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Getting file attributes: stat, fstat, and lstat

A unix File System is a hierarchical structure composed of directories and files. The file attribute refers to the file type (normal file or directory), file size, file owner, File Permission, And the last modification time of the file. The stat and

Common system function descriptions for Linux file operations

1. Open File (Man 2 open View)int open (const char *pathname, int flags); //pathname file name (path); Flags open mode, O_rdonly, O_wronly, O_RDWRint open (const char *pathname, int flags, mode_t mode);This function is typically used to create new

# Identifying system performance bottlenecks # strace & amp; ltrace

# Identifying system performance bottlenecks # strace & ltraceStrace and ltrace correspond to system calls and library function calls respectively. system calls actually refer to the underlying call. In the linux program design, they refer to the

_ Gun_source macro

Problem description: an error and a warning are prompted during program compilation. Error: storage size of TZ isn' t know; tz Is a variable of the struct timezone type. Warning: Implicit declaration of function lstat;   Check the man manual and

How to use Golang to get access/create/modify time for files on Linux

To get the meta-information of a file on Linux, we need to use a system call lstat or stat .Stat has been encapsulated in the Golang OS package as a stat function, which is much easier to use than syscall.This is the OS. The prototype of stat: func

Cssag cannot Index any soft link outside the code tree

CSWs cannot index soft links outside the code tree to solve the problem. Background: Why do I have to use CSWs? Do not use ctags?Although ctags can index soft links, ctags cannot find "callers". For example, you want to see where a function is

Apache Optimization Configuration 10 recommendations

Before the VPS used is the default Apache configuration, feel OK, but with the increase in the number of blog, it is obvious that this configuration can not meet the demand; The following are some of the optimization configuration recommendations in

Linux Programming Learning notes (1-6)

First, Getting StartedView the environment variables for Linux echo $PATHUse a colon to split the entry inside the path variable instead of using a semicolon in Windows.Gcc-o exename codename.cpp Build a exename application by compiling

Linux call list

The following is a list of Linux system calls, including most common system calls and functions derived from system calls. This may be the only Linux system call list with Chinese notes that you can see on the Internet. Even a simple list of English

Linux System API

The following is a list of Linux system calls that contain most of the common system calls and functions derived from system calls. This is probably the only list of Linux system calls you can see on the Internet, even if it's a simple alphabetical

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