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Use OpenSSL to create a self-signed certificate for windowsserver Remote Desktop (RDP) (self-signed SSL certificate)

ObjectiveI read a lot of information, only to write this article, if there are errors, please put forward the reader in time.In general, when you use Remote Desktop to connect to Windows Server, there is always a warning prompt, 1Figure 1This

The self-Signed https certificate is insecure.

The self-Signed https certificate is insecure. I. project requirements All the apps we make are enterprise-level applications, while downloading enterprise-level applications must follow the itms protocol, and https links are required under the itms

Keytool-Key and certificate management tools (2)

Copies the original key entry. See-keyclone. Generates a new self-signed certificate for the replica with the new feature name. See below. Generate a certificate signing request for the replication item and import a reply certificate or certificate

Nginx configuration HTTPS self-signed certificate

Tools:OpenSSL SSL's open source implementation, almost all the market on the encryption Libcrypto: Universal encryption Library, any software to implement the Encryption function link call this library Libssl:tls/ssl Crypto library OpenSSL: Command

WEB Server CA Certificate signing steps and self-signed tests, supporting multi-domain names

Web Server supports HTTPS access requiring two files, private keys, and certificates. The private key and certificate are placed on the server, the private key is used to encrypt the data, and the certificate is passed to the client. Your own signed

"https" self-signed CA certificate && nginx configuration HTTPS Service

First, the HTTPS service must be built with an HTTPS certificate. This certificate can be viewed as an application-level certificate. The reason for this is that the HTTPS certificate is generated based on the CA certificate. For official websites,

HTTPS self-signed certificate authentication and data request encapsulation

At the WWDC 2016 developer conference, Apple announced a deadline: The app Transport security feature must be enabled for all apps in the App Store by January 1, 2017. APP Transport Security (ATS) is a privacy protection feature introduced by Apple

Shell script implementation generates SSL self-signed certificate _linux Shell

After you enable Apache Mod_ssl, you need a certificate to function properly. Wrote a script to manipulate it. The first thing to make sure is that there are OpenSSL on the machine. Copy Code code as follows: #!/bin/sh # # The root

(+) OpenSSL X509 (Signed and self-signed)

It is mainly used for outputting certificate information , can also sign certificate request file, self-signed, convert certificate format , etc.The OpenSSL x509 tool does not use the settings in the OpenSSL configuration file, but is completely

Java Digital signature (signature generation, verifying signature with certificate)

Partial signature Principle Http:// (reprint preface: On the net to look for a good article, a piece of I looked for a few days of all things are summed up in, Thank you very much. Author: Li

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