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Ikeycutter Condor XC-007 Key cutting machine Tech support

Q:when Install Update Tool, the system warns can not find FTD2XX.dll file?A:You has to install the software driver first.Q:How can I access into "Factory Mode"?A:power off the XC-007 key cutting Machine Press both the right up button and left up button at the same time, a nd then click the ' Factory Mode ' button on the right bottom corner.Q:How to install XC007

Mini version of automatic key cutting machine CONDOR XC-007

Hi to all. Here comes the Mini automatic key cutting machine ikeycutter CONDOR Xc-mini, the mini version of CONDOR XC-007.Why does you get Ikeycutter CONDOR Xc-mini?1. Built-in Database2. Language Support:english, Chinese3.7 "Capacitive Touch screen4.3-axis Precision Ball Screw Transmission5. Cross Rail6. All Aluminum Machine

Mongodb sharding principle learning and trial (6) chunk manual Cutting

1. Manual chunk cutting mainly involves two functions: splitAt (fullname, middle) and splitFind (fullname, find). fullname, which specifies the set of databases. Both middle and find are conditions, which indicates the chunk you want to manually cut. Note that the condition must contain a key. Otherwise, an error is reported, as shown in.    The two functions are

Functions, principles, and FAQs of automatic cutting labeling machine

This article from: cutting labeling machine introduction: Components: labeling machine crossbar, suction cup holder and suction cup, printer holder and label printer, electrical control part, software part Installation location: About 200mm of the gap between the cutting

SQL Server2008 R2 Database Mirroring Implementation Manual (dual-machine) SQL SERVER2014 also works

Tags: PAC system SQL interface recover backup Sha off iceThis article mainly introduces the SQL Server2008 R2 Database Mirroring Implementation Manual (dual-machine) SQL Server2014 also applicable, the need for friends can refer to the followingFirst, configure the main standby machine 1, Server basic information The host name is: Host_a,ip Address:

sqlserver2008-Mirror Database Implementation manual (dual machine) sql-server2014 also applicable

SQL server2008r2- Mirror Database Implementation manual (dual-machine) SQL Server2014 also worksFirst, configure the main standby machine1 , server basic informationThe host name is: Host_a,ip Address: name of the standby machine is: Host_b,ip address:, the primary and standby instances of interoperabilityInteroperability can

Linux Virtual machine installation configuration manual (version: 7.3)

: mount-t iso9660-o loop/usr/local/src/rhel-server-7.3-x86_64-dvd.iso/media/cdrom※ un-mount command: Umount/media/cdrom4. Set up automatic mount system image file on bootVi/etc/fstab #添加以下代码. Enable automatic mount on boot/usr/local/src/rhel-server-7.3-x86_64-dvd.iso/media/cdrom iso9660 defaults,ro,loop 0 05. Configure local Yum SourceCd/etc/yum.repos.d/#进入yum配置目录Touch Rhel-media.repo #建立yum配置文件VI Rhel-media.repo #编辑配置文件Add the following content[Rhel-media] #这一行一定要写name=red Hat Enterprise Linux

Asterisk learning Manual: Dual-machine E1 card interconnection Experiment

relevant parameters, edit/etc/zaptel. conf ("[]" is not required when the te110p card is used)SPAN = 1, 1, 0, CCS, HDB3, crc4[SPAN = 2, 2, 0, CCS, HDB3, yellow]Bchan = 1-15, 17-31 [, 32-46,48-62]Dchan = 16 [, 47]Loadzone = CnDefaultzone = CnConfigure/etc/asterisk/Zapata. conf:1) shield the configuration of the following line in the middle; Signalling = fxo_ls2) cancel the following line of comments at the end of the file;Switchtype = euroisdnSignalling = pri_net (or pri_cpe, the two must be con

Line brush treasure easy to use line brush treasure a key to save the brick brush machine tutorial

What is the advantage of wire brush brush machine? 1, soft brush that is, the use of software brush machine, now there are many brush machine software can help users to do a key brush machine, very suitable for those who are completely unsure of the brush

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