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2015 new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro detailed evaluation

Although the new 12-inch retinal MacBook will have to wait until April 10, Apple's new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro were unveiled to Apple's website yesterday. Their configurations are upgraded and the price remains unchanged. How about these 2015

The easiest way to replace the SSD and transfer the system to the MacBook Pro

, Dell and the like, is simply slag. Change will find before the mechanical hard disk has a few screws are to use a special hex screwdriver to screw down, I have enough equipment, no problem, if you do not have a suitable hex screwdriver, you can also use the pliers clamp down. NBSP;10, start the system, are you feeling a little slow? Not surprisingly, the last step is worse. After the system boot is complete, open Startup disk in Settings, select it, and then restart. This is finally done, on m

2015 new Retina MacBook Pro Removal HD image Rewards

trackpad welded on the larger electronic board, so the temporary can not be removed, can only move to one side. But we can see there are two interesting chips on it: ST Microelectronics's microcontroller based 32f103 ARM cortex-m, BCM5976 touch screen controller, also found this part on the IPhone 5s and IPad Air. The reason why the 2015 13-inch Retina MacBook

2015 new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Removal HD image

trackpad welded on the larger electronic board, so the temporary can not be removed, can only move to one side. But we can see there are two interesting chips on it: ST Microelectronics's microcontroller based 32f103 ARM cortex-m, BCM5976 touch screen controller, also found this part on the IPhone 5s and IPad Air. The reason why the 2015 13-inch Retina MacBook

2015 MacBook Pro 15 How much less money?

2015 MacBook Pro 15 How much less money? The Apple 2015 MacBook Pro 15 notebook has a low and a high version of two versions, both CPU and graphics card are different, and thus the price is not the same. The

National Bank 2015 new MacBook Air/pro officially open for sale

In addition to the launch of Apple Watch and the new MacBook at the spring launch, the company has also made regular updates for the existing MacBook Air and Pro series computers. Apple's China website store has officially sold 2015 MacBook Air and

2015 MacBook Pro Touchpad (Force Touch) features detailed description

at the Spring forward conference earlier this week, Apple brought us a new MacBook lineup and a Force Touch technology that revolutionized trackpad design. the Force touch introduced four "force sensors" compared to the buttons of the old touchpad. Apple says the Force touch will give the device input feedback based on press pressure and open up a whole new way of interacting-for example, when you're browsing on safari, press it to eject a new wikiped

What about the MacBook Pro configuration? Apple MacBook Pro how much money

Apple MacBook Pro configuration parameters The MacBook Pro is divided into 13/15 inch two species, with the sixth Daicouri I5/i7 processor, 8GB memory up, 256GB SSD up, 15 inch built-in AMD high-end graphics graphics card. Keyboard integrated Multi-Touch bar, as well a

Upgrade the MacBook's CD-ROM to SSD

This article has a total of four parts:1. Description of Macbook Pro2. Pre-Preparation3, formally began to replace the SSD4, the system installed on the SSD5. Problems that ariseMacbook Pro Scenario Description: My MBP is 12 years in the 13-inch MBP low, in the rise of 10.10 after the card does not work, so ready to change the CD-ROM drive to SSD, and th

New MacBook Pro and Surface Book which is better

can use Surface Book i7 like a tablet. So although the two input methods are very different, but obviously Microsoft's more flexible, and even included the surface pen stylus, can be arbitrary graffiti and drawing. Of course, in basic mode, it can also be a touch screen and surface Pen, but still a bit shaky. Another type of input is the trackpad, a further increase in the size of the new MacBook Pro tra

2016 new MacBook Pro how about

"13-inch MacBook pro", with touch bar version and "15-inch MacBook pro" three new models. As the press conference starts 1 o'clock in the morning 28th in Beijing, many friends may not know much about them. I'm not going to beat around the bush, let's start with this new updated "13-inch

2016 new MacBook Pro disassembly diagram

Apple brings a new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro, as well as an entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro, which has no touch bar and touch ID compared to the premium version, and is now shipped. Most surprisingly, the new MacBook Pro

Buy 2016 MacBook Pro considerations

The 2016 MacBook Pro has been released, the most significant update of the MacBook Pro series in four years. Cancel the "a" backlight apple logo; only the Thunderbolt 3 and 3.5mm connectors are retained; The 13-inch machine weighs only 1370g and weighs just 13 inches of air 200g; support for dci-p3 gamut and so on we h

2016 MacBook Pro configuration parameters and how much is the price

Apple unveiled its new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro, with a significantly higher specification than the previous generation and introduced a new touch bar in design. Apple has announced the new MacBook Pro price, which does not touch bar's 13-inch version of the sale of 1499 U.S. dollars, with a touch

MacBook Pro Install Ubuntu

Https:// your hardware revisionTo determine which version/generation of the MacBook Pro you have multiple options:From the GUI in OS XClick on the Apple in the top left > ' about this Mac ' > ' more Info ... ' > ' Overview ' > ' System report ... ' > "Hardware" in Left-Hand panel > "Hardware Overview" in Right-hand panel > "Model Identifier". This is a string lik

2015 MacBook Air disassembly atlas

Apple released its new 2015 11-inch MacBook in California on March 10, while also updating the MacBook Air, so what's the difference between the new MacBook Air and the old one in terms of design and hardware? The famous electronic equipment dismantling team IFixit for everyone Two new

Setting up the Java development environment on the MacBook Pro

Well, I went to the other side of the world, and because my PC wasn't there, only one MacBook Pro could be used for development. This article should be seen as an enhanced bookmark, and I've listed all the necessary tools to make the MacBook work, that is, for Java and later for JavaScript.What I need to mention is that until now, I'm still a Windows user (XP/7)

Macbook Pro "Compile Apollo 2.5

not good (a small file may be downloaded in the compilation).Reboot Docker after direct exit, empty container, restart Apollo container enter and then compileBazel will automatically skip the compiled project.The entire compilation process will probably be ~1h, requiring about 10G of hard disk space.7. Run after successful compilation./scripts/bootstrap.shStart[Email protected]_dev_docker:/apollo$./scripts/ Started Supervisord with Dev confStart Roscore ...voice_detector:starteddrea

15 Force Click Feature Resolution for new MacBook 2015

The 2015 MacBook and the 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro are all equipped with a new Force touch trackpad to add new features to some applications in OS X. In the design of the Force touch panel, no matter where you click on the trackpad surface, you can get a responsive and consistent click Response. In addition, under the

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