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Programming development must-read books: 10 books that every web developer should read [figure]

Programming development must-read books: 10 books that every web developer should read [figure]:When developers ask me what books they should read, I usually tell them that you read the book. Many developers read other people's code, and the best way to improve yourself is to read, and the more efficient you are, the m

[5th wave of books] 25 agile development books

Activity Rules: 1. I recommend this post and reply to the post to explain my reasons for giving a book. One sentence is enough. Of course, there is no objection after a long time. 2. the recipient shall give back a book review with more than 500 words within two weeks of receipt of the Complimentary Book. 3. Those located on the 9th floor, 99 th Floor, 199 th Floor, 299 th floor, and 399 th floor will automatically receive one book, with a total of five b

I have read the php and mysqlweb development books. what books should I buy next? When can I find a junior software engineer?

I have read the php and mysqlweb development books. what books should I buy next? When can I find a junior programmer? I have read the php and mysql nbsp; web development books. what books should I buy next? When can I find a job

Books and notes on ERP starting from internal integration -- Chapter 1 global economy and Supply Chain Management 7th thoughts on Supply Chain Management

7.4 Supply Chain Management Thoughts 1Lean Production The essence of lean production is: give full play to the challenging creativity of people, constantly focus on the improvement of value-added processes, and strengthen collaboration with partners to meet the changing and personalized needs of consumers. It is embodied in the following aspects: 1)Embody the concept of value-added and eliminate all and non-value-added operations and activitie

Linux OPS Development Path learning books recommended

For children who are engaged in or are about to be engaged in Linux operations, learning books and video courses is indispensable, and of course the most important thing is to put it into practice. Today, we recommend some good books, hope to be helpful to everyone.Introductory book:"Bird's private Cuisine" (Basic article)"Bird's private Cuisine" (service article)"Linux command line and Shell Scripting Ency

The experience of Web front-end development: Sharing the books you've seen and the growth process

Article Introduction: talk about my web front end of the road to share some good books on the front. Web front-end research and development engineers, in the country is a Chaoyang career, this area is not the formal education of schools, most people rely on their own self-taught. This article mainly introduces the books and the growth process that I ha

Keep Selling books? From the Four Seasons earnings analysis when the future development prospects

March 7, Dangdang announced the latest issue of earnings, data show when the fourth quarter of the total revenue of 1.6 billion yuan, 31% year-on-year, at the same time, Dangdang continued to net losses, the loss degree of about 120 million yuan, but slightly narrowed. On the whole, Dangdang's performance in the fourth quarter of 2012 was pretty good from the data. But these figures are not amenable to scrutiny, because from 2012 the overall development

Ten books on the impact of Chinese business management 10 people

Article Source: Managers seeWe often say that a business without management is like a disunity. In such enterprises, the lack of good leadership management core, lack of good management mechanism, employees do not know how to better serve the enterprise, but also do not know how to heart to a place to think, the strength of a place. Just imagine, such a team, how

Recommended for Android development books: From Getting started to mastering the series Learning Route book Introduction

Recommended for Android development books: From Getting started to mastering the series Learning Route book IntroductionTransferred from: times we will continue to receive questions from beginners, "What are the classic introductory materials and learning routes for Android?" "," What are the recommendations for the Android

Top 20 Best Agile Development Books, Ever

Top 20 Best Agile Development Books, EverJune 11,200 8By JurgenAppelo I recently created a Top 100 Best Software Engineering Books, Ever. I created that list using four different criteria: 1) number of Amazon reviews, 2) average Amazon rating, 3) number of Google hits and 4) Jolt awards. the nice thing about such a big list is that it enables you to extrac

Java Web Development must read books

Forwards: 506832481: Java concurrency programming from getting started to masteringRecommended reasons:From the introductory talk about proficient, network security, network concurrency of good books. "Java concurrent programming from beginner to proficient" the author combined with his more than 10 years of Java concurrent programming experience, introduced the basic concept of Java concurrency Programming, working principle, programming skills and c

Why are there no good books on embedded project management on the market?

I spent an afternoon in the bookstore yesterday and found some books on software engineering project management. It was found that some school professors had written books on paper and could not find practical books. These are all illusory theories that may not be used in actual projects. Maybe they don't even bother r

Python learning materials collation and books, development tools recommended

highly efficient way, so focus on it.Advanced stage: (mainly master Python Basic development skills)1.mysql database installation, as well as a variety of operational methods of writing and database management and so on.2.Django FrameHow to use 3.Ajax technology4.Tornado frame, this data is good, is to blog the development of the Web site to explain the main lin

Five books to be read by software development practitioners

ThemeSoftware DevelopmentExcellent computer books are enduring the corrosion of time, they are beyond the choice of programming language, development environment or platform, is never erased. They don't stop telling people how to do it, they're explaining the reasons behind it. If you have to clean the bookcase every 5 years, you must have bought a lot of books t

Management books worth reading

I am in general years. A very serious book written by Sloan is written by science students. This is different from the general book, because the middle is filled with detailed data and evidence, and the cause and effect are very clear. Absolutely recommended. Although the pursuit of excellence can be said that many examples of the company has become a joke. Many of the ideas in the book are impressive. Locate a book about marketing that gives you new ideas. It is worth looking. Competitive A

Recommended Books for Windows driver development

compilation Foundation3> with high school education and logical thinking[Books with Theory of Windows systems]1> Windows core Programming2> Win32 Multithreaded Programming3> deep parsing of the Windows operating system4> Windows operating system principlesFAQ1: Why do you need the 4 books [with the Windows system theory book]?A: Drivers are an important part of Windows systems, and a system that is deep in

Recommend some of the top Android development books

developers ' Tools (ADT Update Introduction) Speaker: Xavier Ducrohet, Tor Norbye (2012)Memory management for Android apps (Android app Ram management) Speaker: Patrick Dubroy (2011)Writing Zippy Android Apps (writing agile Android apps) Speaker: Brad Fitzpatrick (2010)Developing Android Rest client applications (developing a REST-based Android client app) Speaker: Virgil Dobjanschi (2010)Stop! Too much!If

Build the ARM development environment of QT creator under fedora9 and port qt4.6.3-books to mini2440

I have tried it many times in ubuntu10.10 and Red Hat Enterprise 6, and there are compilation errors! The final change is to miniora 9 in the mini2440 user manual, which indicates that the establishment of the development environment is related to the system. Some online users say that the GCC versions of the two systems are too new, but I tried the GCC compiler of the earlier version, the problem persists! Refer to the arm

Typical books for Linux-driven development

The biggest confusion of Linux driver learning lies in the lack of books. The most common book on the market is linux_device_driver 3rd edition. This is a classic book, but the Linux stuff is too huge, this book focuses on practice and can only stay on the basic interface introduction. We can only explore more in-depth things on our own. However, there is always a beginning in everything, and it is difficult to be an excellent driver developer without

Recommended books for. NET software design/Development Engineer

For. NET software Several books recommended by design/Development Engineer List several books that have had a big impact on me over the past year. Thanks to the authors and translators who have helped me with these books. Thank you for your hard work. I hope these books w

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