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Recommended Mac ox native program, practical and convenient dictionary: Mac OS X dictionary

: Dictionary adding tool-Dictunifier Dictionary File Download Randway English-Chinese dictionary langdao-ec-gb.dictionary Langdao Chinese-English dictionary langdao-ce-gb.dictionary Oxford English-English double solution beautification dictionary Co., oxford-gb.dictionary. Modern Chinese Dictionary xiandaihanyucidian_fix.dictionarY Japanese dictionary kdic-jc.dictionary China-Japan dictionary kdic-cj.dictionary Babylon English-Chinese dictionary (traditional) Babylon_English-Chi

Mac OX Terminal notifier use

'-title ' Address Book sync '-subtitle ' finished '- Message ' Imported contacts. '-activate ' ' As for '?? ' this magical symbol is dedicated to Mac OS and may not be visible to others. So there is such a configuration of their own. Terminal-notifier-sound default-title '? '-message ' Happy hacking!! ' As for the origin of this apple. It is said that you can use the shortcut key Alt + Shift + K , as for Happy Hacking this writi

[Go] Mac Ox install MongoDB on

/mongodb/*.plist ~/library/launchagents Then to the load MongoDB now: Launchctl Load ~/library/launchagents/homebrew.mxcl.mongodb.plist Or, if you don ' t want/need launchctl, you can just run: Mongod-config/usr/local/etc/mongod.conf ==> Summary ?? /usr/local/cellar/mongodb/2.6.5:17 files, 331M Dus-macbook-pro:countmeinserver dudaniel$ Start MongoDB The last hint above is the way to start MongoDB directly. Mongod-config/usr/local/etc/mongod.conf To connect to MongoDB, you can use the command lin

Install MongoDB on Mac Ox

/mongodb/*.plist ~/library/launchagentsThen to the load MongoDB now:Launchctl Load ~/library/launchagents/homebrew.mxcl.mongodb.plistOr, if you don ' t want/need launchctl, you can just run:Mongod--config/usr/local/etc/mongod.conf==> Summary?? /usr/local/cellar/mongodb/2.6.5:17 files, 331MDus-macbook-pro:countmeinserver dudaniel$Start MongoDBThe last hint above is the way to start MongoDB directly.To connect to MongoDB, you can use the command line tool to MONGO the connection:$ MONGOMongoDB She

Install MongoDB on Mac Ox

/opt/mongodb/*.plist ~/library/launchagentsThen to the load MongoDB now:Launchctl Load ~/library/launchagents/homebrew.mxcl.mongodb.plistOr, if you don ' t want/need launchctl, you can just run:Mongod-config/usr/local/etc/mongod.conf==> Summary?? /usr/local/cellar/mongodb/2.6.5:17 files, 331MDus-macbook-pro:countmeinserver dudaniel$Start MongoDBThe last hint above is the way to start MongoDB directly.Mongod-config/usr/local/etc/mongod.confTo connect to MongoDB, you can use the command line tool

Upgrade Python on Mac Ox to 3.4

Ln-s ${pypath}/bin/pythonw "$new _version"/usr/bin/pythonw Ln-s ${pypath}/bin/python "$new _version" M-config/usr/bin/python-config Python_param_list= ' Cd/usr/local/bin ls-al |grep "Python" |awk ' ors= "" {Print $9} ' #第7步修复其他链接 For I in $python _param_list;do echo "INFO: $i" Rm-f/usr/local/bin/${i} ln-sv/system/library/frameworks/python.framework/versions/"$new _version"/bin/${i}/usr/local/bin/${i} Done #第8步. Environment variables to be modified to the latest ver

If and let Mac OX MACOS high Sierra join Windows domain management

Recently encountered a problem: to have the latest Mac system join the Windows domain. Think of a lot of ways to finally overcome.Since the latest version of the MAC OSX MACOS high Sierra system cannot be joined in the same way as in the previous version, it needs to be operated by command:The first step is to modify the computer's NIC settings to point DNS to the DNS in the Windows domainThe second step is

Mac OX hidden folders, files, apps, 2 ways to disk Hide Finder folder, file, application, volume in 2 ways

Often need to hide some folders in the home directory or something,The first thought of course is: in front of the folder to be hidden add "." (Leading dot), this usage of course can beAccustomed to the LINUX/GNU system, the basic habit of using this methodHowever, I found that the Mac type/users/$USER/directory of the library is hidden, but there is no leading dot, statingMac has a way to hide directories other than leading dot1. Using Onyx, this is

CENTOS5 6 Mount MAC host ox system FreeBSD

start[[email protected]/]# service NFS Start[[email protected]/]#Iv. Client Mount:1. Create a directory to mount:[Email protected] ~]# Mkdir/usr/local/test[[email protected] ~]#2. Test mount:[[email protected] ~]# showmount-e list for[[email Protected] ~]#If shown: RPC mount export:RPC:Unable to receive; errno = No route to host, you need to shut down the firewall on the server (verbose later).3. Mount:[Email protected] ~]# mount-t

[Cocos2d-x v3.x] Mac OX creates a new Cocos2d-x 3.0 project

Article content from: Http:// OS X 10.9Software Requirements Xcode 4.6 (for IOS or MAC) GCC 4.7 for Linux or Android. For Android NDK-R9 or newer is required. Visual Studio (for Windows) Python 2.7.5 Create A New Project$ cd cocos2d-x$./$ Source ~/.bash_profile # May is ~/.bash_login or ~/.profile, depends on your environemnt$ coco s new mygame-p com. Mycompany.mygame-l cpp-d ~/

MAC OX configuration JDK environment variable

has been using Windows development, is now a Mac development installation JDK configuration environment A little trouble, consulted a number of articles, found a simple record down.1, open the Mac comes with terminal terminal;2, enter the current user home directory, cd ~;(Default User directory is not required)3, temporary authorization, sudo su;4, enter the system password (lock password does not display

Mac OX 10.10 failed to compile connection by default after updating GCC 4.9.1

___keymgr_dwarf2_register_sections0000000100001070 S ___prognameU __cthread_init_routine0000000100000e68 T __dyld_func_lookup0000000100000000 A __mh_execute_header0000000100000d66 T __startU _atexit0000000100001068 S _environU _errnoU _exitU _mach_init_routine0000000100000e70 S _mainU _printfU _putsU _sleep0000000100000e54 T Dyld_stub_binding_helper0000000100000D44 T StartX_clang:0000000100000000 T __mh_execute_header0000000100000F00 T _mainU _printfU _putsU _sleepU Dyld_stub_binderAnd the clan

Use of SQLite Manager and create DB database shortcuts on Mac Ox

Sqlite3 database creation, especially in iOS requires DB suffix database, we can use SQLite manager this Firefox browser plug-in and the combination of Mac terminal to generate the corresponding DB database.1. First look at the usage of the SQLite Manager visual plugin.Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.Use of SQLite Manager and create DB database shortcuts on

MAC OX Configuration Tomcat Description

1: First download Tomcat on official website (I chose the newest 9.0), After the download is complete, unzip the package under/library/to use the shortcut key control+ space input/library3: Open the Mac terminal program, modify the/library/tomcat user rightsTerminal operationsInput:sudo chmod 755/library/tomcat/bin/*.shThen you will be prompted to enter the password verification, enter the local password return4: Find the/l

Mac OX 10.8+ Install cmd tool

In terminal, input cmd:Xcode-select--installTo Install command toolreference: 9d78d513d98910f20eba837e7c478a394607dc352bd7a14b2488c45f93151d1c1a38a2af60624e0b89833a2516ae3a41f7a0682f621420c0ca89de16c abbe57478ce3a75334d874017d41aaace5b768166cb0bb7f804b1edb661c8f093cedf5557ce53007d87p= 882a9543d6915ff9099fcc2d02148cnewp=c97dc30a90904ead46bd9b7e0b169e231610db2151ddd61161user=baidu Fm=scquery=xcode+command+line+toolsqid=af24e0330000e8a9p1=1Mac

Mac Ox Driver Development

1. Select any of the2. Write code3. Add library (corresponding version)4. See if the entrance corresponds5. Put the file into the system boot path or manually startBoot auto-start path (/system/library/extensions)Manual Start Here6. Set permissions for driver filessudo chown-r root:wheel/system/library/extensions/testkernel.kext7. Running the drivesudo kextload/system/library/extensions/testkernel.kext8. If the error is due to the signature problem simple processing9. View SIP error should be di

Install PHP under Mac OX X

Mac OS X InstallsThis section contains notes and hints specific to installing PHP on MAC OS x.Using PackagesThere are a few pre-packaged and pre-compiled versions of PHP for Mac OS X. This can greatly assist into setting up a standard configuration, but if you need to have a different set of features (such As a secure server, or a different database driver, you'l

Mac Ox Driver developed C + + version

IOKitTest.h#include IOKitTest.cpp#include "IOKitTest.h"#include Note the point:Kernel versionCompiler versionInstallation:A Ioregistryexplorer tool may be installed to view:Mac Ox Driver developed C + + version

[Cocos2d-x v3.x] Mac OX create new Cocos2d-x 3.0 Project

Article content from: OS X 10.9 Software Requirements Xcode 4.6 (for iOS or Mac) Gcc 4.7 for Linux or Android. For Android ndk-r9 or newer is required. Visual Studio 2012 (for Windows) Python 2.7.5 Create A New Project $ cd cocos2d-x$ ./$ source ~/.bash_profile # may be ~/.bash_login or ~/.profile, depends on your environemnt$ cocos new MyGame -p com.MyCompany.MyGame -l

[Value] the classic quotations of the ox and the classic quotations of the ox

[Value] the classic quotations of the ox and the classic quotations of the ox I accidentally found a document from my hard drive and posted it to share with you: I suddenly found someone plagiarized. 1. A lot of problems may not occur to you, but you also need to solve the problem, otherwise it will become your problem. 2. I know what it means, but I cannot say what it means. (No, this preparation is exha

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