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Make [2]: *** you can create the target "/home/Hello. c" for "/home/Hello. O" without rules ". Stop.

Tags: Ar OS SP file problems BS EF Linux File The following error occurs when compiling a simple driver hello. C: [Email protected]: ~ /Workspace/project/driver/Hello $ makeMake-C/home/Mach/workspace/linux-3.8_webee210v2 M =/home/Mach/workspace/project/driver/Hello modules arch = arm cross_compile = arm-Linux-Make [1]: Entering directory '/

Experience Sharing: Site Home Page How do we make the layout reasonable

navigation, so it undoubtedly plays a vital part in the site, and everyone knows that navigation helps the user experience, can make users more quickly find the Information bar they want to know, but we need to be aware of the layout of the navigation, do not use Flash, The picture is carried out to depict, because the search engine spider is unable to identify, in addition, navigation can be sorted in order according to the webmaster want to give co

Make a continuous background music on the home page

(main.htm) of the site's home page in the next frame on the home page. As a result, the page below the frame of the home page becomes the actual active page of the homepage, the page on the frame will remain stationary throughout the visitor's browsing process, and the set background music won't be interrupted. According to the above instructions, the author pro

DIY: Using Arduino to make smart home system

DIY: Using Arduino to make smart home system Intelligent production Geek Fan · 2015-04-29 20:37 (Click on the public number above to quickly follow us) Smart Home System is simply a combination of automation control system, computer network system and network communication technology in one of the networked intelligent h

Make a home page background image does not move, but the page can scroll down to browse content

background-attachment --Define how the background image moves with the scroll axis Value: Scroll | Fixed | Inherit Scroll: As the scroll axis background picture of the page will move Fixed: The background picture will not move as the scroll axis of the page Inherit: Inheritance Citation URL: Initial value: Scroll Inheritance: No Applies to: all elements Background: background. Attachment: Atta

Advice to make Home Office work more efficient

Working from home is a flexible way to work, saving hours of commuting and having more disposable time.We allow employees to apply for a quota of one day a week from Home Office. I have been working in the office for a long time, accustomed to the Office of the atmosphere of work, one day tried the Home Office, feel some do not adapt. The original rest of the spa

Fix cannot find config.m4 make sure that you run '/home/php/bin/phpize ' in the top level source directory of the module

[Email protected]:/home/daokr/downfile/php-7.0.0/ext/mysqlnd#/home/php/bin/phpizeCannot find CONFIG.M4.Make sure this you run '/home/php/bin/phpize ' in the top level source directory of the moduleThis error occurred stating that CONFIG.M4 could not be found.LS query under the current directory is whether there is aCon

Learn these decorating techniques and make your home look taller by a minute!

to look at the past much larger than the actual area.6. Using a long mirrorA mirror is a good way to make a sense of magnification in any space, and if you place the mirror vertically, you can feel the sense of upward tension in the space.7. Use ceiling lamps and downlightThe chandelier hanging from the ceiling is beautiful, but will make the ceiling feel lower, so the use of ceiling lamps and downlight wi

How to use Movie Maker to make a home movie

Movie Maker is a video-making tool for Windows systems, easy to learn, and it's fun to make home movies with it. You can create, edit, and share your own home movies on your PC. With simple drag-and-drop operations, carefully filtered screen, and then add some effects, music and narration, home movies take shape. You c

10 Adjustments make Ubuntu feel at home

Not long ago, I provided you with 12 small suggestions for adjusting Ubuntu. However, it was a time ago. Now we have made another 10 suggestions to make Ubuntu feel at home. These 10 suggestions are very simple and convenient to execute. Let's get started! Ubuntu14.04 download, install, and configure related knowledge Not long ago, I provide

10 Adjustments make Ubuntu feel at home

10 Adjustments make Ubuntu feel at home Not long ago, I provided you with 12 small suggestions for adjusting Ubuntu. However, it was a time ago. Now we have made another 10 suggestions to make Ubuntu feel at home. These 10 suggestions are very simple and convenient to execute. Let's get started! Download, install, and

Hunan Unicom Hair Benefits of C # for you to make 150M monthly traffic home for the new year no longer worry

Go home New Year no traffic how can do, here teach everybody one months make 150 flow of method, haha, first download Unicom client, I only Android phone one, no way can only use Android, there is a Yue share, on a few pictures, figure has I make the traffic.Everyone looked at the above figure, it is certain to understand why can

Webpage special effects make your home more beautiful

I believe that with the popularization of network technology, many friends have established their own "homes" on the Internet, but are you worried about the extremely low access volume! Have you ever thought about changing this situation? Today, I will introduce two different software products to you. They will surely make your home more beautiful.A. Webpage special effects: AnFYYou need to know t

Photoshop to make the atmosphere of the sports car propaganda website Home

This tutorial is mainly about one of the creative forms of Internet advertising (activity site home page), through the steps of decomposition, so that everyone step by step to learn how an active site homepage is how to make. Final effect First, the page details. Second, creative thinking guidance. Third, the production step decomposition.

How to use PS to make micro-letter Home

1, open the micro-letter image. 2. Use the Clone Stamp tool to remove the characters and shadows from the original artwork. 3, open to replace the material picture, buckle the need for the part, and then copy to have been removed from the original character of the micro-letter boot screen map, resize to position. 4, load the selection, fill the black, using the eraser tool to remove the edges of the clean parts. 5, next need to do a shadow, thi

Apple will build a TV game platform with new Apple TV to make a home game

, according to sources, the new Apple TV will have more powerful image processing performance, equipped with a controller that can be used as both a remote control and gamepad. Apple will also follow the example of mobile phones and tablets, and launch Apple TV's App Store for users to buy downloadable games.The source also revealed that the new Apple TV had a starting price of $150, which is now twice times the price of the Apple TV minimum, while the premium version of the Apple TV is priced a

Optimal Matching of KM algorithms (max weight matching) HDU 2255 Ben Xiaokang make big money minimum weight matching poj 2195 going home

points accessed by the find operation. In this way, we can gradually find the perfect match. It is worth noting that it takes O (N ^ 2) Time to calculate d according to the definition of D above, because D needs to be calculated O (N ^ 2) times, this becomes the bottleneck of the algorithm. It can be optimized as follows: set slack [J] to the minimum value of LX [I] + ly [J]-W [I] [J] for all the edges of vertex J on the right, in the find process, if an edge is not in the export subgraph, it i

Home article title plus introduction length how to make judgments

Home article title plus introduction length how to make judgment Similar to the website of leisurely tourism This can be reduced if the title is too long. How to Achieve ------Solution-------------------- Strlen Total length limit first to take the title of the rest of the introduction is not possible ... ------Solution-------------------- Explore Strlen Total length limit first to take

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