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Yesterday to see the next unity of Chengdu Openday, still have a lot of harvest, I have never been interested in such activities, but it seems to be more in the future to participate in a similar activity long insight.The company intends to develop the 3d MMO hand tour, yesterday fun 123 happened to share their approximate process of making 3d MMO optimization, o

Yundun cocos mobile game mmo source code parsing, cocosmmo

Yundun cocos mobile game mmo source code parsing, cocosmmo Engine: cocos2.x Code: c ++ hybrid lua Game type: mmo Project Structure: Game: where the game starts Gamelogic: Related to sdk access, logon payment statistics, etc. LibFramework: Main c ++ libraries related to this game Uicontrol: Zpack: an open-source packaging file Tool Bytes ------------------------------------------------------------

In-depth Node.js game Server development: MMO RPG development based on Pomelo

In the previous article, we introduced how to use pomelo to build a chat server. In this article, we show you how to use the Pomelo framework to build an MMO RPG server, and analyze its design ideas and implementation methods. In order to help you better understand and use the pomelo framework, Understanding pomelo Framework game development of the basic process, the use of methods and design concepts. In this paper, the game server architecture, jus

Two of the most important positions in Massively Multiplayer Online mmo rpg games

Two of the most important positions in Massively Multiplayer Online mmo rpg games According to my recent participation and completion of the launch project, the two positions are, 1. Numerical Planning 2. Network Protocol designer Why? A waste of numerical planning, your game art is cool, your ideas are new, useless, the value is unreasonable, who dares to play? Spend a lot of time Directly causing no one in the game A good number of games,

The secret to a perfect MMO

shortened. In order to keep the game running for a long time, we should focus on developing the ultimate content of the game in the early development. For example, in the early years of development, "ancient times" began to develop building, naval warfare, urban warfare and other ultimate content. The ultimate content is the most important core of the game, and it is the important factor that determines the length of game life. --The above excerpt from: Song in Beijing: The secret to find

MMO Multiplayer Real-time synchronization problem

In the 2.5D MMO game, characters are rendered in 3D, 2D maps are displayed by 2D, so there are three coordinate systems on the client side:a) 3D coordinate system: all roles and light effects that require 3D rendering are positioned in the coordinate system.b) 2D coordinate system: used to locate and draw fixed 2D map elements, such as turf, road, etc.c) grid coordinate system in 3D coordinates: used to achieve mask, auto pathfinding and some coordina

MMO Visible Lattice algorithm

Look at the notes, it's clear.Using system;using system.collections.generic;using system.diagnostics;using system.linq;using System.Text;using System.threading.tasks;namespace zonetest{public class zone{public int mid;public float width;public float Height; Public list  MMO Visible Lattice algorithm

Quickly build the MMO Server framework (5) Things About Timer

Timer management is often an optimization hotspot in systems such as MMO servers that need to process a large number of transactions.The simplest round-robin timer implementation is as follows (psudo code ):Class player The only benefit of this design is the simplicity of programming.Disadvantages:When a large number of timers need to be detected increase, the overall performance will seriously decline. Even if you manually add a method that filters o

Kbengine mmo source code (complete Server Source code + resources + complete client source code), kbenginemmo

Kbengine mmo source code (complete Server Source code + resources + complete client source code), kbenginemmo This project is used as a client demo of the kbengine server engine to write and update the kbengine plug-in Library ( * use the git command line and go to the kbengine_unity3d_warring directory for execution: git submodule update -- init * or use TortoiseGit (Select menu): Tortoi

Kbengine MMO Source code (full server source + Resources + Full client source)

click the Editor Run button, if no accident should be able to log into the game into the scene. Export Webplayer Project: Unity3d file->build settings->scenes in Build select Scenes/go.unity->platform Select Web Player-> Build. Running games in Browser: Web server deployment folder structure: -(server root) -streamingassets ( Create Assetbundles generated folder) -UI (UI folder under assets can be copied directly) -crossdomain.xml -initlogo.png -initprogressbar.png -initprogressfram

Kbengine MMO Source code (full server source + Resources + Full client source)

folder) -UI (UI folder under assets can be copied directly) -crossdomain.xml -initlogo.png -initprogressbar.png -initprogressframe.png -index.html -unity3d.unity3d (Files generated at Unity3d compile time) -unity3d.html (Files generated at Unity3d compile time) 1. Start Kbengine Server browser access to localhost if not clear please download compile packaged demo, and follow the folder structure to place and see the archive tutoria

Online Game Demo Development Example: Multiplayer RPG (MMO RPG) Demo Development Record (9th article)

Version11 Main content: Viewport, map scrolling, debugging information output Owning part: Client Code address Https://, how to get the code, refer to how to check out the different versions of code from GitHub with SVN e-mail address: This series directory This update, the main increase in the viewport, so that the characters walking, the map will scroll The so-called viewport, is th

"Original test" MongoDB Tens Insert data test (MMO online gaming application)

more than 3 million is a little more time-consuming.While the test is open to read data at the same time in a test phase, which reads the data simultaneously and writes the data, it is not found that this results in a sharp decrease in performance and a slight slowdown.Iv. Related SolutionsLater, asynchronously, I used a thread pool to synchronously perform all the insertions and reads, and found that it was significantly more efficient and did not degrade because of the performance of MongoDB

Quickly construct the MMO Server framework (7) High concurrency TCP network framework

It took more than a week to test the TCP-based high-concurrency connection network architecture. Objective: To use multiple threads to distribute network connections, data packet compression/decompression, encryption/decryption, and other

Quickly build the MMO Server framework (2) Network: Select boost Library

It seems that there are no online game servers on the Earth that do not support the internet. The following articlesArticleWe will try to use the boost library to implement network-related functions of the server.Alternative libraries include ace

Game server architecture for large MMO-SNS

SNS games and RPG online games have some different characteristics, which may lead to some differences between the background architecture of such games and the background architecture of RPG online games. SNS games generally have the following

Private electronic album making software making electronic photo album tutorial

proceed to the next link. Step three: Add video footage. Unlike some other electronic album making software, private electronic album production software can not only add photo material, but also support video material, compared to the simple static photo produced by electronic albums, there is dynamic video to join the electronic album more vivid and full of fun. At present, most people's mobile phones are equipped with video capture, some interes

The road of game making: a high-end for me to achieve the Mac/ios game making probably plan

unless the above software is not enough to use, otherwise will not introduce new software, because evaluation and learning is also cost. Of course, no need to learn the small software is excepted.Game Sound, background storyAlthough the sound part is also very important, but I do not understand the sound effects, nor interested in in-depth study of it, probably some of the sound effects can be counted on the line. The background story part is considered in the study and play with the game.The r

JavaScript making graphics JavaScript making images infinite lazy loading, easy and practical piece of infinite lazy loading, easy and practical

Knowledge points: For Loop statement, Dom concept, element acquisition, dynamic layout, basic algorithm, node operation, the relationship and difference between JQ and JS, the importance of JS, how to learn JS.HTML code: CSS code: JavaScript code: If there are front-end programmers interested in front end, you can join our web front-end technology Learning Group Oh 611,256580. 0 Basic tutorials that will send the front end Oh! JavaScript

Making User-Managed Backups-17.3, Making User-Managed Backups of Offline Tablespaces and Datafiles

17.3. Making User-Managed Backups of Offline Tablespaces and DatafilesPay attention to the following guiding principles when backing up offline tablespaces:(1) tablespaces that cannot be offline system tablespaces or active rollback segments(2) Assume that a table is in table space x and its index is in table space y. Y is offline and x is online. An error is reported when you execute a dml statement. Backup offline tablespace:(1) query the data files

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