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Essential plug-ins for magento

Tags: Plug-ins Magento Magento plugin Required plug-ins Magento plugin, Plug-ins. I want to use the magento essential plug-ins .. They are all free magento plug-ins, many of which are complicated ~~ [Powerful for collection> _ If you have a good

Magento connect Invalid Header response from server

Ever wondered why magento connect gives you this error when you try to install an extension? First of all make sure/Downloader folder has enough permissions .. connect to you VPs via sshcd/home/magentodirperform chmod-r 777 downloader/Downloader/*

Magento --- point plug-in magento-community/RewardsPoint2-

10. Exploded menu a more powerful menu Key: magento-community/Raptor_ExplodedMenu-1.0.7 11. j2t points & rewards points Module Key: magento-community/RewardsPoint2- 12 luxe_mostviewed Most popular products Key:

Quickly build Magento & amp; Makingware Nginx host environment in centos

Quickly build Magento & Makingware Nginx host environment in centos this article mainly uses yum to install LNMP host environment suitable for magento running. * Applicable to pure Centos. If there are httpd and other processes, stop httpd first.

Error of "Please Check for sufficient Write File Permissions"

The error message "Please check for sufficient write file permissions" are generated by the Web-based downloader, known as Magento Connect Manager, which forms part of the Magento ECommerce platform. The Magento ECommerce platform is a open-source

Magento website error: Connect () to Unix:/tmp/fcgi.sock failed processing

Connect () to Unix:/tmp/fcgi.sock failed (11:resource temporarily unavailable) while connecting to upstream, client:66.24 9.65.122,, request: "POST /vynamic/customer/info http/1.1 ", Upstream:" Fastcgi://unix:/tmp/fcgi.sock: ",

Redis Cluster deployment

1.1.1redis IntroductionRedis is an open source, Key-value database that is written in ANSI C language, supports networks, and can be persisted in memory1.1.2redis Common usage scenarios1. Session cacheOne of the most common scenarios for using Redis

PHP micro-Scan Code automatic login Registration Example

PHP micro-Scan Code PC-side automatic landing register with the interface scope is snsapi_userinfo, micro-letter landing is a Web page authorization landing, and the other is a micro-letter joint landing Web page Authorization Login:

_php example of realizing the automatic login and registration function of micro-scan code in PHP

This article describes the PHP implementation of micro-scan code automatic landing and registration function. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Micro-credit development is now a programmer must master a basic technology, in

The method of implementing automatic login and registration function of micro-signal scanning code in PHP

This article mainly introduces the PHP implementation of the automatic Scan code login and registration function, combined with examples of PHP two-dimensional code recognition interface and related use skills, the need for friends can refer to the

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