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2015 new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro detailed evaluation

the network support, 802.11AC Wi-Fi. This Wi-Fi can reach the fastest 40m/s speed. You can use a 802.11AC router at home to build your home network environment. And this NIC can not improve your home Internet bandwidth speed, because that is the Bureau of the decision. What's the benefit of that? If your family uses a Mac, you can enjoy the advantage of a high-speed wireless network by airdrop or sharing files to transmit movie audio or software. No longer have to wait. Well, that's a lot of

New MacBook Air Detailed test

the new play time has reached an astonishing 14 hours, 25 minutes, almost the same time, and is longer than the 12-hour Apple said. Although different test criteria will affect the test results, it is certain that the new MacBook Air life time has undoubtedly increased significantly. It is worth noting that the increase in battery life is largely due to the incredible low power consumption of the Haswell

New MacBook Air Issues summary

is the cause of the Wi-Fi problem. After receiving feedback from users, Apple also investigated the issue and informed Apple care and Apple Store "Genius Bar" staff to temporarily detain the problematic 11-inch and 13-inch new MacBook Air and send it back to Apple's headquarters. For further testing and to propose corresponding solutions. While Apple did not reveal exactly where the problem was, it eventu

The difference between a new MacBook and air

Both the MacBook and the MacBook Air are ultra lightweight portable notebooks that use scenes and positioning more alike, but there is a big difference between them. Here is a specific introduction for you.   Portability The MacBook uses a 12-inch screen, while the

2015 MacBook Air disassembly atlas

battery size is also 7.6V, 54Wh, 7150mAh, but the new 14NM processor allows longer battery life, up to 12 hours of surfing the internet or watching video. SSD upgrade, or PCI-E, can be taken directly, meaning can be replaced or upgraded. Red: Samsung S4LN058A01 Master Controller, Walk is PCI-E 3.0 x4 AHCI Channel Orange: Samsung k4e4e324ed 512MB LPDDR3 DRAM Both sides of the yellow box are eight Samsung k9ldgy8s1d-xck0 NAND flash p

Apple spring conference video live new MacBook 1299 USD

keyboard has been polished. It has a stunning slim body shape, and it brings an incredibly comfortable experience to use. Usb-c brings you five interfaces for Oneness. This redefined the connectivity criteria to fit the power, USB data transfer, Display Port, HDMI, and VGA five feature sets. The MacBook is crafted for the wireless world The new wireless connection technology, with Apple's software and services,

Introduction to MacBook External monitor

Transferred from: found some friends are asked about the external monitor related issues, but it does not seem to be too much introduction, on my own experience simply said, said the wrong words want to point out, not very will edit, we forgive!The external display includes both the display and the projector, the TV, and so on.MacBook external monitor display mode as far as I know, there are fo

Video Phone Introduction

other is dual-port Memory RAM. If the port is used, at least two ports are used to transmit at commands in the CS domain and data related to data transmission in the PS domain. The visual phone needs to add a VT port. This function is used to transmit local and peer visual phone data on the AP and modem sides.[Edit] 2 Introduction to videophone protocol stack After having an overall understanding of videophone, let's look at what is a strange videoph

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