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In-depth understanding of magento– Fifth Chapter –magento resource allocation (RPM)

Fifth Chapter –magento Resource allocationMaintaining database synchronization in the development and production environments is a headache for any project that is frequently updated. Magento provides a set of systems to address this problem with

Magento -- steps for implementing multiple domain names and multiple online stores

  Http:// Address Source     How to setup multiple magento stores By Kyle on December 28,200 8. posted in howto, magento · 78 comments There are numerous ways to

Magento Database Maintenance

OverviewThis article examines the various ways to maintain a efficient Magento database, even when large in size.Magento does many things well, but maintaining a efficient database is not one of them. has many products are a good reason to a large

Chapter 5-magento resource configuration 2

Anatomy configuration script Let's analyze the above Code. [Translator's note: The authors mix "Install script", "upgrade script", and "setup script ". I try my best to distinguish between them during translation. The configuration script contains

How to optimize magento Performance

OverviewThis guide demonstrates how to optimize magento performance. Most optimizations will work with any version of magento. Those intended for specific versions will be indicated as such.Tweak. htaccess The default. htaccess file that comes with

Magento website Operation principle Analysis

1. magento file directory structure diagram2, Magento website operation principleMagento website and the general site concept is a bit different, Magento is composed of a lot of modules, you can develop and system the same level of module

Magereverse-magento database table Structure

The Magento database table structure is quite complex, with more than 250 tables containing a very large number of table associations, which is really a headache for developers who have just come into contact with Magento. It is often seen that the

Magento service temporarily unavailable Solution

Agent upgrade error or installation failure The service temporarily unavailable error may occur, so that the front-end and backend of the website cannot be displayed. If the error still persists after the operation is completed, you can use the

Send emails using magento's email template Mechanism

Send emails using magento's email template Mechanism   Article category: PHP programming Magento's Mage: GetModel ('Core/email_template ') model can be used for sending mail.   Step I. Add code under the root tag of ETC/config. xml of your module

Comparison of various open-source e-commerce systems

Recently, I was very interested in collecting a lot of e-commerce systems and made some simple comparisons. The record is as follows: 1) oscommerce This CodeIt is quite confusing. It is not very easy to maintain now and is not recommended for use.

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