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Create a Linux & amp; Windows & amp; GParted Live & amp; macOS in one to maintain the U disk, making it easier to reinstall the system.

Create a Linux Windows GParted Live macOS in one to maintain the U disk, making it easier to reinstall the system. Note: This tutorial is only applicable to computers that support EFI startup. If the installation disk contains Linux, the selected Linux release must support EFI startup. I usually reinstall the system for myself or someone else, because sometimes I have to install Windows, and I have to refresh the installation package to my U disk

. NET Core R2 Installation and sample tutorials

stay in the Same version for a long period of time. LTS version now is . NET Core 1.0.3 currentcurrent releases include the latest features and is supported for three months after the next release so you Should always stay in the latest version. Current version are . NET Core 1.1 sdkthe SDK includes the runtime and command line tools for creating. NET Core Applicationsruntimethe Runtime does not include the tools and can only is used to run. NET Core applications. . NET

U disk reload Apple OS System

To make a USB drive installation, back up your data. Formatted installation loses hard drive data. RememberTo download the installer:Download the full "MacOS Sierra" from the APP storethe installer, which is stored in the application (/applications) after it has been downloaded folder. Please note that you must not start the install MacOS Sierra program directly

Create a bootable MacOS high Sierra installation USB drive

1. Download MacOS high Sierra installer from the Mac App Store. If the installer automatically opens after the download is complete, exit the installer. The installer will be located in your Applications folder. 2. Mount a USB flash drive or other volume. You can also use an

Run Apache/MySQL/PHP on Mac

a free all-in-one tool to install Drupal, joomla !, WordPress and other popular open source apps on top of XAMPP. DownloadBitnami XAMPPStep 2: InstallAfter downloading, decompress stuffit expander or similar software and double-click the PKG file: The installation program of MACOs will start and ask you to click "continue ". The installer will also ask you for the administrator p

Mac OS 10.12 using a USB stick reload

--nointeractionAfter you return, you will be prompted to enter your computer's administrator password (if you do not set a password and press ENTER again):终端显示是这样的: password (后面输入的密码是不显示的哦~输入完成后直接回车)The next step is to wait for the system to start making the startup disk.When you see the last Copy complete word and the Done typeface appears it means that the boot disk has been made!!!When you make the finishedOS X El CapitanAfter the boot disk, the desktop appearsInstall OS X El CapitanThe drive

Java application installation package creation tools

Java application installation package creation tools 1 install4jInstall4j is a powerful multi-platform Java installer that can generate self-installation programs and application loaders for Java applications. Install4j is easy to use, and its extended platform support and its powerful screen and action system are all of its expertise. 2 launch4jLaunch4j is the Windows Local Executable File (.exe) package for Java applications. Provides a local pop-up

Corda Demobench for V1.0

certificate's signature key. You may need to reboot your MAC after you have made any changes using the MacOS keychain Access application. -On MacOS You should use a version higher than JDS 8u152 to build Demobench, because this version resolves a problem that prints a reminder message in the Command window when you start each node. -You should use the JetBrains JDK to build DMG. Fedora/linux:rpm-build pack

USB flash drive to make MacOS Sierra Startup disk

Several installation methods for 1.macOS Sierra* Press and hold command+option+r for online installation at boot time. PS: In the good speed of the situation is OK, but if the network is poor, it will make you crash.* Install using the CD.* Today's introduction is to use a USB flash drive to create a boot disk for installation.2. Prepare a USB flash drive of 8G size first3. Download MacOS Sierra on the webs

Make a Native Windows Installer for your applications with these open source tools

today rivals and even surpasses extends cial installers in feature set and stability. 6. installjammer Installjammer is a multiplatform GUI installer designed to be completely cross-platform and function on Windows and most all versions of UNIX with support for MacOS X coming soon. Http:// 7. Nullsoft Scriptable install System Nullsoft Scriptable install System (NSIs) is a sc

Qt Creator Download and install (detailed tutorial)

, is NMAKE clone version, support multiple independent command parallel building software, speed up the software construction. ③online_installers is an online installer. ④pyside is used to support the Python language for writing QT programs. ⑤qbs is QT build Suite (QBS), Http://,QBS is the new QT program Generation tool, because QT generally uses qmake to build the project to compile, Qmake must change based on QT version

How to format your Mac hard drive network Recovery system

Network recovery depends on your network status and time, need 8-48 hours, with macosx CD or u disk installation or faster drip!! 1. Press the option key at boot time to make a network link. 2. Then press command+ R key. Mac automatic networking recovers and goes to MacOS x utility. 3. Go to "Disk Utility". 4. Select a disk on the left, choose the Partition tab, and select partition layout (1 partitions). 5. Change the "name" and change the forma

MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Installation U-Disk production

First, the preparatory work: Prepare a USB flash drive with a capacity of 8GB or more to ensure that the data is properly backed up (this process erases all data on the USB stick) Download the official version of Apple OS X Yosemite installer (optional appsotre or online download) If you downloaded from Mac AppStore, the installer may start automatically when the download is complete, then

Installing MacOS X 10.6.3 in Vmware (no VT-X required)

Installing MacOS X 10.6.3 in Vmware (requires no VT-X) Hardware requirements: CPU: supports at least SSE2. SSE3 and dual-core or above are recommended. Memory: Recommended 3.12 GB or above hard drive: recommended 10 Gb or above software preparation: Vmware workstation7.13 or Vmware Fusion 1.10. In fact, Vmware Server 2.02/can also be tested, but workstation and fusion are recommended. In addition, it is estimated from various features that workstation

Mac OS X system-system file structure (2)

. InternetPlug-ins, libraries, and filters for the Internet. KeyboardsKeyboard definition. MailContains the user's mailbox (only for the user domain ). PreferencesFor user presets, see "user configuration" in the "System presets" chapter. PrintersThe print driver (provided by the vendor) and the PPD plug-in. QuickTimeQuick time plug-ins and extensions. Scripting AdditionsExpanded the script and script resources of the applescript function. Sherlock plug-insExtended the plug-in of the Sherlock fu

WWDC 2016 feast

Transferred from: Collation and maintenance Person: PmstGitHub Link: wwdc-2016-feastNow just sort out the official WWDC 2016 video list, welcome to maintenance together.Reprint please indicate in the article head! APP Frameworks Session Number Platform official Topic Reference Demo 228 Ios A Peek at 3D Touch 216 Ios,tvos Advances in UIKit anima

[Translate]. NET Core 2.1 Release

Original: Announcing. NET Core 2.1We are happy to be able to publish. NET Core 2.1. This update includes improvements to performance, improvements to runtimes and tools. It also includes a new way to deploy tools in the form of NuGet packages. We have added a Span new primitive type called, which can manipulate data without memory allocations. There are many other new APIs that focus on cryptography, compression, and Windows compatibility. It is the first version that supports Alpine Linux and A

Docker4dotnet #1 – Past Life & World Hello

As a. NET Developer, looking at the popularity of Docker over the years is a bit envious. Unfortunately, Docker is based on the Linux environment, the eyes look at those Java, Python, node. js, go even PHP programmers can Docker, and their own in the bitter haha installed virtual machine, it is urgent AH! So there's a special focus on the development of. NET core, because its cross-platform means that. NET developer can also be Docker.Past LifeThe. NET core 1.0 is not an upgrade to the original.

Windows Installer related information reposted on the Internet

(1) Q: What kind of product is Windows Installer?A: Windows Installer is a system service used to install and manage applications in the system. It provides a standardized method and means for application development, customization, installation and upgrade. (2) Q: What basic functions are provided by Windows Installer?A: Windows

How to upgrade and demote Mac OS Sierra Public beta

the Mac app Store; 3. Click "Redeem" on the pop-up Mac App Store page, and the system will automatically download the MacOS beta version.   Note: at present, due to Apple reasons, the central MAS attempt to redeem will prompt "Redemption failure, the project is no longer available", the temporary solution is: Using the U.S. Apple ID, you can successfully redeem the download. [Registration course for the U.S. region] Demote back to OS X E

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