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1. Spring MVC Configuration Exception thing rollback mechanism...... Omitted2, in special cases, the use of manual things rollback, as followsNote: Manual thing rollback is simple, but does not conform to spring's non-intrusive nature and makes the

And talk about whether the manual test will disappear.

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SQLite Learning Manual (catalogue)

Posted on2012-03-09 07:36 Stephen_liu Read (11956) Comments (22) Edit Collection In the actual application, SQLite, as the most popular open-source embedded relational database, is playing an increasingly important role in the architecture design

Summary of Java things basics

1. What is a thing?A thing is a logical operation in which each element of the operation is either successful or all fails. For example, a bank transfer process is considered a thing, and the transfer process and the transfer process require all

MySQL things processing

MySQL is mainly used to deal with large-scale and high-complexity data. For example, in the Personnel Management system, you delete a person, you need to delete the basic information of the person, but also to delete the information related to the

Lightweight web rich text box -- wangEditor User Manual (2) -- extended a "indent" function, wangeditor User Manual

Lightweight web rich text box -- wangEditor User Manual (2) -- extended a "indent" function, wangeditor User Manual1. Introduction In the previous section "lightweight web rich text box -- wangEditor User Manual (1) -- Basic Application", we

Python network resources + python Manual

How to learn Python + how to effectively utilize Python-related network resources + How to take advantage of Python's own manual (Python Manual)almost forgot to say, before looking at all the content below, for the Python version does not understand,

git use manual __git

Gitusermanualchinese-robin Wiki Gitusermanualchinese Git User Manual (1.5.3 and subsequent versions applicable) Luo Rong (Robin Steven) English version: Preface

How to view the chip Manual (1)

I have summarized two types of chips: master and slave ). This method is just for convenience. Okay. Let's take a look at the master. Generally, this role can be called a SoC (system on chip), that is, a system-level chip. SOC can be divided into

Valve new employee manual

This manual has been around for nearly half a year. I didn't care about it when someone recommended me to read it, and it was too busy during that time. This time, I saw gamasutra stick it again, so I rushed to review it again. The manual has a

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