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Installation of SVN server-side methods and Directory Access configuration on CentOS 6.5 systems (summary)

SVN is actually subversion, which is divided into server-side and client. Before the online search a lot of methods, all have a variety of problems, after their own collection and finishing and actual attempt, finally there is a more reliable method.

How to use Git in an SVN system

If you're using SVN and you're going to switch to git and don't want to give up your existing SVN code base, you can choose GIT-SVN. Tell me about my own experience from SVN to git.BeginInstalling the latest version of Git, which supports

CentOS6.5 install SVN & amp; visual management tool iF. SVNAdmin

CentOS6.5 install SVN & visual management tool iF. SVNAdmin Actual system environment: CentOS 6.5x64 1. install Apache Usually the system has been installed, but it is not installed on my server, so you need to install: # Yum install httpd Ii.

Version Control tool comparison-cvs,svn,git

First of all, several versions of control software comparison of the important basis, more detailed comparison please refer to the link in the article:* Repository Model (Repository models): Describes the relationship between multiple copies of the

Integration of SVN and Bugzilla

I. install and configure subversion in Linux 1. install and configure Subversion Install SubversionThe system is divided:Subversion, from, is the software that implements the service system. 1)

Ubuntu, using SVN from Terminal

Hello everybody,One day I had problems with GUI SVN client and a big headache how to commit my changes. I have found how to do that using terminal and from that moment I'm not using any single GUI SVN client :))1. Getting SVN sources from the svn

Linux on the SVN environment to build __linux

In general, Linux is brought in the SVN environment. See if SVN has installed [14:50:28] [Root@vm60 ~]# Rpm-aq Subversion[14:50:30]subversion-1.6.11-9.el6_4.x86_64 [14:52:01] [Root@vm60 ~]# Whereis

[Switch] SVN source code server setup-detailed tutorial

I. Introduction I tried to search for a Chinese technical article on SVN source code server construction on the Internet. Unfortunately, what I found was either incomplete, either it is an article that does not help the author. tortoisesvn's help

SVN features detailed

SVN features detailed TortoiseSVN is a very good SVN Client tool in windows. By using it, we can visualize the management of our version library. However, because it is only a client, it does not have permission management for the version

SVN uses the Hook scripting feature to synchronize code to the Web directory

First, Hook simple introductionto facilitate administrator control over the submission process, Subversion provides a hook mechanism. When a particular event occurs, the corresponding hook is called, and the hook is actually the equivalent of a

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