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Magento local installation and deployment

Magento is developed based on PHP. To install magento locally, you must first have an environment where PHP can run. Here we recommend wampserver or XAMPP. I have tried both of them. I personally think wampserver is easy to use, we recommend that

Magento website acceleration plug-in: fooman speedster

Key: magento-community/fooman_speedster       Magento website acceleration plug-in: fooman speedsterAccelerate your magento store, compress and cache JS and style sheets. Overview Combined to accelerate your store, compress and cache JS and

Magento record spider crawling logs

Function isspider (){ $ Bots = array ( 'Google '=> 'bot bot ', 'Yahoo '=> 'yahoo slurp ', 'Sososo' => 'sosospider ', 'Msn '=> 'msnbot ', 'Maid => 'scooter ', 'Sogou' => 'sogou spider ', 'Bing' => 'bing ', 'Yodao '=> 'yodaobot ', ); $ Useragent =

Realization method of automatic login for micro-scan Code website

Magento Micro-Scan code website automatic Login The case modeled on the micro-letter joint landing approach, micro-letter joint Landing Introduction:

PHP micro-Scan Code automatic login Registration Example

PHP micro-Scan Code PC-side automatic landing register with the interface scope is snsapi_userinfo, micro-letter landing is a Web page authorization landing, and the other is a micro-letter joint landing Web page Authorization Login:

_php example of realizing the automatic login and registration function of micro-scan code in PHP

This article describes the PHP implementation of micro-scan code automatic landing and registration function. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Micro-credit development is now a programmer must master a basic technology, in

The method of implementing automatic login and registration function of micro-signal scanning code in PHP

This article mainly introduces the PHP implementation of the automatic Scan code login and registration function, combined with examples of PHP two-dimensional code recognition interface and related use skills, the need for friends can refer to the

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