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Magento-how to obtain the product or product category instance in the magento template? About magento's helper class Mechanism

For Seo purposes, I want to add a link to the product on the product view page, a link to the product category, and a link to the Home Page. By the way, I want to take a look at ALT, H1, title And Other Related Seo elements. Community version magento is easier to achieve on the product view page. magento official forums also have a lot of related Post. Http://

Deep understanding of magento-Nineth-Modify, Extend, rewrite Magento code

As a developer you are sure to modify the Magento code to fit your business needs, but in many cases we don't want to modify the core code of Magento, there are many reasons, such as the future want to upgrade Magento, but also want to use more Magento code. This article will be a good tutorial if you are looking for t

Magento Seo three detailed steps to optimize magento

1. Basic Technical Optimization 1.1. General Optimization settings Magento is one of the most friendly commercial platforms for search engines, but there are a few points of attention to optimize your magento Seo. the first step is to activate the server URL rewrites in the latest version. you can find this option in the system button: system => Configuration => Web => search engines optimization. after act

In-depth understanding of magento– Fifth Chapter –magento resource allocation (RPM)

Fifth Chapter –magento Resource allocationMaintaining database synchronization in the development and production environments is a headache for any project that is frequently updated. Magento provides a set of systems to address this problem with versioned resource migration scripts.In the previous chapter, we created a model for Helloworld blogpost. We create a data table directly from the SQL statement "C

Magento common functions, Magento common functions _php tutorials

Magento commonly used functions, Magento common functions 1.Magento eav_attribute table in how source specifies a custom data sourceIf you refer to the class name Yebihai_usermanage_model_entity_school you must give the address completely, not usermanage/entity_school, so the default is to find under Mage.Such as:$setup->addattribute (' Customer ', ' School ', A

Magento common functions and magento common functions-PHP Tutorial

Magento and magento functions. Magento common functions: magento common functions 1. how to specify a custom data source for source in the Magentoeav_attribute table if the referenced class name is yebihai_usermanage_model_entity_school your magento common functions,

Magento Development--Deep understanding Magento Chapter II

Chapter II-Magento request distribution and controller Model-view-controller (MVC), model-view-controller, originates from Smalltalk programming language and Xerox PARC. There are a number of systems that are based on the MVC architecture, and different systems MVC implementations are slightly different, but they all embody the essence of MVC, separating data, business logic, and display logic. The most common PHP MVC framework is a URL request that i

How to import products in batches by magento-magento Chinese tutorial

How to import products in batches by magento-magento Chinese tutorial Admin On March 16,201 1-Leave a comment66 views HowUseMagentoOfBatch Import/Export configuration?HowInMagentoFastBatchOfImportA large number of product images?Where can I download magento batch import plug-ins? Magento's "Import/Export" (Import/Export) tool is a very practical and efficient f

Magento -- How to batch upload products in magento

I spent a lot of time reading almost all the posts related to batch uploading products on the magento official forum, analyzed a lot of relevant magento code, and finally realized the function of batch uploading products, without the hassle of slow network speed, jumping between pages, and repeatedly inputting data, you only need to edit data in Excel to Easily upload products to

Magento cache, magento Index

Label: blog HTTP strong Div SP log on C R"Magento background modification, magento foreground unchanged""The magento attribute is updated, and the magento foreground does not respond"If you encounter the above two situations or see the following prompt:Go to the magento back

Magento-magento site optimization

Magento-magento site optimization (from csdn) Magento's website is really too slow. I have thought of many methods, referred to a lot of information, and conducted many tests. I will summarize the general steps:1. Compress JS and CSS code. If necessary, combine all CSS and JS into one file, compress and cache them.2. Clear unnecessary comments in the magento

Magento currency magento header to increase currency switching options

Magento currencymagento header to add currency switching options The default magento Currency Option Switch is displayed on the left. Sometimes we need to display it in the header. Step 1. Create a new file APP/design/frontend/default/your_theme/template/directory/currency-top.phtml Step 2. Now add the below given line of code inside header block in APP/design/frontend/default/your_theme/layout/page. xml

Magento moving Magento Changing the server step change the database connection replace the domain name

1, copy the Magento directory to the new server, export the database, import. If you do not go in because the Magento database using FOREIGN KEY constraints, through phpMyAdmin Import error, on the exported SQL file added a row set @[email protected] @FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS, FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0;2, modify Magento configuration file, location in App/etc/local.xml, not

Magento --- point plug-in magento-community/RewardsPoint2-

10. Exploded menu a more powerful menu Key: magento-community/Raptor_ExplodedMenu-1.0.7 11. j2t points rewards points Module Key: magento-community/RewardsPoint2- 12 luxe_mostviewed Most popular products Key: magento-community/luxe_mostviewed 5. magentolivechat online chat Module Key: magento-communit

Magento display multi-currency, Magento multi-currency settings

System-configuration-currency Setup on the right Currency options allowed currencies tick,Then system-manage Currency Rates Click Import to automatically set the exchange rate or manually enter it yourself, and then save it.(like Magento install IPS payment channel you need to set the exchange rate of RMB CNY first)So Magento background settings multi-currency processing is OK.Magento Foreground custom disp

Magento-simplified and slim magento version

20101005 Note: at present, the magento online stores with more than 1000 products can reach a speed of 4-7/s. 20101104 Note: There are a lot of people trying to do this, but please be careful not to test it on the website in operation. I will continue to update it. Test Tools: pagespeed, pingdom, and firebug. Note: If you try, do not use a system test in use. all the methods mentioned below are being tested and improved. I am not responsible for any

Magento-Exploration on cache for speeding up magento

We are still working hard to speed up magento. In addition to the built-in cache and compilation, many of our previous efforts started with reducing loading times such as JS, CSS, and images, the loading time of the page is sometimes the largest part-the page data is not processed too much. For example, the time consumption of each request is checked using firebug (the data is affected by many factors, for reference only ): We can see that the loadi

Magento 0 RMB Order Payment Method--Magento 0 Subtotal Payment method

greater than 0, all original payment methods are returned for customer's choice (the new free payment payment method should be removed).Solution SolutionsAfter reviewing the source code of Magento's payment module, I found that Magento1.9 native support for 0 amount order payment (if you have experience, you do not need to look at the source), in the background system->configration->sales- >payment Methods->zero Subtotal Checkout can be configured to turn on this payment method.The configuratio

Magento Introductory Development Tutorial

modules-> Modulecontroller-> Controllermodel-> ModelMagento is the most powerful shopping cart online platform on the planet. Of course, you should have no doubt about it. However, you may not yet know that Magento is also an object-oriented PHP framework. You can develop dynamic Web applications with the powerful features of the Magento Shopping cart program.This is the beginning of the

Essential plug-ins for magento

Tags: Plug-ins Magento Magento plugin Required plug-ins Magento plugin, Plug-ins. I want to use the magento essential plug-ins .. They are all free magento plug-ins, many of which are complicated ~~ [Powerful for collection> _ If you have a good plug-in, leave a message.

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