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Create a bootable MacOS high Sierra installation USB drive

1. Download MacOS high Sierra installer from the Mac App Store. If the installer automatically opens after the download is complete, exit the installer. The installer will be located in your Applications folder. 2. Mount a USB flash drive or other volume. You can also use an internal alternate partition, which must have at least one GB of free disk space for the

Paragon updated Microsoft NTFS support for MacOS High Sierra

Today, we released important updates for Mac version of Microsoft NTFS via Paragon software, Paragon software is a software utility that can format NTFS hard disks on Windows under MacOS, SSD and thumb drive for ultra-fast, transparent read/write access. This release, combined with Apple's latest update, provides better support for MacOS 10.13 High

MacOS high Sierra causes VirtualBox Vagrant to sync slowly

followsConfig.vm.synced_folder "/users/vincent/code/", "/home/www",: NFS = True,: mount_options = [' actimeo=2 ']Why is there such a problem?This involves some remote knowledge, I do not particularly understand. But the general reason I know, because Mac upgraded to high Sierra after the use of APFS (Apple file system). This can cause synchronization problems.Then why add actimeo=2 can solve this problem.

Steps to remove redundant administrators from MacOS High Sierra

I looked at a lot of documents, a more reliable address of two, but found that unlike mine, I did not use.Also posted here, for the needs of the "toss the people" to see.[a big foreign method] ([a method of official search] (

If and let Mac OX MACOS high Sierra join Windows domain management

Recently encountered a problem: to have the latest Mac system join the Windows domain. Think of a lot of ways to finally overcome.Since the latest version of the MAC OSX MACOS high Sierra system cannot be joined in the same way as in the previous version, it needs to be operated by command:The first step is to modify the computer's NIC settings to point DNS to th

DELL 3020 Installs MacOS high Sierra perfectly

Recent research on installing MacOS High Sierra in Dell 3020 has encountered many problems in the middle,1, try to download clover original image installation, so that the problem will be less;2, to learn to use Clover Configurator tools to modify the configuration config.plist, commonly known as DSDT, configuration suitable for their own hardware guidancePrepara

MacOS 10.13 High Sierra odoo development configuration

Basically, as with the MacOS 10.12.x Sierra configuration process, see:MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Odoo 10.0 Development Environment ConfigurationMacOS Sierra (10.12.6), Odoo (11.0), Python (3.5.4) configurationError encountered when starting Odoo on the command line:valueerror: unknown locale: UTF-8 To edit the. Bash_pr

ESXi6.5, 6.7 installing MacOS High Sierra

Tags: ESXi6.7 installing macESXi6.5, 6.7 installing MacOS High SierraFirst, the tool1. Mac OS Image2, Unlocker for esxi6.5, esxi6.73. Vm ToolsLink: Https:// Password: H8TVSecond, apply unlocker patchInstalling esxi-install.shTurn on ESXi SSHLog in to ESXi Server with SSHRun esxi-install.shRestart ESXiThird, install the MacAlthough it was written for 12 minutes, it actu

Phpstorm 2017.3 version runs very slow in Mac system MacOS high Sierra version 10.13.3

Recently upgraded the system, found that phpstorm run for a while to get up, according to the online method to increase the memory configuration is not effective;Run for a while, then the memory overflow, and then hang off;Thinking that only recently upgraded the operating system, and did not upgrade the JDK and other versions dependent, very annoying, inefficientJust see the official website this year out of the new version, so immediately uninstall, even the original hidden in each folder in t

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