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Easy to make MacOS Sierra official version of the USB installation disk!

"done" 6, after the production is complete, must open the U disk to see OH. Add: After the production of U disk, the following figure (Baidu over the map, relatively old), select "Reinstall OS X", the previous data file will be saved (very excited, otherwise I have a lot of documents will be gone) it's so sweet to start with a sudden computer like me (Taobao store also said that data recovery is very numb Annoying Oh, then I was silly). If you are

Tutorial on making MacOS Sierra official USB boot Installation disk (new MAC system installed)

Use the command line to create a full version of the MacOS Sierra production USB installation disk1, prepare a 8GB or more capacity of the U disk, and back up all the information inside.2. Download the installation program for the full version of MacOS Sierra (download in Ap

USB flash drive to make MacOS Sierra Startup disk

Several installation methods for 1.macOS Sierra* Press and hold command+option+r for online installation at boot time. PS: In the good speed of the situation is OK, but if the network is poor, it will make you crash.* Install using the CD.* Today's introduction is to use a USB flash drive to create a boot disk for installation.2. Prepare a

Create a bootable MacOS high Sierra installation USB drive

1. Download MacOS high Sierra installer from the Mac App Store. If the installer automatically opens after the download is complete, exit the installer. The installer will be located in your Applications folder. 2. Mount a USB flash drive or other volume. You can also use an internal alternate partition, which must have at least one GB of free disk space for the

USB flash Drive Install MacOS Sierra System method

first to do the preparation work, need a USB flash drive not less than 8G, general image file about 4 to 5G, 8G of the USB stick is enough, of course, if you back up the computer data (if there is important information) download system (image file), recommended to the computer app Store in the direct download, you can also go to the Apple website to download the pure version of the image file, the Int

How to install the MacOS Sierra u disk

How to install the MacOS Sierra u disk A week after the official release of iOS 10, the new MacOS Sierra system was introduced to the general Mac users. The new MacOS Sierra brings a whole new system experience and Siri that was

Apple Mac OS Sierra How to upgrade MacOS Sierra how to update upgrades

MacOS Sierra Update Upgrade Tutorial: Because the Mac's downgrade method is relatively complex and time-consuming, so before you install the beta version, please complete this tutorial, and then decide whether to be a delicacy. Prepare: Back up your Mac first or back up your computer, unless you have the data on the computer does not matter, otherwise make sure to back up, do not lazy. You can

MacOS Sierra Install U disk how to create a Mac OS Sierra installation U disk Creation method

First, we need to prepare at least 8GB USB drive and make sure that there is nothing in it that you want to keep, as the following tutorial will erase all the data on the USB drive. 1. Download the beta version of MacOS Sierra on the Apple developer website. 2. After the download is complete, turn off the po

Is MacOS Sierra very slow? Why? And how to fix it?

After upgrading to MacOS Sierra, this is normal if your Mac slows down. Let's take a look at the possible causes and solutions.MacOS Sierra slow your Mac compatibility run new Mac OS X 10.12If your Mac model does not belong to the following MacOS Sierra Compatibility List, y

MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Installation U-Disk production

First, the preparatory work: Prepare a USB flash drive with a capacity of 8GB or more to ensure that the data is properly backed up (this process erases all data on the USB stick) Download the official version of Apple OS X Yosemite installer (optional appsotre or online download) If you downloaded from Mac AppStore, the installer may start automatically when the download is complete, then

Mac Tutorial: How to create a macOS Sierra install u disk

If you want to install a pure version of the MacOS Sierra operating system, consider creating a USB installation disk. Today, we'll talk about the specific approach, which applies to MacOS Sierra's beta, public beta and final official editions. First, we need to prepare at least 8GB

DELL 3020 Installs MacOS high Sierra perfectly

Recent research on installing MacOS High Sierra in Dell 3020 has encountered many problems in the middle,1, try to download clover original image installation, so that the problem will be less;2, to learn to use Clover Configurator tools to modify the configuration config.plist, commonly known as DSDT, configuration suitable for their own hardware guidancePreparatory work1, a Windows computer (also can be a

MacOS Sierra How to upgrade?

MacOS Sierra How to upgrade? First, back up our information: Computer Backup method is more, you can choose the most traditional method, the important files directly copied to the mobile hard disk or USB disk, or use the time Machine backup function provided by Apple, a full backup of the computer, you can use ICloud or other cloud services for backup.

MacOS Sierra 10.12.6 Odoo 10.0 Development Environment Configuration

Refer to some of the online tutorials, will be the final process to record, which need some of the procedures, I have put in Baidu network disk:Https:// Erase disk Install MacOS Sierra 10.12.6:Make MacOS Installation boot disk see:

U disk re-installed Macos-sierra system

Two ways to reinstall your Mac system:1, online remote reloading.2, the production of a USB flash drive to reload.Theoretically the first is relatively simple, but it will be more time-consuming, in practice, because the online version of the system download is lower than my current version of MacOS, resulting in the inability to install, so you can only use the second method.Install a software to ensure th

About the solution that MacOS Sierra cannot debug with GDB

1, the signing of GDB, the signature process is detailed:;2, restart the system, while holding the command + R key on the keyboard to enter the system Recovery mode ;3, Click the top menu bar, utility-"terminal, input command :csrutil enable--without debug; (Refer to Http:// for a detailed introduction to the Csrutil command)4. Restart the systemAbout

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