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Set the default working path for VIM and do not conflict with the directory where the currently edited file is located for the current working path

Problem:The directory in which vim automatically sets the currently edited file does not conflict with the current working path, but when Vim creates a new file, the working path automatically switches the cache path.How to make a file available when using Vim, VIM's working path is the path to which the current file r

QT New Process working directory settings (working directory is actually inherited by the quilt process, but can also be set)

After a trial, QT initiates a new process, the working directory of the process is inherited from the parent process, either through start or startdetached.In fact, for the Linux system, the QT bottom should also call fork, exec and other functions, for fork, see Apue Chinese version of the third version, the following analysis:There are two common scenarios for processing file descriptors after F o r K:(1)

The working copy needs to is upgraded svn:the working copy at

Error message:The working copy needs to be upgradedSvn:the working copy at ' F:\JAVA project\paw-vrveis-jj-2.0\webcontent\web-inf\pages\applicationaddressaction 'is too old (format ten) to work with Client version ' 1.8.14 (r1692801) ' (expects format 31). You need to upgrade the working copy first.The reason I'm havin

What is the working principle of HTTP? How to optimize the HTTP protocol ?, Protocol Working Principle

What is the working principle of HTTP? How to optimize the HTTP protocol ?, Protocol Working Principle Optimization made by http1.0 Bandwidth: latency has been solved at this stage: 1. browser blocking: the browser can only connect to the same domain name with four connections at the same time. latency: 2. DNS query: The Browser needs to know the IP address of th

When the laptop is turned on, only the battery lights are on, and the working sound is heard, that is, the screen does not respond. Why?

oxide layer on the golden finger causes poor contact. In this regard, use cotton to stick a moderate amount of alcohol to wipe the Gold finger back and forth, wait for the dry and insert back. In addition, check whether the CPU is working normally. After the instance is started for about half a minute, manually touch the CPU fan's heat sink to see if the tempera

Why is the working programmer better than The wild programmer _ Classic Net Pick

Why a working programmer is better than an opposition programmer 1. Working programmers have to do the company's endless, low-tech task every day, and the opposition doesn't need it. 2. Working programmers are writing programs to earn a living, with less money to smoke cigarettes that are below 5 dollars. The oppositio

SVN path is not a working Copy directory solution

Baidu is a lot of ways to solve the path is not a working copy directory, the only way to find a good solution is B9AFF86D17D6F61CA1CF0FCB this way of saying, Create a folder in another directory, then cheakout out your project and import it into your eclipse. -----------------------

An in-depth study of Struts2 (i)---what is Struts2? What is its working principle?

This article is absolutely original, welcome to reprint, but reprint please remember to indicate the origin of the article: have been working on Android for nearly 4 years, recently changed to a unit to do technical director, get outsourced code found is Struts2 do, 5 years ago on the Struts2 or have some in

What is a device that is not working properly?

one driver not properly installed or working Check the method is my computer right----management----Device Manager below to see if there is a yellow exclamation point, then your driver does not work properly. If this happens, reinstall the driver, and you can use the master driver upgrade to install the driver.   The device

Why is your C/C + + program not working? Secret segmentation Fault (core dumped) (1)

that we can run#include "stdio.h"#include "string.h"#include "stdlib.h"voidFunc1 (Char* * Dest,Char* SRC,intN) {(*dest) = (Char*)malloc(sizeof(Char) *n);strcpy(*DEST,SRC);}intMainintargcChar* * args) {Char* p = NULL;CharStr[] ="Foreach_break";intLen =sizeof(str);printf("%d\n", Len); Func1 (p,str,len);printf("%s\n", p); Free(p); p = NULL;}It runs the following results:Why can it run?Note the comparison with the wrong code, what is different:Error code

WM_PAINT messages are generated when the window is redrawn, and when the window is redrawn (asynchronously working, more efficient, more flexible)

messages at the right time is actually an asynchronous way of working, i.e. there is a delay between the invalid window area and the sending WM_PAINT message;Sometimes this delay is not what we want, and of course we can use SendMessage to send a WM_PAINT message after the invalid window area to force an immediate red

SVN "containing working Copy admin area is missing" issue

First, preface Scenario Description A directory was created through SVN, and the results were not deleted in SVN, but were deleted directly from the Explorer or the Finder. At this time SVN will error, said to find the establishment of the directory, the error message is: "Containing working copy admin area is missing" Such as Directory ' XX/.SVN ' containi

What is the SIP protocol? What is the working mechanism?

more easily. Now we understand what the SIP protocol is, but to gain a deeper understanding of the protocol, we also need to look at its working principles. Implementation Mechanism of the SIP protocol SIP is a layered protocol, which means that its behavior is described based on a set of equal and independent process

What is the working mechanism of the data connection pool?

Database connectivity is a critical, limited, and expensive resource, which is particularly evident in enterprise-class applications. The management of database connections can significantly affect the scalability and robustness of the entire application, affecting the performance of the program. The database connection pool was raised for this issue. The database connection pool

How is the OS X Yosemite system working?

How is the OS X Yosemite system working? Apple's latest desktop OS X Yosemite in the press conference, so what's the latest use of the system? The following small series to bring you the OS X Yosemite system performance testing aspects, look at the OS X Is the Yosemite system worth upgrading? After the release of the official version of OS X Yosemite, all

Fiddler the problem is not working properly HTTPS

First perform the purple section, remove all certificates, and ask if you want to install the certificate.The second red part is modified to CertEnrollThe third Blue section exports the Root Certification Authorities-import-import certificates that have just been exported in the third step-make sure-pc is done.The first step

Recently working on a map project, the algorithm for GPs to Mars gold coordinates is as follows

Hope to be useful to the developers, the test error is small#pragma mark-German map GPS to coordinates//location lati, longi#define Pi 3.14159265358979324NSArray * TRANSFORMGPSTOMAMAP (NSString * Loc ation) {Nsarray * result = nil; A = 6378245.0, F = 298.3//b = A * (1-f)//ee = (a^2-b^2)/a^2; Const double A = 6378245.0; Const double EE = 0.00669342162296594323; Nsarray * Tmparr = [location componentsseparatedbystring:@ ","]; Doubl

What is a database connection pool? What is the working principle?

waste and high load exceptions. The connection pool maximizes performance and controls resource utilization to a certain level. The connection pool can control the number of connections in the pool, enhancing the stability of the system in the case of a large number of users. Next, briefly describe the working principle of the connection pool. The core idea of connection pool technology is connection r

Lenovo x240/250 The End key is not working properly when the Fn key is locked

, win7_x86_x64Http:// deditid=8425doctypeid=doc_type_driverosid=231treeid=11383args=%3fyt%3dpt%26categoryid% 3d11383%26codename%3dthinkpad+x240%26searchtype%3d0%26wherepage%3d2x240/x240s CD versionApplicable system: win8_x64 , win8.1_x64 , win7_x86_x64Http:// deditid=8426doctypeid=doc_type_driverosid=231treeid=11383args=%3fyt%3dpt%26categoryid% 3d11383%26codename%3dthinkpad+x240%26searchtyp

[IPhone] a friend who wants to develop or is working on the iPhone. Here is a bit of PPT and demo.

[IPhone] a friend who wants to develop or is working on the iPhone. Here is a bit of PPT and demo. Zhou yinhui Download here:,I read it. It's very good. Ah, unfortunately, I don't have a Mac. I can't play with xcode. Go home and try a snow leopard virtual machine, However, it's good to have fun. I really want to develop it. Check

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