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Linux system CTime, mtime and Atime commands detailed

Atime:access time when the file (read or executed) or directory was last accessedMtime:modofy time when the file (content) or directory (content) was last modifiedCtime:change time when the file (property) or directory (property) was last changed

Linux Find, Atime, Ctime,mtime

Linux CTime refers to change time, atime refers to accesstime,mtime refers to modify time (meaning change)Mtime and CTime The difference is that only modify the contents of the file to update the file's mtime, and rename the file, modify the

Differences between ctime, atime, and mtime in Linux

I learned how to get started every day. Yesterday I cheated on the book "unix Super tool" from mmmmn and understood a problem that I had been puzzled for many years. Now I want to share it with you. When you talk to skilled UNIX users, you often

Mtime ctime atime...

When you talk to skilled Unix users, you often hear them arrogant about the term "ChangeTime) "and" modification time )". For many (and many dictionaries), changes and modifications are the same. What is the difference here? The difference between

Linux Find command-atime,-ctime,-mtime the real meaning

The meaning of-atime,-ctime,-mtime under LinuxWe are often asked in forums or groups, how to view the creation date of a file under Linux or Unix?It's often said that with the Find command plus option-ctime, the-ctime here is not the create time,

Mtime,cime,atime fog of Linux Find Lookup command

View man Help:Find-search for files in a directory hierarchy ( [' harɑk] hierarchy, Hierarchy )Search for files in the directory hierarchyThere are two more plausible explanations in the man Help: -atime N File was last accessed n*24

A detailed explanation of the differences between Atime,ctime and Mtime in Linux

Guessing the man handbook should have these three-time instructions, so try man atime, and man st_atime have no relevant documentation. After To think of stat can see the file of these three time, use the man stat lookup, although there are

Tar Command man description

Tar (1) User Commands tar (1)NAMETar-manual page for tar 1.26SynopsisTar [OPTION ...] [FILE] ...DESCRIPTIONGNU ' tar ' saves many files together into a single tape or disk archive, and canRestore individual files from the archive.Note that this

The Type,whatis,whereis,which,locate,find of Linux commands

First: type--Query the type of a command-Query a command for internal or external commands;-linux commands include internal commands and external commands, you can use the type command to query whether a command is an internal command or an external

CentOS (10)--some important commands related to Linux file and directory management ②

In the end of the second phase of the Canton Fair Internship, and ushered in a few days of leisure, continue to learn Linux. In the previous essay on Linux learning CentOS (17)--some important commands related to Linux file and directory management,

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