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C ++ multi-state virtual function destructor abstract class

1. destructor and virtual destructorIf the destructor of the base class is virtual, The destructor of its derived class are virtual.This will cause: When the derived class destructor, all of its basic class destructor will be called.Otherwise, only

Virtual (virtual function) and polymorphism __ function

Virtual functions (virtual keyword) and polymorphism one: A pointer problem in inheritance. 1.      A pointer to a base class can point to a derived class object. When a base class pointer points to a derived class object, the pointer can only

Class Size Test (empty class, single inheritance with static and non-contained, virtual and non-virtual, and multi-inheritance)

  This article mainly tests the class size, including empty classes, static and non-static variables, virtual and non-virtual single inheritance and multi-inheritance classes, and class or object   Test whether the virtual table and virtual pointer

Diamond Inheritance (virtual function)-> Diamond virtual Inheritance (virtual function)-> Polymorphism Series problem __ function

Reader's attention: When reading this article, you must have an understanding of the object model in the inheritance, because some examples in this article do not give the class member variable, if you do not understand the inherited object model,

Basic memo: Implementation of polymorphism (heavy load, virtual function, abstract class)

1. Function Overloading The polymorphism supported by static Association is known as the Polymorphism or static polymorphism during compilation. That is to say, the process of determining the specific operation object of the same name operation is

Seventh chapter virtual machine class loading mechanism

The process of the JVM loading the data from the class file into memory, validating the data, parsing and initializing it, and finally forming the Java type that the JVM can use directly is the class loading mechanism .1.time of class loadingClass

How to calculate the size of C ++ inheritance, virtual inheritance, and virtual function classes ?, Function

How to calculate the size of C ++ inheritance, virtual inheritance, and virtual function classes ?, Function How to calculate the size of C ++ inheritance, virtual inheritance, and virtual function classes? I. Vacuum C ++

Class object and class pointer _ virtual function and polymorphic __ function

base class Class Shape {public : shape () { cout Sub Class Class Circle:public Shape {public : Circle () { cout class object vs class Pointer object of the class: Circle Circle;a pointer to a class: circle* p_circle =

See the copy of the article about virtual function inheritance and virtual inheritance interpretation better

(From: 1, empty class, empty class single inheritance, empty class multiple inheritance of sizeof #include using namespace Std; Class Base1 { }; Class Base2 { };

Virtual functions and polymorphism (C ++)

Virtual functions are used in C ++ to implement polymorphism. The core concept is to access the functions defined by the derived class through the base class. Suppose we have the following class layers:Class{Public:   Virtual void Foo () {cout

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