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Traditional "Smart TVs" on the Internet are dead?

the popularity and pursuit of smart terminals. It also shows that "smart TV" has gradually become a general form. Competing for home portals: Smart TVs As we all know, with the strong marketing of the Raytheon system, Xiaomi's mobile phone sales are astonishing, spanning domestic and foreign markets. Thanks to the

[Open-Source project] TVRemoteIME interface for control applications of Smart TVs and TV boxes,

[Open-Source project] TVRemoteIME interface for control applications of Smart TVs and TV boxes,1. APP project introduction: APP name:TVRemoteIME Function Description:Android smart TV or android box control applications can be remotely input and remotely controlled across screens (instead of Remote Control) box, box application and file management, HTTP/RTMP/MMS n

The book to be read-Bacon said: history makes people wise, poetry makes people smart, computing makes people sophisticated, philosophy makes people profound, ethics is solemn, logical rhetoric makes people debate.

is also a good model to learn.The "headhunting board middle office" is also relatively high-level, but this book focuses on headhunting, that is, human resources, and has learned a lot. At the same time, this book has a series, which is closely related to Shen Yu's "9 to 5". The sequence is "a spring dream in Guangzhou"-"headhunting Bureau"-"9 to 5". Among them, headhunting 2 is about to go public soon, and 9-9-2 is under planning...There are three "circle traps" in total. Are you ready to see

Minimal browser: Smart plugin makes reading easier and more enjoyable

pleasing reading experience for mobile users. The minimal browser automatically discovers and provides the best transcoding service when users access it using minimal browser. Through the previous introduction and comparison, we know:If you are a like to brush the Tianya/tiger flutter/pinterest/fence/car/Photography forum users must not miss minimal;If you are a like to see the most/new/fresh/spicy novel, the beginning/tea/romance bar and other site regulars recommend do not miss minimal;If you

Mobile license plate recognition technology makes smart parking faster and more open

license plate recognition supports two development and can be embedded directly into third parties APP , in addition to the mobile phone "sweep" function, but also support small programs, private cloud (server) background recognition services. Mobile license plate Recognition Product Features:1, fast: The front-end license plate recognition fast, quasi, stable;2, quasi: Mobile license plate recognition accurate to the super-large angle plate recognition. 3, Jane: "Only need to use the camera sw

The introduction of Touch ID makes me think Apple is very smart

Certification is something that all companies that pay, e-commerce, and socialize need to take into account. The paradox is that there is a need to strike a balance between security and convenience, and that it is not convenient to be safe, and if it is convenient, it is impossible to be sure that 100% is you, and it is difficult to tell whether a man or a dog is on the opposite side of the screen.Especially on mobile phones, people are still making new attempts. The introduction of Touch ID

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