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SAS macro (3) macro, debug macro, create a macro with parameters, understand symbol table (global macro and local macro resolution), macro conditional operator, perform operation in macro

A macro resembles a function in C, executes after the specified parameter is passed in, and inside the macro can contain the data step program and the conditional operation symbol.A macro variable is just a small variable 、、、、 (by the same is a great role)1: Basic syntax for macrosHow do I create a simple macro and use

SAS macro (2), run in Create macro with macro, proc SQL create macro, SCL in macro processing (n/a)

Tags: style blog http io ar color OS using SP1: Macro definition in program runCall Routines -enable you-transfer information between an executing DATA step and the Macro Proces Sor.You can use the symput routine to create a macro variable, and to assign to, variable any value, is Availa ble in the DATA step.Symput routine to create a

GNU ARM Assembler pseudo-directive (assembler directives)

0x00. Word 0xaa55ee11 @ Insert byte: 0x11 0xEE 0x55 0xAA (LSB order) . Byte Insert byte to destination file . Byte, ' A ' @ Inserts the bytes 0x40 0x41. Byte 0x42 @ Inserts the byte 0x42. Byte 0b1000011, 0104 @ Inserts the bytes 0x43 0x44 . Code Set the number of instruction bits, 16-bit thumb or 32-bit arm . code 16 @ Set the following assembly as thumb instructions . else Use with. if and. endif . end End of symbol

ARM Assembler Programming Simple example

-directives can define a piece of code as a whole  called a macro directive  calls the code multiple times in a program through a macro directive. {} is optional $ marking when a macro is expanded  labels are replaced with user-defined symbols the first line of the macro definition body should declare the prototype

Macro compilation macro

purge can be used to cancel the macro definition when appropriate to restore the original meaning of the command.Macro definition:Add macro opr1, opr2, result...EndmMacro call:...Add XX, YY, ZZPurge add...After a macro is called, use the purge pseudo operation to cancel the definition so as to restore the original meaning of the add command. The add command used

How to use the inline assembler in C + + + [English version]

. An ASM statement can define data objects in the code segment with the MASM directives DB, DW, and DQ. The MASM directives DT, DF, Struc, and, and the operators DUP, this, WIDTH, and MASK are not accepted. Macros. An-ASM statement can use C preprocessor macros even though the inline assembler ' not ' a macro assembler and does not supp ORT MASM

Inline Assembler Basics

, record, WIDTH, and mask instructions. However, inline assembler can be used to a _EMIT macro directive, it is similar to the DB instruction in MASM, which defines a byte type within the region, although it can define only one byte at a time, but it is still possible to define a string, see the example: #define randasm __asm _emit 0x4A __asm _emit 0x43 __asm _emit 0x4B … __asm {    randasm } Although the

80 × 86 basic macro commands for assembly languages

A macro is a powerful preprocessing command of the assembler. It is similar to other preprocessing commands and starts compilation in the assembler. Code Previously, the macro was processed. Its syntax rules are as follows: Name macro [parameter [: Tag] [, parameter [: Tag

The four--arm assembly pseudo Operation __arm of ARM Assembler Programming Foundation

Master the basic Arm assembly instructions, to write a simple arm assembler program, but also have to master the basic Arm Assembly pseudo operation (Directive). Now let's look at a simple assembler that calls the subroutine to complete the addition operation. 1. FileName: Test.s2; function: realize two registers add together3 area example,code,readonly; declaring code Snippets Example4 ENTRY; Logo Program

ARM compilation Learning-writing a simple arm assembler

; Operation mnemonic Value field can be a mnemonic for instruction, pseudo-operation, macro-instruction, or pseudo-instruction. 2> ARM Assembler is case sensitive, in assembly language programming, each instruction mnemonic can be all uppercase, or all in lowercase, but not allowed in an instruction large, lowercase mixed. 3> All instructions cannot be written at the beginning of the line, there must be a s

Custom print macro, two pairs of parentheses, single parameter macro, specified parameter macro, variable parameter macros

v1--Single-parameter macros#define DRV_DEBUG 1#if DRV_DEBUG #define DRV_PRINT(x) printf(x)#else #define DRV_PRINT(x) #endifThis version of Drv_print (x) can only output a single variable--pure stringvoid foo(){ DRV_PRINT("Driver Initialize Success!");}Change the Drv_debug macro definition when you do not need to print debug information#define DRV_DEBUG 0Of course, you can define it directly.#define DRV_PRINT printfBut if the

Preparations before writing assembler programs

irrelevant to the specific processor type, but related to the assembler version.3. Macro commands: these commands are composed of a series of commands or pseudo commands. Several machine commands are displayed during compilation to improve programming efficiency.Pseudoand macro commands are processed by the assembler

Structure and syntax of WIN32 assembler

Objective We learned about the use environment of the WIN32 assembly, and in this section we start with the simplest Win32 assembler to understand the basic structure and syntax of the WIN32 assembler. I. Structure and grammar of the WIN32ASM program Let's take a look at one of the simplest WIN32 assembler programs: .386. Model Flat, StdCallOption Casemap:non

The simplest assembler

example 18.1. The simplest assembly procedure#PURPOSE: Exits and returns a# status code back to the Linux kernel# #INPUT: none# #OUTPUT: Returns a status code. This can is viewed# by typing## Echo $?## after running the program# #VARIABLES: # %eax holds the system cal L number# %EBX holds the return status#. Section. Data. Section. Text. Globl _START_START:MOVL $,%eax# this is the Linux kernel command# number (System call) for exiting# a program movl $4,%ebx# This is the status number

[Excerpt] synonym summary for pseudocommands in arm Assembler

*Map Map Defines the first address of a structured memory table. In this case, the location counter of the memory table {Var} Set to this address value {Var} Is the built-in variable of the assembler. ^ And Map Synonymous . Pseudocommand format: Map expr , {Base_register} Where: Expr Numeric expression orProgram. When the command does not contain Base_register , Expr It is the first address of the structured

Jack sets up a development environment for Win32 Assembler

updated./N display command to be executed during make, but not really execute/P make is to display detailed information macro definition overwrite the macro definition target in the description file (makefile) with the new definition specify to create a file described in the description file (makefile) For example: Make clean Used to clear the temporary files generated during the compilation process, that

Using inline assembler in Visual C + +

I. Advantages and disadvantages of inline compilation Because using inline assembler in Visual C + + does not require additional compilers and connectors, and can handle things that are not possible in Visual C + +, and can be used in C + + variables, it is convenient. The inline assembly is mainly used in the following situations: 1. Use assembly language to write functions; 2. Code that requires very high speed; 3. Direct access to hardware in t

Jack's first Win32 Assembler helloworld

This article has been updated. Please refer to the new articleBasic Win32 Assembly knowledge compiled by Jack Http:// Title: Jack's first Win32 Assembler helloworldOperator: Jack Yang time: link: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>; part 1: schema and source program format definition statement. 386; instruction set. model flat, stdcall; working mode option Casemap: n

1. Preprocessor, compiler, assembler and linker

(1). Preprocessing (CPP): There is more than one type of preprocessor, and the preprocessor of C/s is one of the lowest end--lexical preprocessor, which is the simple work of text substitution, macro expansion, and deletion of annotations . The GCC-E option can be preprocessed, with the extension. I; C + + preprocessing does not do any syntax checking, not only because it does not have syntax checking, but because preprocessing commands d

How to invoke an assembler _c language in TC2.0

enter the values of each element of the array, invoke the assembly code to obtain the maximum value of the and the maximum position in the array */ #include Void Main () { extern found (int i,int*j,int *k,int *s); int i,j,k,s[10]; printf ("Enter Values of array:/n"); for (i=0;i scanf ("%d", s[i]); i=10; found (i,j,k,s); printf ("/nthe max_value is:%d/n", j); printf ("The Place is:%d/n", K); } 2, write the following assembler co

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