkdir/system/library/extensions/disabled Creating a disabled directoryMv/system/library/extensions/applehda.kext/system/library/extensions/disabled move PastNano/system/library/extensions/natit.kext/appleazaliaaudio.kext/info.plistAfter editing, use Ctrl +o to save, ctrl+x exitSh/clean Execute cleanup Script, Operation completeSuccessful, but also put the modified driver back up#####################################################################The command-line interface of

VMware 10 Install Mac OS X Tutorials

Welcome to share.5, VMware Mac Patch: Http:// (this patch needs the corresponding version, I am using the patch for VMWARE10, the other self-Google).======== Everything's ready, now, let's go ========"", "the beginning of1. Install the virtual machineInstall VMware 10, this is needless to say, follow the prompts to go. It's better to be clear:Start interface:After the resource is lo

VMware 10 Install Mac OS 10.9 tutorial

How does vmware 10 install Mac OS 10.9? VMWare virtual machines enable you to run two or more windows, DOS, and Linux systems on a single machine at the same time. VMware uses a completely different concept than the multiple boot system. Multi-boot system can only run one system at a time, next to the small codec to teach everyone VMware

VMware Workstation 10 installation Mac OS X 10.9

This is why I want to install a MAC system. It's quite smooth. record it. Preparations: VMware Workstation 10 VM10-Mac OS patch ( Mac OS X 10.9 image (

10 shortcut keys (navigation and editing) in Mac OS X command line)

10 shortcut keys (navigation and editing) in Mac OS X command line)Last time I introduced 12 common shortcut keys when editing a document in Mac OS x. Today I will add a series of shortcut keys for operations on the terminal. These shortcuts are common in terminals, includin

Mac OS X: Bash scripts series-10

Document directory 1.1 The Computer Administrator can set the function that requires admin to control the airport, which is provided for the first time in Mac OS X 10.5 leopard. It is easy to achieve in the GUI environment, see: 1.2 settings in Snow Leopard: 3. Disable finder from displaying the shared machine list in sidebar: 5. Force Safari 4 to open a new webpage in the tab

Workaround for Mac System (OS X 10) to manually set IP prompt for invalid server IP

After manually setting the IP address under Mac System (OS X 10), the error message pops up"Invalid server address"The solution is to:~ networksetup-listallnetworkservices List all NETWORK Service information~ Networksetup-setv6off "Ethernet" stops the IPV6 service corresponding to the NIC~ networksetup-setmanual "Ethernet" m

MAC OS x Installation libevent Library install libevent bufferevent_openssl.c:60:10:fatal error: ' openssl/bio.h ' file

Compile libevent (source file in/users/carl/downloads/libevent-2.1.8-stable), execute make command, report Install libevent bufferevent_openssl.c:60:10:fatal Error: ' openssl/bio.h ' file The first reaction, the feeling is not OpenSSL version too low. 1. View the OpenSSL version, found that the version is relatively low $ OpenSSL version OpenSSL 0.9.8zh 2016 2. Upgrade Spenssl, execute Brew Install OpenSSL The output (ignored by the previous ou

Apple Mac OS x System 13-Year vision change history

Sea Lion, but given the difficulty of renaming in the future, the system was named Mavericks, A surf resort in Northern California. He then announced that over the next 10 years Apple would use the name of a California attraction named for the development team as a system code name.· Mac OS 9:Date: 1999Mac OS 9 operat

Shortcut Keys for Apple Mac OS X

the system presets window for Mac OS X (only when system presets are not executed ).The cmd-F1 detects the monitor in Mac OS X.Cmd-F2 switches the synchronous display content on the screen in Mac OS X.F12 exit the CD or DVD (in

IOS development environment setup tutorial

directory and find a file with the extension. vmx, Open it with notepad or ue, find the guestos = "freebsd-64" line, Change the freebsd-64 in quotes to darwin10, The modified file is guestos = "darwin10". Save the modified file. Now, on Vmware, choose Options> General options on the VM, The OS version is Mac OS X Server 10.6. If the

Common development tools for Mac

screen size for mobile device and various browsers, can set screen assist line, enlarge screen and so on. Xscope is a good choice if you don't want to ask for everything. Charge software. Xscope for Mac (Design assistant software) V4.1.4 Shared editionLicense: Shared Edition Software size: 30.1MB language: EnglishXscope for Mac is a development and design assistant software on

Common development tools for Mac

choice if you don't want to ask for everything. Charge software. Xscope for Mac (Design assistant software) V4.1.4 Shared editionLicense: Shared Edition Software size: 30.1MB language: EnglishXscope for Mac is a development and design assistant software on Mac OS, with powerful software, precise scale and eas

(Formerly known as us ii security): how to install Quartus II in virtualbox? (SOC) (Quartus II) (virtualbox)

AbstractThe VM is not a new concept. Through the VM, we can write other OS in one OS. If we merge Quartus II into the VM, this will solve some problems that may occur during the use of US us II for a long time. IntroductionUse environment: Windows XP SP3 + virtualbox 4.1.2 + Quartus II 11.0 + DE2-70 In the process of using Quartus II, have you ever encountered the following problems as I did: 1. only

Why does MacBook install Windows so hot?

system. With the Mac system, the latest 13-inch MacBook Air can hold up to 10 hours of long battery life, while Windows 7 is about 6 hours away, so it's not easy for a white classmate to let her MacBook Air run Windows systems unless it works.Digital Image channel Wensau is also a Mac user, 2012 13-inch MacBook Pro is his current main office computer. In additio

Interact with Windows in Mac Environment

interoperability between Mac and Windows computers requires processing software and operating system services that implement the functions required by enterprises. It also assumes that the hardware belongs to the basic level to truly implement interoperability and often serves as a bridge between the two platforms with virtualization. Moving Mac from AppleTalk to TCP/IP is extremely important for achieving

Go Flash Player, AIR, Flex SDK Daquan

Usually constantly see friends in various forums, space, know, group in the Flash platform for various versions of the runtime (Flash Player) and the SDK (Flex, AIR). You can see it 10 times today! So decided to offload Macromedia, Adobe, Apache, and Microsoft's most complete runtime (Flash Player) and SDK (Flex, AIR). Includes the following versions: From Flash Player 2, AIR SDK 1.6 to 15.0, from Flex 3.0A to Apache Flex 4.13; Different

VMware installs Mac OS X

(4096MB), 10 is shown.Figure 9.pngFigure 10.pngNote: According to the author's experience, to run Mac OS X, the virtual machine must have at least 4 GB of memory, in order to run the virtual machine smoothly, your computer (host) must have at least 6GB of memory. The author's computer has 12GB of memory.Then, in the d

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