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Basic introduction of Postgres Database

Recently, I have been working on a project related to PostgreSQL database, documenting the knowledge that I have learned in this process. About PostgreSQL database online already have too many relevant introduction, in order to blog the system or

Installing the Posgresql,postgis,pgrouting method in a Mac environment

Cost Dickens, finally installed success ... All is a Mac pit, good window environment, not to change the MAC environment, causing the software configuration is extremely troublesome, window of the environment under the configuration will be a lot

Installation and use of PostgreSQL under Mac

Under Mac, you can use homebrew to install PostgreSQL directly:Brew Install Postgresql-vFor a moment, PostgreSQL will be installed. Next is the initial database, execute the command at the terminal, and initially configure

Install the open source database PostgreSQL 9.4 and phpPgAdmin on Ubuntu

Install the open source database PostgreSQL 9.4 and phpPgAdmin on UbuntuIntroduction PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source, and Object-based relational database system. It supports all mainstream operating systems, including Linux, Unix (AIX, BSD,

Start postgresql on mac

Start postgresql on mac and use brew to install postgresql. 1brewinstallpostgresql then creates a working directory and grants permissions accordingly. 1mkdir-pusrlocalvarpostgres initializes the database file. 1initdbusrlocalvarpostgresdata: Create

Build a python development environment under Ubuntu (Pycharm,postgresql,virtualenv, Django)

The system and software used Ubuntu 12.10Python 2.7.3Django 1.4.2Pycharm 2.6.3Postgresql 9.1VirtualenvVirtualenvwrapperOpenjdk Before you start, be sure to make a backup of your system. Because if the operation is wrong, there will be unnecessary

Install configuration on Mac and easy to use PostgreSQL (still not understand)

Tag:sql   lib   mac   sq    boot     style   data    connection    iv    Because you want to use the recommended rails-template. Need to use Postgres. And initializes a user postgres, the password is postgres. (e.g. $ createuser -d postgres  )Need

Tutorial on how to store the structure of a PostgreSQL database

If you do not start the Postgres process after you upgrade the database, and check the log to find similar information like the following: Fatal:database files are incompatible with server Detail:the Data directory is initialized by PostgreSQL

Compile and install PostgreSQL and osxpostgresql in Mac OSX

Compile and install PostgreSQL and osxpostgresql in Mac OSX Originally, the official installation package was used. However, the installation package will create postgre, which is a bit uncomfortable on the login interface. After searching for a

How to install PostgreSQL9.3 and phpPgAdmin in centos 7/6.5/6.4

PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source object relational database system that runs on almost all major operating systems, including Linux, Unix (AIX, BSD, HP-UX, SGI PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source object relational database system that runs on

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