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IOS: How to make apps safer and iOS apps safer

IOS: How to make apps safer and iOS apps safer1. Security Solution for network requests 1.1 https requests, preferably a secure interaction platform. 1.2 encrypt important parameter requests (AES and ERSA encryption are recommended ). 1.3 when the server returns data, it encrypts important data. 1.4 do not write the key into the code. You can first obtain the

Python crawlers capture data transmitted by mobile apps and python crawlers capture apps

Python crawlers capture data transmitted by mobile apps and python crawlers capture apps Most apps return json data or a bunch of encrypted data. The super curriculum APP is used as an example to capture the topics that users send in the super curriculum. 1. Capture APP data

These apps, make your photos beautiful to fly up

, definitely can create a very rich sci-fi sense of work.It has built in a variety of 3D models, the effect is rich, can be rotated at various angles, creative and thinking, it is indeed able to synthesize a stunning work.And you can generate video.At that time, when the sunset, the light, the water is particularly beautiful, I added a cube with matter, immediately presented a sense of the future and technology.Choose these apps is not only the standa

"http" speed and Mobility:an approach-HTTP 2.0 to make Mobile Apps and the Web Faster

Prese Rve the existing semantics of HTTP.Why this approach?Improving HTTP starts with speed. There is already broad consensus on the need to make Web browsing much faster.We think that apps-not just browsers-should get faster too. More and more, apps is how people access Web services, in addition to their browser.Improving HTTP should also

Program Ape Evolution must-read: Make apps run faster and respond faster (IOS)

. Even with great concepts and good design, the experience is devastating when the app makes people feel slow.Different apps, some respond quickly to the response delay, why there is such a difference? How do we make them more sensitive and fast? The entire article is divided into two parts, the first part we discuss the concept of app optimization, the latter part will refer to various optimization techniq

The ultimate guide: How to make preview videos for iOS8 apps

more aware of the products that provide preview video.Preview video is a good helper for products that struggle with conversion rates or are eager for more opportunities to showcase their functionality. Game products are easy to capture by screenshots, as they are very cool, and for productivity and efficiency applications, it is not so easy to attract people. Take some time to create a preview video that will help you better showcase your product.There will be more and more designers and devel

How can I make the resolution big change iPhone 5 perfectly compatible with old apps?

Well, last night was a crazy night for fruit powder, and the release of the new iPhone 5 and iPod was eye catching. Although many people comment that the iPhone 5 is not bright enough this time, I believe it will still produce a good sales. After all, IOS is indeed very good, the latest ios6 has become the most impressive mobile operating system. Click to go to the iPhone 5 Conference topic The problem occurs here. We know that ios6 will be equipped with the iPhone 5, and the iPhone 5 Resolu

Make Linux apps more handy

password.17. Processing a whole catalogue at a timeLinux/unix a lot of common commands, such as RM,CP, have a parameter "-R", is the meaning of recursionThe command add the parameter "-R" to the target directory and all of its subdirectories!! ForSuch as:Rm-rf/test (f is force), this command completely deletes subdirectories under the root directoryRecord test, acting like a Dos deltree, of course, use this command with special care.Again such as: Cp-r/test/test1 has similar DOS under the funct

How to make money by developing IOS apps and making money by iosapp

How to make money by developing IOS apps and making money by iosapp IOS has been in the trap for more than a year. To be honest, it is not a big bull, but it is also a little small revenue to develop apps. Of course, it cannot be anything. Although I don't really want to share these things with you, after all, everyone enjoys doing what they like silently.

Beware of app apps that make you a "transparent person"

privacy leaks. Below, the small series summed up 2 small measures to help you away from the risk of privacy leaks:1, do not download unknown origin of the software, especially SMS, MMS unknown links, do not click Download installation use.2, the installation of regular brand security software, improve system settings, to avoid the download and installation of unsafe programs.The app is risky and should be installed with caution. In the era of mobile interconnection, protecting privacy should be

Eight ways to make money for apps

How can I make a lot of money on your app !???? 1. Seo Optimization Google Play and app store can bring a part of the traffic, and search engines can also bring a part of the traffic. You have no reason not to do Seo optimization or App Store optimization. To put it simply, you should understand the customer's needs and what keywords they will use to search for the desired product. Then you can add the corresponding keywords to the product description

Discard web-side thinking to make more successful mobile apps

Article Description: Design thinking transformation from web to mobile applications. With the rapid development of mobile Internet, many web product managers and designers have turned to the mobile application field. What looks like a very relevant job may bring them a little trouble. Many product managers and designers who have just come in contact with mobile applications are still accustomed to using the web as a way of doing apps. Zha

How to make a short video? How do I download short videos? What are the popular short video recording and editing apps?

What is the hottest thing in the entertainment circle right now? Of course it's a short video.So, how does a short video be made? How do short videos earn money? How do I download a free short video? This article contains a number of related short video articles, add to the collection Oh, small series will continue to update this article.1. Short video recording and editing apps commonly used on iphone2. Live short Video: Play live without playing sho

How do I make iOS apps secure? This has a proven "kick".

difficulty of reverse analysis, so that the protection program is not easy to crack, it can also encrypt the algorithm logic and specific validation logic, such as the initial code structure is very simple, change will become very complex.Anti-debugWang Guilin said that all of the above belong to the static analysis category, it is to encrypt the variable protection, so that the cracker can not search. Plug-ins will have anti-debug analysis, so static analysis is also anti-dynamic debugging, su

Android in-depth understanding of the loader mechanism to make apps light

phone how many applications, loading installed apps, in fact loader can come in handy, see Google on the introduction:Https:// By the way, the difference between Asynctaskloader and asynctask, read the source we go back to the summary of the two differences, the following:The most important is to load the data, using loader we do not have to pay attention to when the data changes

Tutorial: How Android Apps can make skin changes

policy.Scenario: If the software starts each time to read the skin files on the SD card, the speed will be slower. A good practice is to provide a skin settings interface, the user chose which skin, the skin file extracted to the "/data/data/[package Name]/skin" path, so that does not need to read across the memory, faster, And do not need to go to the zip archive every time to read, do not rely on the SD card files, even if the skin compression package files are deleted is not related.Implemen

IOS ---------- how to make apps safer, ios ---------- APP

IOS ---------- how to make apps safer, ios ---------- APP 1. Security Solution for network requests 1.1 https requests, preferably a secure interaction platform. 1.2 encrypt important parameter requests (AES and ERSA encryption are recommended ). 1.3 when the server returns data, it encrypts important data. 1.4 do not write the key into the code. You can first obtain the key through the asymmetric encr

Start a tutorial on deploying Python apps on Docker _python

/requirements.txt RUN cd/src p IP install-r requirements.txt # Bundle app source ADD./src # Expose expose 5000 # Run CM D ["Python", "/src/"] Docker Phase 2: Testing locally Although this application requires a Dynamodb table and SNS theme to complete all functions, I can but not test them: First, build Docker mirrors: $> Docker build-t Eb-py-sample. Finally (directly to the available after!), run a containe

Proficient in Python crawlers from scrapy to mobile apps (end-of-text benefits)

file and set its name to Tomobile.One of the problems you may have noticed here is that the Web server (http://web:9312) used in the previous section is not in use, but instead uses a publicly available copy of the site, which I have stored on the This approach is used in this article because it makes it easy to share apps by making both the picture and the URL publicly available.We will use the pipeline

Build Web apps with Python and Django

Introduction to using Python and Django to build a web App Django is a web framework developed by Python. It's easy to build Web apps with Django. The latest version of Django is 1.4 when writing this article, but this article does not focus on the features of the new version, just a simple application. Installing Django This article installs the CentOS 6.2 examp

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