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Java Learning Notes-multithreading (synchronization containers and concurrent containers)

containers: Queue Principle: FIFO queue based on linked list (concurrent version of LinkedList) Linkedblockingqueue, Arrayblockingqueue, Priorityblockingqueue Corresponding non-concurrent containers: Blockingqueue Features: Expanded queue, increased blocking insertion and acquisition operations Principle: Thread safety through reentrantlock, blocking and waking through con

Threading Learning--(vii) Single and multi-threaded, synchronous class containers and concurrent class containers

Arrayblockingqueue, Priorityblockingqueue, Synchronousqueue and so on.Third, concurrent and CopyonwriteConcurrenthashmap has a segment concept, a map is divided into multiple segments, each with its own lock, fine-grained design ideas, reducing the granularity of the lock, a map is divided into 16 segments.Copyonwrite container, is also a design-based container, a copy of the container, write to an element, do not manipulate the current container, but the operation of the copy, write on the cop

C + + Learning basics four--sequential containers and associative containers

must point to an element that does exist in M and cannot be equal to M.end (). return void M.erase (b,e): Removes a range of elements from M, which is marked by iterators on B and E. B and E must mark a valid range in M: that is, B and E must point to the element in M or the next position of the last element. Also, B and e are either equal (the scope of the deletion is empty at this time), or the element that B points to must appear before the element that E points to. return voi

[Introduction to machine learning] Li Hongyi Machine Learning notes-9 ("Hello World" of deep learning; probe into depth learning) __ Machine learning

[Introduction to machine learning] Li Hongyi Machine Learning notes-9 ("Hello World" of deep learning; exploring deep learning) PDF Video Keras Example application-handwriting Digit recognition Step 1

Classification of machine learning algorithms based on "machine Learning Basics"--on how to choose machine learning algorithms and applicable solutions

IntroductionThe systematic learning machine learning course has benefited me a lot, and I think it is necessary to understand some basic problems, such as the category of machine learning algorithms.Why do you say that? I admit that, as a beginner, may not be in the early st

Stanford Machine Learning---The seventh lecture. Machine Learning System Design _ machine learning

This column (Machine learning) includes single parameter linear regression, multiple parameter linear regression, Octave Tutorial, Logistic regression, regularization, neural network, machine learning system design, SVM (Support vector machines Support vector machine), clust

Learning and understanding of containers in Java

classes, because the Java class Library uses the collection name to represent a special subset of the class library! So use a wider range of terms "containers" to call them! The advantage of a container over an array is that it can automatically adjust the size of the subset. Don't worry about how big it should be set! If the object stored in the container is not declared to inherit from which class, then it is automatically inherited from object, so

Java container learning notes (I) Basic concepts and collection interface knowledge of containers

This article mainly summarizes the knowledge points in Java containers, including the container hierarchy, class graph structure, and collection Interface Details, and a collection sub-interface list Interface related knowledge point summary. It involves learning and summarizing the underlying data structures, implementation mechanisms, and usage of some classes such as arraylist, javaslist, vector, stack,

Java Basic Learning--24, containers

()) {System.out.println ( ()); }}} Official documents of iteratorMapMap is a collection of key-value pairs. Each element in the map is a key-value pair, which is a key (key) and its corresponding object value (value). For the map container, we can find the corresponding object by the key. Hash table is a common way to implement map, refer to the paper: Hash table (hash table)We need to declare the type of the key and value of the map. We implement a hashmap below:Import java.util.*;

Learning WPF1.2--WPF Layouts--Understanding layout containers

, then you can use UniformGrid to achieve such a requirement Z-Axis Order we know that in a canvas layout container, if the position overlaps, the elements that are set up will cover the first set elements, and if you want to break this rule, you can use the ZIndex property: Modify a record 2015-12-26: Writing the f

"STL Container Learning Notes"-sequential containers

): Constructs a vector of a specified sizeAt (index): DataType returns the element at the specified positionDeque-specific functions:Deque (n,element): Constructs a double-ended queue, filling in n copies of a given elementDeque (Beg,end): Constructs a double-ended queue that is initialized with the element between the iterator beg to endDeque (size): Constructs a double-ended queue of a specified sizeAt (index): DataType returns the element at the specified positionPush_front (Element): Inserti

GTK Introductory Learning: Fixed layout of layout containers

that need to be setWidth: WideHeight: HighTo move a control's position in a fixed layout:void Gtk_fixed_move ( Gtkfixed *fixed, Gtkwidget *widget, Gint x, Gint y); Fixed: Stationary layout containerWidgets: Controls that need to be movedX, y: Moving positionThe complete code is as follows: #include Oper

Machine learning (common interview machine learning algorithm Thinking simple comb) __ Machine learning

Objective:When looking for a job (IT industry), in addition to the common software development, machine learning positions can also be regarded as a choice, many computer graduate students will contact this, if your research direction is machine learning/data mining and so on, and it is very interested in, you can cons

JAX-WS learning 4: deploying to Web containers

JAX-WS learning 4: deploying to Web containers Blog type: JAX-WS Java-related In the previous introduction, web service is released by calling:Java code Endpoint. publish () Method To start a java Embedded web container. Here we will introduce how to deploy the generated web service to a web container. Take the example of a calculator as an example. First, we use the wsgen tool to generate all t

Docker Learning notes-bulk deletion of stopped-running containers

The root user uses the following commandDocker RM ' Docker Ps-a|awk ' {print $} ' |grep [0-9a-z] '1.docker RM supports multiple container IDs with •(tab above the key) to connect multiple containers for bulk deletion 2.The awk command will get all the container IDs of PS and print out the container ID of awk's data using Print 3. Use the grep command to delete, matching lowercase letters and numbersThis article is from the "Snoopy_honey" blog, make su

Spring Core Learning (1) implements basic containers-including injection and capture capabilities

Preamble: Start learning Spring core ideas, combined with a cottage lite version of spriing code to learn.Content: 1. beandefinition-Save Bean and configuration information 2. beanfactory-to manage beans.Beandefinition:public class Beandefinition {private Object Bean;public beandefinition (Object object) {This.bean = object;} Public Object Getbean () {return this.bean;}}Beanfactory:public class Beanfactory {private mapHelloWorldService:public class He

Java Programming Ideas (fourth Edition) Learning notes----11.4 Printing of containers

its elements can be accessed efficiently and randomly, and the disadvantage is that the performance of inserting and removing elements at a specified location is slow. LinkedList is slower in random access, but it is more efficient to insert and remove elements at a specified location. 2. Set has three important implementations, respectively, Hashset,treeset,linkedhashset all implementation classes of the set interface ensure that their elements are not duplicat

Introduction to ExtJS learning basic containers

Viewport:A dedicated container for the Visual application area (browser window).Viewport renders itself to the Documet body area of the Web page and automatically adjusts itself to the size of the browser window, automatically adapting to size when the window size changes. Only one viewport can be created in a page.Any container container can be used as a sub-component of a viewport, and developers use a viewport as the parent container to configure layout layouts and manage their size and locat

Java Learning---6. Common containers, streams

The API for the provided container is located within the Java.util package.Set: cannot be repeated, unordered. List: Can be repeated, in order. Map: The mapping method for key-value pairs.Collection c=new ArrayList ();2. Generics: Use generics when using a collection, define the type of the collection when defining the collection. The readability and stability of the program can be enhanced.3. Stream: Java streaming input/output principle:Java Learnin

Principle and programming practice of machine learning algorithm Chapter One basics of machine learning __ Machine learning

Preface: "The foundation determines the height, not the height of the foundation!" The book mainly from the coding program, data structure, mathematical theory, data processing and visualization of several aspects of the theory of machine learning, and then extended to the probability theory, numerical analysis, matrix analysis and other knowledge to guide us into the world of

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