mailmessage class

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Example of MailMessage sending mail: C # helper class for sending mail The main thing is to use the Mail.mailmessage class under the Web namespace to send mail with this class is to set some properties on the instance of the MailMessage class, and

Save mailmessage as a local EML file in. net

Recently, you need to use. Net (C #) to save the mail Information as a local EML file. It seems like a hard job: First, you have to understand the mime protocol (RFC 2045 ~ 2049), and then write the code. Fortunately, some friends used to have such

Save mailmessage as an EML file (C # + smtpclient)

. Net has greatly improved the mail. smtpclient function since 2.0. It is easy to send emails. However, the US lacks the ability to save the email content as an EML file. In fact, smtpclient and mailmessage have implemented this function, but this

Save MailMessage message information as a local EML file in. Net

Recently do not know whether the IP of the server is 163 blocked, the site sent out the mail, so think of a way to save the message, and then download the reply, find a lot of methods are not good use, I tried some, according to the garden some code mail sending class (with attachment)

Asp tutorial. net mail sending class (with attachment)Using system;Using system. collections. generic;Using system. text;Using;Using mail;Using mime;Namespace windowsformsapplication1{Class sendmail    {Private

Parameters related to ASP. NET directmail _

From: Today, I collected some information about sending emails using. net. I 'd like to share it with you! In.. net ,. net comes with the mail sending function, which has been encapsulated in vs2 three email sending codes (stmp, no component email sending) three email sending codes (stmp, no component email sending) Asp tutorial. net three email sending code (stmp, no component email sending) Public bool sendmails (){Smtpclient _ smtpclient = new smtpclient ();_ Smtpclient. deliverymethod =

ASP. NET 2.0 email sending Comprehensive Analysis 2

I. Introduction In the previous article, we analyzed in detail ,. net Framework 2.0 provides a new namespace (system. net. mail) and some new email sending classes (Note :. net Framework 1. the namespace system provided in Version X. web. mail and

C and C # can be used to send simple emails,

C and C # can be used to send simple emails, The content is sent in two ways -- 1. send an email in C Language 2.C# send an email 1. Send emails in C Language Simple Analysis of the steps for sending emails in C language: 1. Create a TCP connection 2.0 send e-mail comprehensive analysis of the second    First, IntroductionIn the last chapter, we analyzed in detail. Net Framework version 2.0 provides a new namespace (System.Net.Mail) and some new classes for sending e-mail messages (note:. NET Framework the namespace System.Web.Mail and

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