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Stanford University public Class machine learning: Neural Networks learning-autonomous Driving example (automatic driving example via neural network)

is going when it is initialized, or we don't know where the driving direction is, only after the learning algorithm has been running long enough that the white section appears in the entire gray area, showing a specific direction of travel. This means that the neural network algorithm at this time has chosen a clear direction of travel, not like the beginning of the output of a faint light gray area, but the output of a white section.Stanford Univers

"Machine learning crash book" model 08 Support vector Machine "SVM" (Python code included)

decision trees (decision tree) 4   Cited examplesThe existing training set is as follows, please train a decision tree model to predict the future watermelon's merits and demerits.Back to Catalog What are decision trees (decision tree) 5   Cited examplesThe existing training set is as follows, please train a decision tree model to predict the future watermelon's merits and demerits.Back to Catalog What are decision trees (decision tree) 6

PHP Machine Learning Library PHP-ML Example Tutorial

PHP-ML is a machine learning library written using PHP. While we know that Python or C + + provides more machine learning libraries, in fact, most of them are slightly more complex and configured to be desperate for many novices. PHP-ML This machine

KNN (K Nearest Neighbor) for Machine Learning Based on scikit-learn package-complete example, scikit-learnknn

KNN (K Nearest Neighbor) for Machine Learning Based on scikit-learn package-complete example, scikit-learnknn KNN (K Nearest Neighbor) for Machine Learning Based on scikit-learn package) Scikit-learn (sklearn) is currently the most popular and powerful Python library for

Machine learning: The principle of genetic algorithm and its example analysis

In peacetime research, hope every night idle down when, all learn a machine learning algorithm, today see a few good genetic algorithm articles, summed up here.1 Neural network Fundamentals Figure 1. Artificial neural element modelThe X1~XN is an input signal from other neurons, wij represents the connection weights from neuron j to neuron I,θ represents a threshold (threshold), or is called bias (bias).

"Machine learning" K-Nearest neighbor algorithm and algorithm example

only in the limited target set value).Third, the algorithm example and explanationExamples in the case of "machine learning Combat" in the book, code examples are written in Python (need NumPy Library), but the algorithm, as long as the algorithm is clear, in other languages can be written out: Helen has been using

How to Use machine learning to solve practical problems-using the keyword relevance model as an Example

Based on the literal Relevance Model of Baidu keyword search recommendation tool, this article introduces the specific design and implementation of a machine learning task. Including target setting, training data preparation, feature selection and filtering, and model training and optimization. This model can be extended to Semantic Relevance models, and the design and implementation of Search Engine releva

Machine learning Combat Machines learning in Action code video project case

-GROWTH algorithm to efficiently discover frequent itemsets Part IV Other tools 13.) Use PCA to simplify data 14.) Simplify data with SVD 15.) Big Data and MapReduce Part V Project Combat (non-textbook content) 16.) Recommendation System Periodic summary Summary of the first phase of 2017-04-08_ Appendix A, getting Started with Python Appendix B Linear Algebra Appendix C Review of probability theory Appendix D Resources

Machine learning Notes (10) EM algorithm and practice (with mixed Gaussian model (GMM) as an example to the second complete EM)

[y_hat1==0]=3y_hat1[y_hat1==1]=0y_hat1[y_hat1==3]=1mu1=np.array ([Np.mean (X[Y_HAT1 = = i], axis=0) For I in range (3)]) print ' k-means mean = \ n ', Mu1print ' classification correct rate is ', Np.mean (y_hat1==y) gmm=gaussianmixture (n_components=3, Covariance_type= ' full ', random_state=0) (x) print ' gmm mean = \ n ', gmm.means_y_hat2=gmm.predict (x) y_hat2[y_hat2== 1]=3y_hat2[y_hat2==2]=1y_hat2[y_hat2==3]=2print ' classification correct rate for ', Np.mean (y_hat2==y)The output re

An example shows what machine learning is doing

We all should have the experience of buying watermelon in our lives. When buying watermelon, elders will give us experience, such as tapping on the surface of the melon to make some kind of sound is a good melon. The reason why elders will make good melons based on such characteristics is based on their life experience, and with the rich experience, they predict the ability of good melon is also improving. Herbert A. Simon has given the following definition of "

The EM algorithm in machine learning and the R language Example (1)

guesses, and certainly not very accurate at first. But based on this speculation, it can be calculated that each person is more likely to be male or female distribution. For example, a person's height is 1.75 meters, obviously it is more likely to belong to the male height of this distribution. Accordingly, we have a attribution for each piece of data. Then, according to the maximum likelihood method, the parameters of male height normal distribution

Machine Learning: this paper uses the analysis of the taste of red wine as an example to describe the cross-validation arbitrage model.

Machine Learning: this paper uses the analysis of the taste of red wine as an example to describe the cross-validation arbitrage model. The least squares (OLS) algorithm is commonly used in linear regression. Its core idea is to find the best function matching of data by minimizing the sum of squares of errors. However, the most common problem with OLS is that it

Can machine learning really work? (2) (take the two-dimensional PLA algorithm as an example)

remaining B (n,k)? Take B (4,3) as an example to see if we can use B (3,?). Solve. B (4,3) = 11, can be divided into two categories: one is x4 in pairs appear, a class is x4 into a single appearance. Because k=3, so any 3 points can not shatter, namely: Α+β≤b (3,3). And because for 2α, X4 is in pairs appear, so, x1,x2,x3 any two points must not shatter, otherwise, plus X4, there will be three points are shatter. namely: Α≤b

Tensorflow-slim Learning Notes (ii) the first level catalogue code reading _ machine learning

. includes an auxiliary function to generate the day to record, is one of its tests, using the example below: Import TensorFlow as TFSlim = Tf.contrib.slim Slim.summaries.add_histogram_summaries (Slim.variables.get_model_variables ())Slim.summaries.add_scalar_summary (Total_loss, ' total loss ')Slim.summaries.add_scalar_summary (learning_rate, ' learning rate ')Slim.summaries.

[Machine learning]KNN algorithm Python Implementation (example: digital recognition)

[i]) if (classifierresu Lt! = Datinglabels[i]): ErrOrcount + = 1.0 print "The total error rate is:%f"% (Errorcount/float (numtestvecs)) Print error count def img2vector (filename): Returnvect = zeros ((1,1024)) FR = open ( FileName) For I in range (+): LINESTR = Fr.readline () F or J in range (+): RETURNVECT[0,32*I+J] = Int (linestr[j]) RETURN RET Urnvectdef handwritingclasstest (): hwlabels = [] trainingfilelist = Listdir (' trainingDigits ') #load the training

CUDA8.0 Matrix Multiplication Example Explanation (matrixMul.cpp) __ machine learning and GPU

Learn the use of Cuda libraries by learning the examples of Nvidia Matrixmul. Brief part of the rubbish. Just say the core code. This example is a matrix multiplication that implements C=a*b Use a larger blocks size for Fermi and above int block_size =; Original: dim3 Dimsa (5*2*block_size, 5*2*block_size, 1); Dim3 DIMSB (5*4*block_size, 5*2*b

Using whether to buy a house as an example to illustrate the use of decision tree algorithm-ai machine learning

purchases, and 12 for the total number of units. According to the formula of information entropy we can conclude that the information entropy of this data set is:Divided by lot (denoted by A1), Tri-Ring (D1), five-ring (D2), six-ring (D3), to calculate information gainBy whether near the Metro (denoted by A2), is (D1), no (D2), to calculate the information gaindivided by area (denoted by A3), 60 ping (D1), 80 ping (D2), to calculate information gainDivided by unit Price (expressed in A4), 5w (D

Python numpy machine Learning Library Use example

Installation sudo yum install NumPy From numpy Import * Produces an array Random.rand (4,5) Result Array ([[0.79056842, 0.31659893, 0.34054779, 0.97328131, 0.32648329], [0.51585845, 0.70683055, 0.31476985, 0.07952725, 0.80907845], [0.81623517, 0.61038487, 0.66679161, 0.77412742, 0.03394483], [0.41758993, 0.54425978, 0.65350633, 0.90397197, 0.72706079]]) Produce a matrix >>> Randmat=mat (Random.rand (bis)) >>> randmat.i Matrix ([[[1.72265179, 0.82071484, 0.8218207,-3.20005387], [0.60602642,-1.28

Chinese character location code and machine internal code learning notes

I have studied Chinese character encoding, including the Chinese character location code and internal machine code. It is very interesting and practical. Generally, we use the location code in the cards. For example, the location code

The linear regression of "machine learning carefully explaining code progressive comments"

each parameter corresponding to 44 is the value of J_vals (i,j) end46 end47 j_vals = J_vals ';% Surface plot49 Figure;50 Surf (theta0_vals, theta1_vals, j_vals)% draws an image of the parameter and loss function. Pay attention to use this surf compare egg ache, surf (x, y, z) is such, Wuyi%x,y is a vector, Z is a matrix, with X, Y paved grid (100*100 point) and Z of each point 52 to form a graph, but how to correspond to where, the egg hurts is, The second element of your x with the first eleme

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