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[Python design mode] 16th Chapter work, work, work, overtime-state mode

GitHub Address: Https:// code to simulate the work of the day, Good morning state, noon want to sleep, the afternoon gradually recover, overtime bitter torment.Basic version-Function editionhour = 0work_finished = Falsedef write_program(): if hour 当前时间: 9 点, 上午工作,精神百倍当前时间: 10 点, 上午工作,精神百倍当前时间: 12 点, 饿了,午饭,犯困,午休当前时间: 13 点, 下午状态还可以,继续努力当前时间: 14 点, 下午状态还可以,继续努力当前时间: 17 点, 收工,下班当前时间: 19 点, 收工,下班当前时间: 22

Linux Work queue and concurrent manageable work queues __linux

slow working mechanism for concurrent manageable work queues The reason for this is that "there has been a brief slow working mechanism in the kernel (slow work mechanism)" because in the mainline kernel, there have been slow working mechanisms (slow, work mechanism), but with concurrent management work queues (CMWQ) ,

"Study and work" means work and work can also be learned.

The knowledge-based elderly people are also implementing the "Distribution by work" principle, so you can work harder to get more. God will be bored if there is nothing to do. What is the secret of learning? Don't trust the secret. If you are a sprout seedling, a good book is a bit of rain. How do you know that there are mountains outside the mountains, open your eyes, and know that there are days outside t

Day work programmer vs Night work programmer, night work type wins

When I visited the website, I saw an old article titled "The Day Programmer vs. the night Programmer", which was written by Mitch Denny, because Mitch Denny served as CTO for a company, and the article has been issued to attract hot and Post. The article is translated by netizens, in order to let us see more clearly, some places to modify.Years ago I believed that there were two kinds of programmers in the world, no matter what technology they used, I would call it:1. Day Programmers Daytime wor

"Study and work", learning is for work, work can also learn _ inspirational Chapter

The knowledge of the elderly is also in the implementation of the "distribution according to work" principle, you have more work to get more. If there's nothing to do, God will be bored. What is the secret of learning? Don't believe in the secret. If you are a budding seedling, then a good book is a drop of luscious rain. Stand on its laurels, know the mountains outside the mountains, open Horizons, Fang kn

Linux Work queue & work struct parsing __linux

Work queues are, on the surface, similar to taskets; They allow kernel code to request a function to be called at some time in the future. However, there are several notable differences between these 2, including: Tasklet the result of running in the context of software interrupts is that all Tasklet code must be atomic. Instead, work queue functions run in a particular kernel process context; As a result,

18 Ways to keep you focused on your work __ work

18 ways to help him concentrate on his work: Make a plan for the day's work and list the tasks that need to be done. Set aside time for colleagues who will interrupt your work in advance. Work in a separate period. Do it for a while, take a break, and don't bury yourself in the finish. Set up message filtering rules to

SQL query statement resolution encountered in---work of personal work record

In the work of writing the first query statement of life, although the original based on the change, but still learned a lot of knowledgeCode:SELECT DISTINCT, (select Z.jianc from MODEL_ZUZJG z where as Huoz, (select MINGC from Model_pinz where id=m.meiz_id) as Meiz,ifnull ((select Kc.shul from Yw_kuczt KC where, 0)

Some suggestions for the graduates who are ready for work _ work

, you will not. So, you have to make yourselfHave the core competitiveness. "Generalists" only have meaning on the basis of "expertise". 5. Do not work as a person, connections determine success or failure. How much money a person has is not the ownership of how much money he has., but how much money he has to use. How much power a man has, not just what he can do when he's alone.What, also includes what he can do through others. A person earns money

Outside the chain is the prophase work content is the late work

micro, in fact, why do you see many rankings in front of the site outside the chain is not a lot of reason is this, when they use the chain to push up the rankings. This is the end of the mission, taking another set of strategies, that is the user experience. To do excellent content, to do to meet the needs of users content, to do to solve the user problem of high-quality content. Of course, not to say that the content to do later, of course, also have to open the first, the content is late

Some work ideas in it o & M services (organization) and it work ideas

Some work ideas in it o M services (organization) and it work ideas After the article was published, I accepted suggestions and comments from many of my friends and made some modifications. Now I will sort out the new version for you: I. O M Objectives The goal of O M is to provide O M services based on industry user satisfaction.. Enterprises need to develop, and development is inseparable from our us

18 work feelings: Do not reluctantly work

18 work feelings: Do not reluctantly work. There are two basis points in life: family and work. If you are not satisfied with your work, you will destroy half of your life. ------- Column converted from szu030606 001Do not reluctantly work. If you are reluctant to do so, you

Thinking in Design Pattern -- unit of work (Work Unit) Model exploration

ArticleDirectory Create an infrastructure Create model Establish repository to persist business entities What is the unit of work mode? The unit of work mode is used to maintain a list of business objects that have been modified (added, deleted, or updated) by business transactions. The unit of work mode coordinates the persistence o

Work attitude and work attitude

Work attitude and work attitude I recently saw two blog posts by Mr. Zhou. I know that good teams are similar and take it for granted. The root cause is laziness, which reminds me of one thing, What is the difference between attitude towards work and attitude towards work? . There is a good engineer in the comp

End-to-end work summary in 2014 and end-to-end work summary in 2014

End-to-end work summary in 2014 and end-to-end work summary in 2014 2014 work summary Today is the 20th day when I came to the company. The bell rings in 2015. With the arrival of the new year, my work in 2014 is summarized as follows: -After getting familiar with the bitcoin assistant project, I went to familiarize

PMP talk--work breakdown structure, work package, WBS dictionary, control account

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is the process of progressively dividing project deliverables and project work into smaller, more manageable project units that organize and define the entire project scope. The lowest level elements of a WBS are those that can be evaluated, scheduled, and tracked. It is the main basis of organizational management work.There are two main types of

Work summary for the end of and work plan for the end of, end

Work summary for the end of and work plan for the end of, end Having become accustomed to summing up and planning, we can't systematize our scattered experiences without summing up. In the end, we can only see that trees do not see the forest. Without a plan, we can have no goals and will be decadent if there is no target, in the end, Wang maofa posted Spring Festival couplets for one year and one year. Thi

Extremely simple PIM-teenypim 0.1 (designed to record work logs and frequently interrupted work)

Extremely simple Pim --- teenypim 0.1 (Designed to record work logs and frequently interrupted work) WriteNine days Yan Ling(Jtianling) -- Discuss newsgroups and documents Because of your own needs, I made this software, and usually work in almost multi-thread .... Because of the server, there may be urgent things to be handled at any tim

It slows down the pace of work, and can make great achievements in simple work.

Tags: Work Quick is the main theme of today's work. When you get the task, you will be able to achieve the goal. You can even process multiple transactions at the same time. Once you are idle, you will feel a lack of presence. This is not necessarily a good thing. It is relatively simple to do, and experience cannot be effectively accumulated. In the end, it is still not fast, but it is still restrained by

Unit of work--Unit of work (i)

Introduction Recently busy with the structure of the new project, has not updated the blog for some time, has been thinking about what to write, until one day with friends about their company development data layer encountered some problems, I think should share some of the data access patterns used in the project. Although the use of the go language to develop the data server recently, but the language used in this article is still C #, the article provided in the code is only to share how to

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