manageengine ad self service

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Keymob Mobile ad Aggregation platform-keymob ad aggregation service

Now, the aggregation of advertising is no longer a new thing, many developers rely on embedded ads to earn their own pocket money, but it is impossible to hang in a tree, so some developers chose the idea of advertising aggregation. In fact, the aggregation AD developer can implement some simple functions themselves, but also can use the third-party aggregation platform (such as keymob ad aggregation platfo

Keymob Mobile Ad aggregation platform--mobile app AD Management Service

Keymob Mobile ad aggregation platform is a mobile application advertising management tools, has a wealth of advertising resources, diversified forms of advertising and many other services, can help developers to solve the application market audit pass, account is blocked a variety of problems. Developers use the aggregation platform provided by Keymob to smooth through the application market and not worry about being blocked.Keymob Mobile

[Original] ad RMS client service discovery

I wanted to write an article about configuring ad RMS to support exists. Before that, I must describe the working mechanism of the RMS client service discovery. What is ad RMS client service discovery (word in the RMS document )? To put it bluntly, how does one find the RMS server on the RMS client. There are three way

Active Directory domain service (ad ds)

Content Overview Workgroup architecture and domain Architecture Namespace) Object, Container, and Organization unit (OU) Domain Tree) Forest (Forest) Overview Active Directory Domain Services (ad ds) is a powerful tool for organizing, managing, and controlling network resources. When you create and use a domain, you must know some concepts and concepts about the domain service. Active Dir

Windows Server R2 Configure the AD Domain Control service and set up a unified desktop for users

:// "/>The display is successfully joined to the domain and then prompts for a restart, which takes effect after restarting the computer650) this.width=650; "title=" 13.PNG "style=" Float:none; "alt=" Wkiol1j5tm2bvpj7aaakwsbdyfq641.png "src=" https:// "/>Go back to the server and see the Computers folder with the client you just added650) this.width=650; "Width=" 668

Google launches free online advertising service ad Manager

In March 13, Google plans to launch a new Service , Network Publishers will be able to use this service Management Their Online Advertisement Sales and when a consumer opens a new webpage Release Advertisement . This indicates that Google intends to complete the DoubleClick Company After the acquisition to expand its Advertisement

Introduction to the Windows Azure ad password self-service reset feature

Introduction to the Windows Azure ad password self-service reset featureWhen it comes to Windows Azure, of course, Azure is currently divided into international and domestic (Century interconnect) two versions, two versions of the features are actually very different, the international version of Azure features more powerful than the domestic version of Azure, more features, Of course, the function of the d

Good service, high-yielding mobile ad aggregation platform-keymob

In fact, the choice of a good advertising platform, only need to see three points, one is to see whether the advertising platform has a wealth of advertising resources, the second is to see whether the advertising alliance is stable and reliable; third, see whether the revenue of this advertising platform is high.Keymob Mobile Ad aggregation platform provides advertising aggregation services, can help developers to embed multiple advertising platform

How to configure the AD domain service in Windows Server 2012

The ad domain name we configured in this chapter is 1. After installing the AD domain service, we return to the Server Manager interface, click "Promote this server to domain controller" and select "Add New Forest". Enter domain name: 2. Select the forest functional level and the domain functional level as shown in the figure, enter

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