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[Reprinted] snagit instructions

Ii. Image Capturing Skills 1. Directly output to StudioIn snagit, the image is output to the preview window by default, although you can click the studio button in the "snagit capture preview" window to send the currently captured image to studio for further processing. However, I always don't think it is convenient to use the following techniques: first, select "image editor" under the "output" menu, and d

Powerful screenshot software: snagit for Mac & windows

Snagit is a well-known full-featured software with the image editing function. It has become even more appealing since it has been integrated with the creative "all in one" approach. It has always been one of the software that I must install and start randomly under windows. I just installed a black apple, because the video card is not completely driven (cannot enable QE/CI), and cannot use the built-in system or QQ function, I went to TechSmith offi

How to add a watermark to a picture using SnagIt

At ordinary times, we use the most frequent screenshot tool is estimated to be QQ with the Ctrl+alt+a screenshot, but this screenshot in the chat with a fair use, and sometimes need to cut a good picture to make changes is more inconvenient. CC to introduce a very good screenshot tool SnagIt, this screenshot software default shortcut keys are Windows system with screenshots button Printscreen, but also a lot of functions. Today I will teach you how to

Snagit 11 Usage Tips

SnagIt (ScreenA very good screen, text and video capture and conversion program. You can capture Windows screen, DOS screen, RM movie, Game screen, menu, window, client Area window, last activated window, or area defined with the mouse. Images can be stored as BMP, PCX, TIF, GIF, or JPEThe G format can also be saved as a series of animations. Use JPEG to specify the desired compression level (from 1% to 99%). You can choose whether to include the curs

SnagIt screenshot cannot be opened in the editor, does not display the screenshot content solution

Method 1:After using SnagIt, the popup editor does not display the content just now, the solution is as follows:Exit SnagIt and editor completely, and delete all files and folders under the following folder:Win7 User C:\Users\Your Username\appdata\local\techsmith\snagitXP user C:\Documents and Settings\your username\local Settings\Application Data\techsmith\snagit

Introduction to essential tools for Software testers-how to capture images on a scrolling screen-snagit (figure)

--> There are two methods to implement screen scrolling in snagit. Here we will try to explain how to capture a webpage. Method 1: auto scroll) 1. Click [Image Capture] on the main panel of snagit. Figure 1 2. Select [input] as [windows]. Figure 2 3. Select the [input] menu again and select [auto scroll].

Share an easy-to-use screenshot software: snagit

A very good screen, text and video capture and Conversion Program. it can capture windows screens, DOS screens, RM movies, game screens, menus, windows, client windows, last activated windows, or areas defined with the mouse. images can be saved as BMP, PCX, Tif, GIF, or JPEG, or as series animations. JPEG can be used to specify the required compression level (from 1% to 99% ). you can select whether to include the cursor and add a watermark. it also supports automatic scaling, color reduction,

SnagIt Editor How to synthesize two pictures in a single

First Open SnagIt Editor, select "File"--"open" Find two pictures to be synthesized: pictures 1 and 2 Choose picture 1 (You can choose any picture), the image around the edge has an edit point With the mouse pointer over the edit point, when the pointer is black up and down, the dragging arrow stretches, stretching the edge of the picture depending on the actual need Select Picture 2, press CTRL + C

The book to be read-Bacon said: history makes people wise, poetry makes people smart, computing makes people sophisticated, philosophy makes people profound, ethics is solemn, logical rhetoric makes people debate.

is also a good model to learn.The "headhunting board middle office" is also relatively high-level, but this book focuses on headhunting, that is, human resources, and has learned a lot. At the same time, this book has a series, which is closely related to Shen Yu's "9 to 5". The sequence is "a spring dream in Guangzhou"-"headhunting Bureau"-"9 to 5". Among them, headhunting 2 is about to go public soon, and 9-9-2 is under planning...There are three "circle traps" in total. Are you ready to see

JS makes the mobile terminal auto scaling display, js makes auto Scaling

JS makes the mobile terminal auto scaling display, js makes auto Scaling JS makes a mobile terminal adaptive scaling display Example 1: Example 2: Example 3: Summary: I. In fact, it is not difficult. First, add a line of viewport meta tag to the header of the webpage code. 2. Do not use absolute width because the webpage will adjust the layout according to t

JavaScript makes a simple Calendar effect, and javascript makes a calendar

JavaScript makes a simple Calendar effect, and javascript makes a calendar Examples of this article are as follows: : I hope this article will help you learn about javascript programming. Articles you may be interested in: JS calendar recommendation Js calendar control (accurate to minutes) One simple calendar Control for JS Learning Simple JavaScript calendar and detailed description Js Calendar fu

Xin Xing makes mysql run faster. First, it optimizes the direction and database modeling. Xin Xing makes mysql

Xin Xing makes mysql run faster. First, it optimizes the direction and database modeling. Xin Xing makes mysql I plan to write a set of bibliography recently, that is, about mysql optimization. First, I will write it on my blog and then sort it into a pdf document. Of course, I look forward to your attention. The optimization of mysql is a big topic, and there are a lot of things to be optimized. You can st

Thinkphp makes a simple implementation of 404 jump pages, thinkphp makes 404 jump pages

Thinkphp makes a simple implementation of 404 jump pages, thinkphp makes 404 jump pages There are many thinkphp 404 page creation methods on the Internet, but most of them are too cumbersome, not convenient, and annoying. So I shared the most convenient 404 creation method for you, as shown below.Add configuration items in the config configuration file of the public directory of thinkphp: 'TMPL_EXCEPTION_FI

Python makes stress tests on Web servers and makes graphical visual display

The time to be counted during the stress test. such as the number of concurrent per second, the maximum response time per second, the minimum response time, the average response time.Finally, we unify all the parameters of the operation after the completion of the request.Export these parameters to a file in CSV format. If you don't know what a CSV means, enclose the data in quotation marks, separated by commas, and a single line of system data.With this CSV file, you can use Excel to open the d

CSS makes triangles and buttons, CSS makes triangles

CSS makes triangles and buttons, CSS makes trianglesYou can use the border style knowledge point in the previous blog post to create triangles and buttons in CSS. Let me first talk about how to create a triangle. I believe that you will see some triangles in the navigation bar when visiting the website, for example: There will also be a triangle in the header menu bar of the Netease homepage. When the mous

How good software makes us stupid?

How good software makes us stupid? How does technology make people stupid? People assume that iPhones, laptops and Netflix are eviof of SS. in some ways, that's true. a moderate amount of Googling, for instance, can be good for your brain, and there are apps that can boost brain function and activity. yet tech advancements also come with some unintended consequences. our brains being "massively rewired" by tech, says neuroscientist Michael Merzenich i

C++11 makes the program more concise and more modern

time to do some constraints to ensure that we at compile time can be early detection problems. Project development to a certain time I will use some third-party tools to review the code, such as source moniter and simian, see if my Code has duplicate code, there is no deep nesting, cyclomatic complexity is not too high and so on, and then refactoring. Doing these things may seem to slow down your development progress, and it doesn't even help your KPI, but it can be very helpful for the quality

Lonely tonight makes me so --

The night is deep, the body is sleepy, but the brain does not have a sleep. Sitting in front of the computer, start to tap on these words, let the fingers and keyboard for the text again in love. I know that I don't have the talent to write, and I don't have the natural text driving ability. I just wrote my emotions and feelings silently in this way. As a result, I learned silence and loneliness in my life. I also like Chen Ming's song "loneliness makes

Who makes the stock?

, there is still room for improvement in the price, and someone has given a "target price" of over 200 yuan (in the stock market, he is called a shareholder and the target price is called a researcher ). With the demonstration effect of "making money" for burned cake a and burned cake B, and even the demonstration effect of making money by passers-by C, there will be more and more passers-by who will buy and sell them, as the price of biscuits is rising, everyone is very happy, because it is str

Reading Notes Objective c ++ Item 50 it makes sense to know when to replace new and delete, too tiveitem

Reading Notes Objective c ++ Item 50 it makes sense to know when to replace new and delete, too tiveitem1. Three common reasons for customizing new and delete Let's first review the basic principles. Why do people want to replace the operator new and operator delete versions provided by the compiler at the beginning? There are three common causes: To detect memory usage errors. Memory leakage may occur when the new memory cannot be deleted successfu

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