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Analysis of Web page design of portal site review page

Now the major sites are advocating interaction with users, so many consulting sites will provide comments on the page. With the development of the Times, it has become a pastime for many people to watch news and consultation to participate in the commentary. So how to do a good job of the comments page design? Take four major portal sites, each has its own unique comments page design. The

E-commerce Web site product Review page design don't make a king, sell melons.

products to design, the problem will be much smaller. 1, the difference is not scary, the previous saw the article "bad comments can also increase sales", I do not know if this is true, but we look at the purpose of the comments from users, users just want to know whether the product is suitable for their own, not the site is not suitable for their own, so see a single product is not suitable for their own, The user's search behavior is not a fatal

Product Review Design: The design of a product review

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: the design of the product review of the electric business. A few days ago in the Robin club to share the design of the product reviews, feel that the addiction, here blog record. Before we start the product analysis and comparison, let's take a look at the two

Website Information Interactive Design: The design of the website review page of the electric business

Article Description: understand the Product review module. The comment module is very important for the electric business. In the world of E-commerce, the user is faced with a picture of a product, can not see touch, has been the buyer's comments on whether the user to buy the goods, plays a great role. How to design a good comment module, so that the evaluation can intuitively reflect the true q

WEB Project Manager manual-[3] Code Review

business logic.(2) rich programming experience.Both are indispensable. 4. Code review steps. These are my daily work experience and I am still working on this step.(1) The code writer and the code reviewer sit together, and the code writer will explain the Code and related logic they are responsible for in sequence according to the UC, from the web layer to the DaO layer;(2) code reviewers can raise their

[Course design] Sprint Review and Summary & comments & Team contribution

pulling back.I believe that in this period of time, in this stage of the sprint to learn something in the future also useful, but also hope that our team can absorb the experience of other teams in the next stage, to correct their shortcomings, in order to develop errors in the early development to continuously urge progress, to achieve more goals, to make an ideal multi-fish point meal web system.Second, onlookers and comment on other groups  Http:/

[Course design] Sprint Three review and Summary & comments & Team contribution points

First, review and summary(1) ReviewBurndown Chart:Sprint Plan-Flowchart:Milestones completed as follows:(2) SummaryThis course design to formally end here, one months, teamwork is very tacit understanding, help each other, can complete the task on time, so that the project can be completed within the stipulated time. In this course design, self-study to a lot of

Responsive Web Design: A full response web design tutorial

Article Description: responsive web design takes into account multiple platforms, a variety of screen sizes, can optimize the network browsing experience of a variety of devices. Responsive design has now become the focus of web designer learning. There are a lot of related discussions in the

20 coverage Comprehensive response web design tools

Flexible grids and layouts, responsive images and intelligent CSS Media queries form the main features of responsive web pages. When a user drops a heavy laptop and picks up a tablet, a responsive web site can naturally fit in and there is no pressure to take out the phone, and the picture and text will adjust with the specific screen and resolution, which is the advantage. You think this is it? In the futu

Web Design translation: The use of mathematics in web design

the two adjacent items is to the gold partition ratio. The Fibonacci sequence is this: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 ... In music, Fibonacci numbers are sometimes used for tuning, whereas in visual art the Fibonacci number is used to determine the length and size of content and form elements. Jogen Schmiddhube's Blog: The design theory based on Fibonacci。 However, if you review the

Java-web Review Stage 2

of update loss issuesTwo concurrent transactions are modified based on the same query result.Subsequent transactions ignore the impact of the first committed transaction on the database, resulting in the loss of the impact of the first committed transaction on the database.This process is called update loss.Optimistic and pessimistic locks are not the real locks in the database, but the names of the two solutions.(1) Pessimistic lock: Pessimistic thinking that every modification, will operate u

Review and summary of the first web entrepreneurial days

Back to Shanghai has been more than January, every day to the past 9 months in Qingdao, the days of the record down, is a review, is summed up today, finally opened to write. I joined the BASF team on May 15, 2006, and in March 2006 I started contacting the head of the BASF team. After the New Year's Day in 06, my partner and I are ready to do a Web project that I like to do, I have chosen a lot, and have t

25 new Practical Web design tools Dahe Set

工欲善其事, its prerequisite, is especially true for designers. The addition of good tools to the whole design is quite obvious. Different tools are designed to work with different design processes and objects, and have a significant effect on the improvement of effectiveness and efficiency. As the barriers to design and development gradually blur, the latest

Web Design Core issues 2:web design process (2)

web| Process | design | problems Ways to 2.4 Web site projects In theory, Web site engineering makes sense, but does it work in practice? The answer is completely effective. However, because the web is an emerging area, site development is rarely consistent, such as signific

Do you know how to design a form? Web page form structure design

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: Web Form Design: Form structure. Have you ever felt frustrated or overwhelmed with the design of your form? The next three articles, hoping to radically change your view, really fall in love with Web Form

Make Web design more modern, 2014 the change trend of website design

Article Description: How to make web design more modern? What will be the change trend of website Design in the 2014? How to make Web design more modern? What will be the change trend of website Design in the 2014? A

I'll show you the Web design trend for 2015 years.

Big Title + Bold Word The two-year headlines and bold-text designs are not uncommon on foreign websites, but they may be more prevalent this year. Why is this? Because this is always the simplest and most powerful. Webflow   The rise of Web site generation tools Reducing the threshold of web design and development has been the direct

Web design experience-from design supervisor

actually bring some benefits to visitors. If the answer is "yes", then the project will be approved and we'll start writing the project specification (phase 2nd). We create and propose a more complete plan on the basis of the 1th stage sketch and concept. At this point, we will generally start usability testing (typically with a written model) to understand how potential users will react to the planned design. In the final development p

New Trends in web design: immersive interactive design

(animated notifications)2. Information presentation (revealing information)3. Content highlighting (highlighting)4. Folding forms and menus (collapsing forms and menus)5. Scrolling action (especially for single-page sites) (scrolling, especially for one-page websites)When the interaction begins, the continuous motion of the film is the key to the entire interaction. Users typically enjoy cinematic style, high definition, and pixel-level design, and t

Web design experience-from design director the answer is "yes", the project will be approved and we will begin to write the project manual (Phase 1 ). We created and proposed a more complete plan based on the sketch and concept of Phase 1. At this point, we generally start usability testing (usually with written models) to learn how potential users will respond to the design in the plan. In the final development phase (phase 1), we created a

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