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Where is the Outlook PST file? How to create a. pst file

Outlook 2010 differs from other versions in a personal folder we can't find our own PST file, so if we want to create or find one, we can refer to the following methods: As shown in the figure above, we clicked "Start" in the out2010 interface -"New Project "-> " Other Items "-> "Outlook data Files ." Then we click the Create or open

When outlook is opened, the system prompts that outlook. pst is not a personal folder fix.

When you open outlook, the system prompts that outlook. pst is not a personal folder fix. After you start the mail today, you find that outlook has a problem. The prompt is: outlook. pst is not a personal folder. If you find it on

Microsoft Office Outlook cannot find Outlook. pst

File C: \ Documents ents and Settings \ Administrator \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Outlook. pst cannot be found. The file must be located: 1. Start-> Run-> cmd 2. in DOS, use "cd xxx" to switch to the Outlook.exe executable file directory (installation directory: C: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ OFFICE12) 3. Use the command outlook

Introduction to Outlook Data files (. pst and. ost)

When you use Microsoft Outlook, e-mail messages, calendars, tasks, and other items are saved on the mail server or computer, or they are saved in both locations. If Outlook items are saved on your computer, they are saved in Outlook data files (. pst and. ost).About Outlook

Fix the. OST or. Pst file in microsft Outlook

Fix the. OST or. Pst file in microsft Outlook If your computer has Microsoft Outlook data in memory, you are using a personal folder file (. Pst) or an offline folder file (. Ost ). To prevent data loss, you need to know how to fix these files. If your. Pst file is damag

Repair method for Outlook PST file corruption

Outlook's PST files can be corrupted for several reasons, which may include PST file size limits, and file system errors that cause corruption in the loss of important blocks of data from using CHKDSK from a healthy PST file. OUTLOOK2K OUTLOOK2003 These two versions, when a single PST file exceeds 2GB, the open program

How to repair Outlook 2007 source files. PST and performance Optimization patches

kb961752Microsoft has released patches to improve the performance of Outlook 's personal data files, which will be integrated into SP2 in the future, but now can be obtained in advance for SP1 users. Get Address: click Agree, fill in your e-mail, a password is required for installation. and password will be sent to your mailbox, and then click to download 373379_intl_i386_zip

Differences between OUTLOOK PST files and OST files

PST file--Personal Folders file One or more. pst files can be located on each user's computer. defined as primary or secondary storage. pst. Primary storage means that messages are delivered to the Inbox in the file and all other default Outlook folders, such as calendars, contacts, Deleteditems, journals, notes, sen

How to fix an Outlook PST file password

This question has encountered many times before, have not solved, today inadvertently see this article, collection standby, perhaps next time to meet can try. Http:// A colleague's Outlook Personal Folders PST is not open since you set a password today. At first do not know how to do, and now his computer on the file's administrative authority to change, so that the user fu

The reason that Outlook PST file is larger than 2G cannot be opened and the repair process

The user reflects that she has two Outlook archive documents, and she can no longer open it when she drags some mail in. Tip: *.pst has reached its maximum size. Check the Internet, the original is the old version of Outlook (before outlook2003) PST file limitations caused by, the largest can only be 2G, the user of

How does the Outlook folder. pst automatically back up?

1. We click on "Start-->" in the lower right corner of Windows 7 and then we enter Regedit.exe so we enter into the system Registry Editor;Then we will pop up a user Account Control window, we must click "Yes" can be;2. In the entry to the registry we locate:Hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\office\outlook\addins\microsoft.outlookbackup.13 then right click on the right window, then click on the pop-up menu "New > Dword value" To open the effect sho

After archive. Pst of outlook is lost

The last time I manually cleared the file because of insufficient disk space, and then opened outlook2007, I was prompted that the archive. Pst file could not be found. After clicking this prompt, a file selection box is displayed, Which is empty. Where can I find it? Every time you open it, you will be prompted. So I searched the internet. This is an archive file. If you give it a new address, it will generate a new one. After this prompt box and t

Mac Outlook Settings Auto Reply

Outlook is the company's essential software, developed under the Mac, of course, with the Mac version of Outlook, today describes how to set up an automatic reply to Outlook under your Mac.There are two ways of accounts, one is Exchange account, and the other is Pop/imap.Fir

Set automatic reply for Mac outlook

Outlook is an essential software for the company. It is developed on mac. Of course, it uses the mac version of outlook. Today we will introduce how to set up automatic reply for outlook on mac. There are two types of accounts: Ex

The change of the name of the outlook connection server on the Intranet and Internet of Apple MAC

The outlook connection server of Apple MAC has changed the name of the Intranet and Internet. Recently, when I was working on a project, I found that the MAC Outlook anywhere domain name on the internet is normal, however, the connection server over the Intranet will become the CAS server, which leads to a problem that

How to rebuild Microsoft Office Identity in Outlook for Mac

The user is the Mac machine, installed in MS 2011, one day the user said his outlook can not open, after viewing the identity damage, try to repair, failed. Attempts to rebuild succeeded in the following ways, but some of the old messages were lost. How to rebuild Microsoft Office Identity, Microsoft Official guide Http:// Establish a new identity

How MAC Outlook sets the message signature

1. Open Outlook for Mac 2. Open the system settings for Outlook, as shown in figure: 3. The following interface appears. 4. Select one of the signatures, the following interface appears. (Click on the plus in the lower left corner to add a new item, I have added two items) 5. Select an item on the left and enter the signatu

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