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How to increase the number of sites included

Do SEO is always around a problem, that is, the inclusion of the site problems, the site is included in the station and outside the station . But sometimes there is a collection of the situation is not very ideal, so I summed up some of the

PHP official website, PHP function manual, Chinese function manual download address included

Everyone knows about We will come here early or late and continue to access it. It is the main reference website of phper and has a lot of useful information, but this information is not so obvious.   Useful official PHP resources: PHP

Site to have the value of the collection of Baidu will be included

Do site webmaster want to let their website is recognized by Baidu and included, but Baidu is not the Buddha, it has its own operating ideas, so webmaster want to be included in the site Baidu also must show the value of Baidu included, to ensure

My picture station week by Baidu included nearly half of experience

I made a picture station, the scale is very small, at present a total of more than 100 articles, June 3 on line, 5th included more than 20 pages, 8th reached 60 pages, included faster than I did before those non-picture stations, Alexa rankings also

To solve the actual experience of Baidu not included share

This is a true story, the time happened a few months ago. Cause QQ a friend to ranch consulted her a website Baidu why not included? Preliminary view of the next station some information, site and domain No data, check the domain name registration

Summary: Baidu included a halt to the reasons before

Hello everyone, I am responsible for the company's website optimization This piece, the previous period of time the company has just done a new website, "Xinjiang Zhuo Ding Judicial expertise", is the judicial industry website. Our industry relative

Novice Webmaster laugh at the site included five elements

Site has been the webmaster are concerned about the problem, some sites do a basic SEO, with a reasonable update, plus the appropriate promotion, there will always be a good collection, but for some sites, search engines are only included in the

How to determine whether a file is included

How can I determine whether a file is included? If (a. php is not included ){ Include ("a. php "); } Reply to discussion (solution) For example, there is the following code: to get the variable values from config respectively, include is

Python Manual (1), python Manual

Python Manual (1), python Manual PythonManual   Guido van rosum Fred L. Drake, Jr., editor   PythonLabs Email:   VPC: Release 2.3 July 29,200 3       About this document...   Python Tutorial, July 29,200 3, Release 2.3   This

How to make your picture better be included in Baidu

Baidu Photo Inclusion rules1. Baidu pictures of the sought-after catalogue: Comedy fun map, fine recommendation, MM star, cartoon animation, delicate wallpaper, film and television, scenic spots, news pictures, wallpaper.2. Baidu image will be

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