magnetic lasso tool photoshop

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Illustration of using technique of magnetic lasso tool in photoshopcs6.0

Using magnetic lasso To select selections, mastering some of the techniques used in lasso 1 Use the magnetic lasso to undo the automatic generation point, you can press the DELETE key 2 in the use of magnetic

Photoshop cutout Lasso Tool and magic wand tool

. Well, not much to say, let's go on ... Come on, start now! Tool--------The use of lasso tools and magic wand tools 1. Rectangular Elliptical Marquee tool can make a selection, and its selection is regular, for the irregular shape of the figure, there is a certain degree of difficulty, then we will think of Lasso

Photoshop Lasso Tool Tutorial

Photoshop's Lasso tool contains three tools, which are lasso tool, polygon lasso tool, magnetic lasso

Photoshop Lasso Tool instance of the cracked mango

Photoshop Lasso Tool example cracked mango tutorial Material: Photoshop Lasso Tool instance cracking of the Mango tutorial begins: 1. Open the PSD source file in the course of our mango lesson (

Using the magnetic lasso in the PS-cutout

1. How does Photoshop Drag a picture in a cutout?Press the SPACEBAR, the hand appears, press the left mouse button to drag the picture. Release the space bar to restore the lasso state to continue to pull the map. 2. How to back up after the wrong selection of magnetic lassoPress the DELETE key to return one step at a time to select the point. 3. How to adjust

PS How to use the lasso tool?

Lasso tool is the PS drawing process will be frequently used in a basic tool, learn how to flexibly use the lasso tool can speed up the entire drawing process, today, small set to share with you how to use the Lasso

The technique of using the lasso tool in PS

the technique of using the Lasso tool in PS Photoshop's Lasso tool contains three tools, which are lasso tool, polygon lasso tool,

Tips for using Photoshop lasso Tools

Photoshop's lasso tool can be used to select the desired area at will, and when you choose, you can decide which parts to select by dragging the mouse. Often, when used, we often make a partial enlargement of the view before making a selection, so that we can create more precise selections. (Note: This article refers to the "lasso

How to use the Lasso tool in PS?

PS in the Lasso tool is commonly used to pull the map, do the general constituency, the use of particularly large, we learn the basis of the practice, the process will always encounter it. Method/Step As shown, open PS software, in PS, Lasso divided into three kinds: general lasso tools, polygon

Photoshop path tool

besell curve, without having to switch tools, which can greatly improve work efficiency. Another special feature is that when you move the mouse cursor to a defined node (not the starting point ), in this case, the pen tool is immediately changed to the delete node tool. Now, the user can delete the current node. If the mouse cursor moves to the straight line segment connecting the two nodes, the "Pen

How to use Photoshop Pen tool

Bezier tool is a very important drawing tool in the graphics software Ann, but many people find it difficult to grasp, this tutorial concisely introduces the pen tool in Photoshop function and use, I believe it will be helpful to everyone. How do you get the curves you want in Pho

How to use photoshop polygon hole tool for image cutting

To the users of Photoshop software to detailed analysis of the use of polygon lasso tools to pull out examples of experience. Share list: 1, open "PS" software. (I'm using psCS4) the following figure 2, in PS Open a background badges picture, the following figure 3, double click on the right layer, appear "Layer 0", press "OK" as shown below

Photoshop using the Smudge tool to create a hand-painted painting effect tutorial

For your Photoshop software users to elaborate on the use of smudge tools to make hand-painted painting effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Final effect Diagram Figure 00 1. Prepare photos If you just convert a picture to a drawing effect, it usually feels like it works. This is because the picture shows the real world, and painting is the idealized world that is processed by the human brain. The difference between reality and ideal is subt

Photoshop Use Pen tool to draw a beautiful flame effect production tutorial

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis of the use of pen tools to draw a beautiful flame effect of the production tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1, a new 800 * 800 pixels, resolution of 72 of the canvas, background filled with dark blue: #221631. First to render the background color of the flames. Create a new group, create a new layer in the group, and use the Lasso

Photoshop Smudge tool turns pet photos into painting effects tutorial

To the users of Photoshop software, the Smudge tool turns the pet photo into a painting effect tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. Take a look at the pet photo below, and you'll find two places to adjust: two straps and too close to the puppy's chair foot. 2. Select the Polygon Lasso tool

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