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How to manage LAN bandwidth

With the rapid development of basic network technologies and network applications and the improvement of users' requirements on network performance, network management becomes an urgent problem to be solved. Traffic management in network management

3.5 QoS bandwidth management

Some enterprises want to configure specific users, such as special internal network users such as managers and directors) large bandwidth is provided, the internal network selects a specific WAN to access the external network, and the specific lines

Windows Server-Hyper-V 3 virtual network card bandwidth application restrictions

In the Hyper-V 3 of Windows Server 2012, a series of new features is called, such as the network card traffic throttling feature. Infrastructure-aware issues During the hosting server planning process, administrators mainly consider the CPU,

Use a router to limit the bandwidth traffic of a LAN

When using a router to limit the bandwidth traffic of a LAN, sometimes the bandwidth is not very high at work, but the speed of normal internet access is slow due to the excessive use of bandwidth by others, normal operations cannot be carried out,

How to Use the Router Protocol to save network bandwidth

Using the vro protocol is very important for the use of routing, and it can also get a lot of convenience, So I studied how to use the vro protocol to save network bandwidth, I would like to share it with you here and hope it will be useful to you.

How to limit network bandwidth

Managing network bandwidth is becoming more and more important. On a network with no other routers, it makes no sense to route the broadcast traffic that flows out of the network interface. This is very inefficient for your network bandwidth and

Managing network broadband routers effectively improves Internet access efficiency (1)

Surfing the Internet makes it necessary for us to deal with broadband routers. However, during our use process, we seldom look at it. Even if the network is faulty, few believe that these faults are related to routers. In fact, a vro is the same as

High-performance Browser network (performance Browser Networking) Chapter I.

 Translator Note: This article is "High performance Browser Networking" translation version, using Google Translator Tookit tool translation, the original text in many formats lost, follow-up needs to be unified.Please refer to the original text:

Introduction to security router user management for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises exclusive Article] user management is a very common problem for network management of small and medium-sized enterprises. For example, how do I allocate a limited IP address? How do I control the Internet access permissions of different

Configure a LAN to easily restrict BT downloads

With the popularization of broadband, we upgraded from the original kitten to the high-speed optical cable, and the speed of Internet access has indeed increased a lot, but it is not a long time. With the increasing number of users who use BT to

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